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I fully agree with Kevin Straub’s responses below. The commandments of God are not enough for some! Like the ancient Jews, they want more works to do!—rwb



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Sent: Thursday, January 19, 2012 3:31 PM

Subject: Hebrew YAHUSHA good Greek JESUS bad



It was recommended by a gentleman of Adventist background, new to the world of Judaic feastkeeping in the Type, that I read Messianic teacher Lew White’s article, of the Torah Institute: Restoring the Lost Tribes of Israel, at, called “Transliteration study on the Name of the Messiah.”


This is a great story and I learned lots by it. Here are my thoughts on the matter, as I respond to him: I call it: Hebrew YAHUSHA Good, Greek JESUS Bad


Well, this is all enough to make one cross-eyed, isn’t it? The Jesuits gave us “Jesus”? May His Name be blotted out from the scroll of life? Wow. So says Messianic Lew White. The claim is made, with regard to the etymology of the English “Jesus,” that “Yeshu” is said to be a corruption of the Aramaic “Yeshua” for the very purpose of forming an acronym which means “May His Name be blotted out [of the book of life];” that those unbelieving and hateful Yahudimic Talmud scholars of the late 1st and 2nd centuries put this reasonably Hebrew-sounding Aramaic name through the Greek linguistic mulcher, which lacked the proper sounds for a valid transliteral processing of the name and then the Jesuits, of course, would have processed it through the Latin and from there we get the English. Lew blames the continuance of this wickedness on the Norman invaders for introducing the “J,” (and I am still not clear why the “J” sound is evil), and then the reformers by retaining the Latin Iesus to the original English “Iesus” or sometimes dropping the final “s” to give us, “Iesu,” and finally the King James translators, on an agenda to stamp out the Geneva Bible consummated the insult, giving us the modern “Jesus.”


I would have to see much more than what is here provided, giving proper citations so that I can run down the accuracy and validity which would authenticate the claims which attribute motive, in particular where the early transition from the Aramaic to the Greek is concerned.


I am bit perplexed about the Messianic man having a problem with “Yeshua,” because Jesus spoke Aramaic.


Incidentally, the Greek transliteration “IAOUE” is very interesting to me, because these are the English Vowels and to me this would connote an open mouth, air flow, that which connects the shaping and defining elements and contours of the stoppages of the consonants give them coherence and function, connecting them to breath, giving them all that is necessary to produce a word that there may be communication. The movement of air is also required to provide oxygen, for sustenance of life. Communication of life. I like that, actually.


We can “read into” things an awful lot and find devils behind every tree. I see an implied upside down cross in the insignia for the SdA church. Is this an intentional and conspiratorial feature? I don’t know, really. I can’t make that claim. I don’t like what I see in the adoption of the new logo in that it removes the distinctiveness of the Advent message and seems all rather ecumenical; I do know that the three angels are gone and I can certainly see how this is reflected also in the general teaching of the denomination today, but there are claims we just cannot make, sometimes, without making things seem a little forced. I can’t make a religion out of which logo is used, but I can take issue with actual teachings.


I think this whole thing about the name is a man-made argument and derives in Jewish ethnocentrism.


Yahusha is fine. I can communicate with Messianics using it. I am not offended to do so, at all. As long as they don’t require me to also have a beard in order to have discussion, we will get along fine. I won’t grow one for them, because my wife’s opinion takes precedence! I know that some make a religious issue out of that. You can be dead sure that brother Lew has one and I would be surprised if it is not really big and bushy! But do we have to get caught up in all these forms? This stuff does absolutely nothing for spirituality, for fine tuning my character to reflect His image, that people may see Yahusha in me. If that is not my focus, I naturally gravitate to externals. If I can’t be the genuine article, I’ll at least look like it. Pretty soon, I am frequenting discussion boards to find out where to shop for comfortable long underwear that is of pure natural fiber. Life is already difficult enough in this world, as we do have different diets (for reasons of health and optimizing our service to God and man) and we do dress differently (for health, economy and modesty), and we do seek for pure and non-violent literature and DVD’s for the kids and ourselves (for proper moral development). We do all these things because we are His children, being restored to His image, not because they “get us to heaven” or make us holy. We are holy, in Him, and He will make us holy so that the externals will come into line by having His nature at work in us.


