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In the book the Union Jack, there is much that Adventists do not believe. For example, the author wrongfully accused SDA’s of believing in a pre-millennial kingdom established on earth by Christ at His second coming. Adventists have NEVER taught any such thing.


I expressly stated in writing out my vision what I was shown about the book that is true—namely that Great Britain is promoting: “. . . —“christian” communism, with its objective of a pre-millennial kingdom on earth. The book The Union Jack will prove this to you,” along with the following words: “Satan’s prime artifice is the teaching of a pre-millennial rule of Christ on this earth beginning at the second coming of Christ. But we know that is false, for we will be caught up with Christ in the heavens and there reside during the millennium. Mainstream Christianity has fallen for the most deceptive device of Satan—a pre-millennial kingdom on this earth. That way, they accept Satan’s personation of Christ. The World Council of Churches is Satan’s “christian” agency to sell “christianized” communism to the world. The means of effecting this new world order communism controlled by British money, and not Russia, is by bringing the world to its knees economically, thus causing food shortage and hunger, revolution, civil war, and then proffering “miraculous cures” for the intentionally created ills of the world. What a master of deceit Satan is. And it is God’s objective to unmask Satan’s devices to His people, that even the very elect might not be deceived.”


There is much in the book that PROVES the above theses. That is why I recommended the book and everyone who wishes to know Satan’s end game should read it. DD has been proven errant in his accusing of the true brethren so many times that one would think he would learn, but Satan and his agents mis-accuse day and night that they might deceive God’s people.


I did not mention that Helen Peters is a person who promoted the book rather than being the author, because the manuscript I read listed her as the author. However, it is believed that the author is a man, and that he is still alive, and that is probably the only reason he is still alive is because he has remained anonymous— considering the prime thesis of the book which is an exposition of how British Israel Kingdom religion and not original Christianity has molded ecumenical oriented ‘Fundamental Christianity’ to believe and teach Premillennialism and a new world order consisting of “christianized world social state” (christian communism), supposedly headed by Jesus Christ at His second coming. This is a device of Satan to make “Christians” accept him when he personates the second coming of Christ and rules for five months after he burns the seat of the whore, Rome. Revelation 17. This is what God showed me is true about the book. That is all I wanted you to see about the book—that fact and supporting proofs that the book proffers.


Ellen White was shown by God which parts of certain books were true. God showed me which parts of this book were true and if you read my vision carefully, which some critics have not done, you will find that I cited the main thesis of the book in my vision and that was what God showed me was important and compelling about the book.


A critic (DD) whom the Lord has shown me will fight against my warning message until his bitter end, is saying that I have erred in quoting someone who does not speak according to the law and the testimonies. I would remind DD that he has quoted many sources over the last 10 years who do not speak according to the law and the testimonies. But more important than that is the fact the Ellen White quoted the great reformers who did not speak according to the law and the testimonies. William Miller, for example, never kept the Sabbath and did not accept the Investigative Judgment and the Sanctuary Message.


There is a glaring error by Joseph Wolff, quoted by Ellen White, no less, in The Great Controversy, p. 359, and she does not even qualify the error by a footnote and it involves a very serious error. She quotes Wolff’s saying that at His second coming, Jesus will stand upon the Mount of Olives AT THE SECOND COMING (IN CONTEXT). That is totally false. Jesus will not touch down on this earth at His second coming. The saved will be caught up to Him and travel to heaven for seven days and remain in heaven for the millennium. Shall we fault Ellen White and say that she is of the devil for this false testimony? Nay! And neither should be say the same about her for quoting many sources that did not speak according to the law and the Testimony. She was shown what was truth apart from their errors.


Ellen White quoted many sources that did not speak according to the law in that they were not Sabbath-keepers. A lot of Adventists have quoted the various Pope’s for centuries, including DD! Have the Pope’s spoken according to the Law and the Testimony? That is how foolish and despotic Satan’s agents are in their attempt to relive their consciences by accusing and attacking the true reformers, the true brethren.


Back to the King of the South player at the End Time – Lucifer Worshipping Great Britain Free Masonry – the 10 Horns on the Beast upon Which the Whore Rides

The Holy Spirit has prompted me to “follow the money” in order to ascertain who the prime runners are at the end-time, for it does take money to rule the earth. The Rothschild’s of Great Britain are reputed to be worth about 500 trillion. They, along with the Warburg’s and other Jews, own and control the World Bank and the World Monetary Fund, as well as the Federal Reserve.


No nation does a thing without their approval of World Jewry Bankers. They can bring any nation to its knees as they are now doing to the U.S.A. Thus, the two prime contenders of Daniel 11 and Revelation 17 at the end-time are the 10 divisions of the world (ten horns) controlled by British Free Masonry, and Rome (the Pope), who is very wealth and has its own brand of world socialism whereby it would like to control the world.


The 10 horn powers (10 world divisions) controlled by the Lucifer worshipping British order of Free Masons, will be the power that destroys the seat of the Roman Beast in one hour, Rev. 17. So these two powers must be the King of the North and the King of the south respectively—Rome, the King of the North, and the British empire as controlled by Lucifer worshipping Free Masonry as the King of the South.


It takes money to rule the earth, and Free Masonry and Rome wield financial power over the world. But Free Masonry has the greater amount of money. That power merely “uses” the Vatican for a time to achieve its ends and then destroys her, at which time Satan will personate Christ. There is not enough room on this earth for the Pope (now Satan’s vicar) and Satan himself.


DD accuses me of merely quoting facts such as all know from news sources. Is prophecy divorced from what is going on in the world?


There are many folk like Hal Lindsey, who know some of these facts separately, but it is God who has given me the ability to present all the facts in the final scenario depicted in the treatise above and in my vision. To attribute such knowledge to Satan and mere human ability, is blasphemy and those who do so are lost persons. They commit the unpardonable sin which Ellen White defines as attributing to Satan that which is wrought by the Holy Spirit.


Has anyone else been shown that Islamic bands will go to SDA local conferences to obtain the names and location of SDA’s in order to kill them? I don’t recall reading that in any news source. Has anyone else warned God’s people to get their names off church books immediately so that they may become obscure NOW? I don’t recall reading that from any source. I have never read that from any source. That is what God showed me and He confirmed everything I was shown in my vision.


Ellen White said that she had to study the issues and then God would show here what was correct. The Lord has worked with me in this same manner. There are many sources in the world all giving different positions regarding similar facts, but God confirms only the truth. I say again: The Holy Ghost has shown me in no uncertain terms that those who have mocked my visions and lessened their impact upon God’s people, are lost individuals. They are slated for destruction soon after the warning is given to ENFORCE the National Sunday Law. Their day of destruction is marked.






I would like to demonstrate the phoniness of one DD. He defends the new movement, but then says he has not been to an SDA church since about the year 2000! 




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I do worship at home--I have not been to an SDA Church since about the year 2000--except once 3 years ago I went to see Stephen Bohr speak at a near by Church.