Think I'd be for moving outa town if I was anywhere's near there..........

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Subject:Goldsby, Oklahoma selected for bioterrorism drill --- Can you say: GOLDSBY GUINEA PIGS ?
I've enclosed an article below entitled "Goldsby selected for bioterrorism drill" in which the author reports on how the military is going to conduct a "test" of a terrorist biological attack from the air on the town of Goldsby, Oklahoma. During this test the military is going to be dumping a number of substances on this town including: Bacillus thuringiensis.

They SAY this bacteria is non-toxic to humans... They SAY its safe....
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"The Oklahoma City area was chosen [ for the test ]because of its sophisticated weather radar networks, according to the letter. "
QUESTION: If the radar covering this area is so sophisticated then why didn't they conduct this test 20 miles out of town instead of right OVER the town?
Can you spell: GOLDSBY GUINEA PIGS ?
Notice that, as in a typical MILITARY OPERATION, the town WAS TOLD that it was going to be a test site.
Now...You might want to read the short clip below from an article entitled "Bad Medicine."
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"The bacterium Bacillus anthracis, the source of the anthrax toxin, is easily grown in large quantities. It is also cultured to make vaccine. To use anthrax as a weapon, dry spores are mixed with an aerosol dispersant.
Anthrax spores can lie dormant for decades, possibly for centuries. Two extraordinary incidents attest to their durability. In 1942 British bioweaponeers carried out experiments with anthrax bombs on part of the island of Gruinard off the northwest coast of Scotland. Viable spores persisted for more than 40 years until the island was decontaminated in 1987 by literally soaking the soil with hundreds of thousands of liters of formaldehyde. Test data indicated that, without decontamination, viable spores would have persisted until at least 2050. Then there is the bizarre case of the sugar lumps laced with anthrax bacilli found in Baron Otto Karl von Rosen's luggage when he was arrested in Norway during World War I on suspicion of espionage and sabotage. The spores were in a liquid medium in tiny sealed capillary tubes embedded in the sugar. Last year-80 years later- biologists at Britain's Porton Down bioweapons detection center revived living colonies of the bacillus from the tube in the one lump of sugar tested.
The genes for the anthrax toxin do not reside on the bacterium's main chromosome, but on a smaller, secondary DNA molecule called a plasmid. In laboratory experiments these plasmids have been transferred from Bacillus anthracis to other species of bacteria. One transfer was to Bacillus thuringiensis, a bacterium widely used to control insects in gardens and in aerial spraying against gypsy moths. Another transfer was to a common soil bacterium, Bacillus cereus. The transfer of plasmids occurs naturally among many bacteria. Massive releases of anthrax spores could easily lead, through the infection of animals, to spontaneous transfers of the plasmid to other bacteria as well."

Ok all you folks in Goldsby, Oklahoma!

Goldsby selected for bioterrorism drill

By Nick Trougakos
The Oklahoman

The U.S. Army will dump powdered egg whites, grain alcohol and several other substances on the town of Goldsby as part of a mock bioterrorism attack, state officials confirmed Thursday.

[ Comment: As we all know, terrorists use military planes, egg whites, grain alcohol and "several other substances" when conducting biological terrorist attacks.....]
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The Homeland Security Chemical/Biological Umbrella will be conducted by the Army and the Environmental Protection Agency. Residents of Goldsby, a town of about 800 in northern McClain County, started receiving letters explaining the procedure this week, state Environmental Quality Department spokeswoman Monty Elder said. The letter says the Army will conduct tests over "rural areas southwest of Oklahoma City." The letter says airplanes will release "small amounts of harmless materials" over the area. The materials are intended to mock chemical or biological agents and test the ability of weather radar to detect them. The materials also include powdered clay, polyethylene glycol and an inactive pest control called Bacillus thuringiensis. "These materials were selected because they are harmless to humans and the environment and because their physical properties allow radar to 'see' them just like materials that might be used in a terrorist attack," according to the letter. The Oklahoma City area was chosen because of its sophisticated weather radar networks, according to the letter. A similar test was conducted in April near Key West, Fla. Employees at Goldsby businesses said they view the test as a positive. "It's kind of exciting for the area," said Marcum's Nursery employee Deanna Bevel, who received a letter showing a map of the area where material would be dropped. "If they use what they say they're going to use, there's no problem with it." Libby Adkins, owner of Libby's Kitchen, joked that townspeople could use some excitement. "It wouldn't bother me," Adkins said. The tests will be conducted Feb. 24 to March 7 and April 21 to May 7 and will involve an airplane dropping material along a half-mile path from about 1,000 feet above the ground. The dropped material should not show up at ground level, according to the letter, but EPA officials will be on site as monitors. McClain County Sheriff Don Hewett said he had not seen the letter and is worried people might be unaware of the test. "I guarantee you, we're going to get 500 phone calls," he said. "And they should be calling about something like that." Hewett said the airplanes will take off and land at Goldsby Airport. The Army and the EPA have scheduled open houses from 1 to 4 p.m. Feb. 14 and 15 for the public to learn about the project. The events are at Norman's Max Westheimer Airport.