The Messianic lifestyle adds a whole new dimension, with a whole new set of difficulties. Going back to “Torah” brings on our heads a ton of new regulations, even how we refer to God, sorry, G-d. How much trouble do I need to go to to get the pronunciations of ALL the Bible names correctly? Do I need to learn Hebrew to find favor with God? One of the troubles with this path is that it takes us right back to a religion of regulations. Many who desire to know God and follow Him don’t understand that the whole development of the ceremonial law as coming down through Moses in the form called “Permissive Paradigm,” which is given in pity for human weakness and penchant for rites and forms and which results in an old covenant relationship to God that is rooted in fear and in slave/master approach to God which is enmity and hatred at its foundation. It was given because of the hardness of men’s hearts in that they insisted on their own way. These things were not given because they are God’s way. The Psalmist said that God’s way was in the sanctuary and I believe the meaning of this does not refer to the forms but to the antitypical realities there portrayed. We have the True Sanctuary of the Son of God, in whom dwelt all the fullness of God, who showed us the completeness of the path to God in His life, teachings, and the sacrifice of Himself a burnt offering for sin. Why would we a systematic ritual religion, anymore? We still have all the lessons that were given in the types, PLUS we have the enactment of them in their fulfillment. Now we can behold the Lamb of God, not the four-legged kind. For rites, He instituted the Lord’s Supper and baptism whereby we may remember His death and resurrection and did not over-regulate their execution with a lot of rules or with the cycles of the heavenly bodies or the harvest times, but with the moving of the Spirit.


This name issue is said to be a “very serious stronghold?” It is a “false name?” The “anti-Messiah” will use it? What if, when he comes, he calls Himself Yah Mashiach? Just for the Messianics, he will be “Yah Mashiach.” He will be whatever he needs to be to deceive everyone he can.


A false name is portrayed in Christianity today and in Messianic Christianity also, in that God is viewed as destroying His enemies by human wrath and use of carnal weapons, not in pronouncing His name in other languages than Hebrew.


I have to come at all of this from a spiritual perspective, not a formal. I have to take a principled and Scriptural approach to how I evaluate any teaching. I am convinced in my own mind that this is a rabbit trail, a side issue, actually a non-issue. It has everything to do with getting us off of character development and staying more focused on externals and arguments. It actually detracts from the work we do in bringing the message to the world about God’s character, replacing the precious moments we have with people in sharing the love of God with arguments about how to say His name. Isn’t the devil laughing? I already have my hands full trying to show people from the Scriptures that God is actually good and not about to pour molten lava on their heads if they choose to reject Him and what it is about sin that will destroy them. I really do have better things to do than get embroiled in these matters and we need to talk about something more productive than this, because it all has nothing whatsoever in it that has to do with helping me to:


·       submit to my Lord and

·       be crucified with Him and

·       in the dying, to walk daily in His presence,

·       drinking the Living Water,

·       being filled with His Spirit and

·       going from Glory to Glory, being changed into His Image, as

·       I am washed in the Blood of the Lamb and

·       being fitted for dwelling in the everlasting burnings of His presence.

So, while others are spending their days building the church of linguistically correct transliteration. I’m going to focus on His Name – His Character – so that by beholding I shall be transformed after the Divine similitude.


Along with the Messianics, I can enjoy His linguistically correct name, “Yahushua,” or “Yahusha” as brother Lew prefers, calling it a good name. I can go along with them that this is the original and authentic, in the Hebrew. I believe that it refers to the same Eternally Begotten, the Saviour of the World, the Messiah. However, if I call Him “Jesus,” as ripped and shredded through the so-called meat-grinder of the Greek, I do not believe that it means I am insulting Him as is the brought against those who transliterated His name into other languages. I do not believe that if I refer to Him as “Jesus” that it means I am partaking in a Satanic mockery.


