Ellen White Versus New Movement Adventism on Easter and Lent Celebration

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Dear Reader,

All my life in the SDA church it did not celebrate Easter. Ellen White said that the Lordís Supper Ordinance celebrates His resurrection. Here is what Ellen White thought of Easter and Catholic Lent. 

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Daughter becomes more like Mother every day. Ellen White had this to say about Lent:


Says Howard Crosby: "The church of God is today courting the world. Its members are trying to bring it own to the level of the ungodly. The ball, the theater, nude and lewd art, social luxuries with all their loose moralities, are making inroads into the sacred inclosure of the church; and as a satisfaction for all this worldliness, Christians are making a great deal of Lent and Easter and church ornamentation. It is the old trick of Satan. The Jewish church struck on that rock; the Romish church was wrecked on the same; and the Protestant is fast reaching the same doom." {GC88 386.3}