Demonic Dancing in the

New Movement

SDA Church


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From: Christine Guardo

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Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2010 11:15 AM

Subject: [TheAdventTimes] dance in Popa Tatu- SDA CHURCH!!- THE DANCE starts at

This is very sad...If you scroll to 17-18 minutes, you will hear this pastor from Nigeria say that what makes people happy is dancing, and then he and this lady start African Dancing with the Chanting in 21-28.....this is very demonic..56-58. the whole Church is Activated...This is in an SDA church....

Brothers and Sisters.  If you see this kind of stuff happening in your church, RUN!!! RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN...GET OUT OF THAT CHURCH!!!

minutes 17-18
minutes 21-28 (at min 26 the guy takes off his sweater!)
minutes 56-58 (the whole church is activated!!!)