Now, while I would want to be accommodating with my Messianic friends, not wanting to offend them and call Him “Jesus” in their presence, I hope they would allow me the freedom to not believe that this is an issue of the most gravity. What if I slipped? Should I stop using “Jesus” altogether, in case I might offend someone from the Temple of Yah Mashiach? How far can we realistically go in the whole stumbling block protocol? It seems that there are a lot of folks offended by the name “Jesus” these days. The Jews, the New Agers, the atheists….  This also means I have a lot of Bibles that I can no longer read from. I do have one that has all the proper names but I never know who I am reading about and have to refer to the English versions. Another learning curve. Not only that, now I can be even further marginalized and isolated because nobody else will know who I am talking about, either. Then, they are going to wonder why I have long braided sideburns. Why won’t they come to any more Bible studies to learn about the Great God who has declared through His servant Paul, in the English, (I don’t know his name in Hebrew) that there is neither Jew nor Greek but all are one in Christ Jes--- oops, I mean “Yeshua”, aaaah, I mean Yahushua, no, still didn’t get it -- I mean Yahusha? <sigh>


Names today aren’t given so much to carry meaning as they are just because people like the sound of the words. It is well and good to give meaningful names. Christians tend to care about the meaning of names and want to assign names that carry good thoughts or attribute worthy characteristics. Using Jesus today, in our society in general, “Jesus,” from “Joshua,” still means “God is Salvation.” This is what most of society agrees upon. There may be a small segment that attributes nasty meanings to the name, apparently the Messianics are one of those sects, and the devil has in all likelihood tried to affix the worst meanings he can possible think up, but the larger society has no trouble understanding each other in using “Jesus” to refer to the Saviour.


Words and usages change over time. What was once “wonderful” became “swell” became “groovy” became “cool” became “awesome” became “rad” became “phat.” What was once “merry” became “gay” morphed into “homosexual” or “uncool/stupid.” Meanings can change even over the course of a lifetime, as we abandon one for the other, or add others. We all agree that a name or a word conveys certain meanings and it becomes so, just as we all agree that coin or piece of paper represents our labor and can serve as a symbol of value in trade. We may not like some of the new words and not use them, but we understand the concepts behind the common usages and the effect is accurate communication, after all. However, even if it were a valid argument that at one time the name “Jesus” in general usage actually stood to convey “horse” or “pig” or “may His name be damned,” as is suggested by our Messianic teacher Lew White, it no longer means that. I doubt that it ever meant any of those things, except maybe in some very tight esoteric circles and would only stand as an inside joke within a sectarian paradigm.


Words are intended to communicate and are only effective when they do so properly. When I say “sky blue” then both of us should have an agreement that we are talking about a specific color, the same as the sky on a sunny day. There could be another meaning, but unless we both understand that there is another meaning and we both understand which meaning is being expressed by the speaker, we have communication breakdown. For a listener to understand that there is a certain valid meaning in use in society and refuse that speaker the right to utilize that valid expressive meaning as it is in society is an attitude that is not of God. In my opinion, it is  coercive, forcing one’s views on another; it is judgmental, because by claiming that God’s person can only be respected by using the Hebrew name it judges a person using another language as disrespectful of God, if not demonically blasphemous; and it is Pharisaical in that it could be easily construed as hearkening back to Judaistic exclusivism.




“…God has not put Himself in words, in logic, in rhetoric, on trial in the Bible.” 1SM 21.1


I know she is talking about the nature of inspiration in this context. I am using the line homiletically, not exegetically. We are putting each other on trial over words, over the name of God. We have to stop making controversies, salvational issues and final messages to the world over things that are not. We are faced with the real controversy coming to its peak and closure and the devil knows this, so he is creating a number of other theories that purport to be the 4th angel message, thinking to obfuscate it or slow down its progress by having God’s ambassadors spending their time chasing rabbits so to get the focus of the peoples’ attention back on the real thing. Like I am doing, here.


Think about it.


