Martin Eldon and Rob Bond's Response to Vance Ferrell's EGW Statements on Third Person of the Godhead of July 25, 2003

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Dear Reader,

Think what you will, conclude what you will, but I have been fair in presenting all of the views of my detractors on my Website. Martin Eldon will not do the same for me on his e-group. He censors my posts and has not allowed many of them to be sent to the members of the group. What is he afraid of? I am afraid of nothing. I have presented both sides of the issue of the Godhead, and will let God's people decide for themselves. I have not sat in the gate deciding what His people should and should not have.

I received the following response from Rob Bond and Martin Eldon, after sending them Vance Ferrell's many E.G. White statements on the third person of the Godhead. I asked them both to respond to those statements. Here is the response I received from them. I leave it to your discretion to determine if the following is a fair and just response. Rob Bond accuses me of quoting Ellen White out of context, yet He does not believe her many statements about the third person of the Godhead. How can he explain all those many statements away? How could anyone explain those many statements away? All the commentators on the Godhead issue add their own comment to that of Scripture and/or Ellen G. White. To me their interpretations of Scripture and Ellen White are out of context and strained beyond any recognition of the intended meaning. My interpretations appear the same to them. So I present both and let you decide. To me, that is the only fair thing to do, but they have not granted that fairness to me. Error cannot afford to be fair. Truth can.

Rob speaks as though I am the only one who does that! This is another evidence of his lack of integrity---double standard. Rob Bond is little more than a Beachy--Martin Eldon "yes man," who, like Eldon, cannot and will not even attempt to explain Ellen White's many statements on the third person of the Godhead. Here is Rob Bond's response, which is seconded by Martin Eldon:


I appreciate you sending me this directly, but I feel this should be left open for discussion with the group.

[Note by Ron Beaulieu--I sent the same Ellen White quotes to the group Rob is referring to. I sent them at the very same time I sent them personally to Rob Bond--But Martin Eldon, who moderates the group, would not post the statements which Rob is here referring to--therefore, how could they " left open for discussion with the group?!].

Rob Continues:

I stated to you my beliefs on who and what the Holy Spirit is. I am sorry Ron, but because of my own personal studies of both Scripture and SOP my convictions are solid and line up with Brother Lynnford, Brother Allen, and Brother Martin. I do not see any where in Scripture or SOP Christ leaving a part of Himself in heaven something that became a third being. I do see Christ coming to this earth as a human and paying the penalty which we were sentenced to pay. Christ came here as a whole being. Christ died as a whole being. Christ returned to glory as a whole being. All one in the same being....Nothing more, nothing less. To go beyond that is going outside of God's word and SOP, and preaching that we had nothing more than a human sacrifice to pay for our sins.

You quote scripture and SOP out of context and add your own commentary to it. I have very little respect for that Ron. I suggest Ron that you stick to the plain "It is written", and "thus saith the Lord", and leave your own views and vain imaginations out of the equation. May God bless you and open up your heart and mind to the truth of who He is......Rob Bond

Brother Rob, thank you for helping share the truth about GOD and his Son, and their Spirit. Also thanks for sharing "Ron's" works with me. May God continue to bless

Martin Eldon