Would the Messianics mind if I call Him:

1. Advocate

2. Almighty

3. Almighty God

4. Alpha and Omega

5. Amen, The

6. Ancient of Days

7. Anointed

8. Anointed One

9. Author

10.             Author of Eternal Salvation

11.             Beginning

12.             Beginning and the Ending

13.             Begotten

14.             Beloved

15.             Beloved Son

16.             Beloved Son of God

17.             Blessed of God

18.             Bread of Life

19.             Bridegroom

20.             Bright and Morning Star

21.             Captain of Man's Salvation

22.             Captain of Our Salvation

23.             Carpenter

24.             Carpenter's Son

25.             Chief Cornerstone

26.             Chosen

27.             Chosen of God

28.             Christ

29.             Christ Child

30.             Christ of God

31.             Christ the Lamb

32.             Comforter

33.             Consolation of Israel

34.             Cornerstone

35.             Counsellor

36.             Creator

37.             Creator of All Things

38.             Deliverer

39.             Divine Son

40.             Door of the Sheep

41.             Emmanuel

42.             End of the Law

43.             Endless

44.             Eternal

45.             Eternal Father

46.             Eternal God

47.             Eternal Head

48.             Eternal Judge

49.             Eternal Judge of Quick and Dead

50.             Everlasting Father

51.             Example

52.             Exemplar

53.             Faithful and True

54.             Father

55.             Father of Heaven and Earth

56.             Finisher

57.             Finisher of faith

58.             First and the Last

59.             Firstborn

60.             Firstfruits

61.             Forerunner

62.             God

63.             God of Abraham

64.             God of Isaac

65.             God of Israel

66.             God of Jacob

67.             God of Thy Father

68.             God of Whole Earth

69.             God's Anointed

70.             God's Holy Child Jesus

71.             Good Shepherd

72.             Governor

73.             Great I AM

74.             Great God

75.             Great Shepherd

76.             Head of Every Man

77.             Head of the Body

78.             Head of the Church

79.             Healer

80.             Heir of All Things

81.             Holy

82.             Holy Child

83.             Holy Messiah

84.             Holy One

85.             Holy One of Israel

86.             Holy One of Jacob

87.             I AM

88.             Image of God

89.             Immanuel

90.             Jehovah

91.             Jesus

92.             Jesus Christ

93.             Jesus of Galilee

94.             Jesus of Nazareth

95.             Joseph's Son

96.             Judge

97.             Judge of Quick and Dead

98.             Just One

99.             Just, The

100.         King

101.         King of Israel

102.         King of Kings

103.         King of Zion/Sion

104.         King of the Jews

105.         Lamb

106.         Lamb of God

107.         Life, the

108.         Light of the World

109.         Light, the

110.         Lion of the Tribe of Juda

111.         Living Bread

112.         Living Stone

113.         Living Water

114.         Lord

115.         Lord from Heaven

116.         Lord God

117.         Lord God Almighty

118.         Lord God of Hosts

119.         Lord Jehovah

120.         Lord Jesus

121.         Lord of All

122.         Lord of Dead

123.         Lord of Glory

124.         Lord of Hosts

125.         Lord of Living

126.         Lord of Lords

127.         Lord of the Sabbath

128.         Lord Omnipotent

129.         Lord our Righteousness

130.         Lord's Christ

131.         Maker

132.         Man of Counsel

133.         Man of Holiness

134.         Master

135.         Mediator

136.         Meek and Lowly

137.         Messenger of the Covenant

138.         Messiah

139.         Messias

140.         Mighty God

141.         Mighty One

142.         Mighty One of Israel

143.         Mighty One of Jacob

144.         Minister

145.         Most High God

146.         Nazarene

147.         Offspring of David

148.         One Body

149.         Only Begotten

150.         Only Begotten of the Father

151.         Only Begotten Son

152.         Our Passover

153.         Physician

154.         Power of God

155.         Prince

156.         Prince of Life

157.         Prince of Peace

158.         Prophet

159.         Prophet of Nazareth

160.         Propitiation for Sins of Whole World

161.         Rabbi

162.         Redeemer

163.         Redeemer of Israel

164.         Redeemer of the World

165.         Resurrection and the Life

166.         Revealer

167.         Righteous Judge

168.         Righteous Man

169.         Rock, the

170.         Rock of Heaven

171.         Root of Jesse

172.         Sacrifice, the

173.         Savior

174.         Savior of Israel

175.         Savior of the World

176.         Second Comforter

177.         Seed of Abraham

178.         Seed of David

179.         Seed of the Woman

180.         Servant of Jehovah

181.         Servant of the Lord

182.         Shepherd

183.         Son

184.         Son of Abraham

185.         Son of David

186.         Son of God

187.         Son of Man

188.         Son of Mary

189.         Son of Righteousness

190.         Son of the Blessed

191.         Son of the Eternal Father

192.         Son of the Everlasting God

193.         Son of the Highest

194.         Son of the Living God

195.         Son of the Most High God

196.         Spiritual Rock

197.         Stem of Jesse

198.         Teacher Come from God

199.         True Vine

200.         Truth, the

201.         Unchangeable One

202.         Way, the

203.         Well Beloved

204.         Wisdom of God

205.         Wonderful

206.         Word of Life

207.         Word, the

208.               Worthy


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P.S. This is a young lady that was raised SDA


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From: Alnn

Subject: The importance of HIS NAME


I have discovered that many of the foundations of my faith were not rocks of truth, but rather the sands of lies, deception, corruption and paganism. While part of the problem stems from false doctrines which have crept into the Christian religion, it also had to do with anti-Semitism, which has really been a way for the Christian religions to strip away anything ‘Jewish’.


In Jeremiah 16:21 it reads; “Therefore behold, I will this once cause them to know, I will cause them to know My hand and My might; and they shall know that My Name is LORD” … by the way LORD is a title not HIS NAME… won’t many people be crying out “Lord, Lord” and be told that He never knew them? It is obvious that you should know someone’s name in order to have a relationship with them. But why do we change this ideal when it comes to HIS NAME? Can you really say you know someone if you do not know their name? After all it is written in the TEN Commandments; I AM YAHUAH your ELOHIM, who brought you out of land of Egypt (sin), out of the house of bondage. You shall have no other el’s before ME.


“Hear, O Israel, YAHUAH our ELOHIM, YAHUAH is one!” (Deuteronomy 6:4) There is no other name. Of course there are many spellings and ways HIS NAME is being pronounced but I suppose my point here is USE anything BUT the pagan names and prayer HE will lead you to clarity and corrective-ness in this manner. It is going to count one day!

We must investigate what ‘in vain’ really means. When ELOHIM commanded “Not to take HIS NAME in vain….” Which is the Third Commandment… most of us were taught this is simply to not swear or use HIS NAME in a disrespectful manner. Yes it is certainly an aspect of this command but when we go deeper in the meaning of ‘vain’ we find it to also mean, desolating, uselessness, emptiness, for naught. Bring it to naught, is exactly what has been done over the centuries would you not agree? It has been supressed and supressed for a reason. Does this sound like a conspiracy? Well the Prince of Darkness would love for us to continue in our deceived, distracted and infected ways.


Zephaniah 3:9 “For then I will restore to the peoples a pure language, that they all may call on the name of Yahuah, to serve HIM with one accord”. There is a lot of talk about restoration, restoration of a temple, restoration of this earth and HIS people… but also there is a work of restoring HIS NAME. We will serve HIM in one accord using HIS right name.


A few verses for your consideration…

Malachi 3:6 “For I AM Yahuah, I do not change…”

Acts 4:12 “Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.”

John 17:26 “And I have declared to them YOUR NAME, and will declare it, that the love with which You loved Me may be in them, and I in them”.


The ‘name study’ has got me thinking… the significance of the annual feasts, keeping Torah, keeping Sabbath, when does the day begin, Daniel/Revelation, the Daily, No Trinity,…. Use of HIS NAME… really leads me back to the Revelation 14: 6 The Proclamations of Three Angels. Don’t most of these topics have to do with these messages? WHO we worship, HOW we worship and WHEN we worship… and the FOURTH ANGEL will proclaim these messages EVEN LOUDER… “Come out of her, my people…” (Revelation 18: 4).