Misrepresentations of Omega Countdown Ministries

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The email below is just one of a horde of such misrepresentations GZ and SN have made in their demonic blogs about my teachings. The highlighted portion posted on my Website was completely omitted from the email by GZ. This is the type of lack of integrity that Ellen White said false reformers would exhibit! I could produce scores of pages depicting such demonic misrepresentations by the two self-appointed rabbis, but I will spare you the boredom.

These men are publishing such lying misrepresentations to all the world on their satanic blogs. They both are going to have a lot of blood on their backs in the day of Judgment. Such types are not worthy of attempting to show anyone the way, the truth and the life. Can you imagine any true Christian doing this, let alone ones who claim to be reformers? This is a wanton, brazen attempt at deception! No wonder they donít identify themselves on their jointly authored blogs!

The links involved are:


* http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/47613/message-from-the-next-world-comes-to-israeli-mystical-rabbi-warns-of-imminent-war-jerusalem/?utm_source=Breaking+Israel+News&utm_campaign=d074ee2717-BIN_evening_08_15&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_b6d3627f72-d074ee2717-86631353#2ZlhfWWbTg7tty8S.97 Message From the Next World Comes to Israeli Mystical Rabbi, Warns of Imminent War

[Warnings from any "Next World," are from Satan and his host of fallen angels! Satan is the author of what is about to happen involving the worst time of trouble the world has ever experienced--Matthew 24:21.]




The comment in this color print explains what I think about the messages of the Israeli Mystical Rabbi. My comment makes it clear that I donít in any way agree with the Rabbi!


ANYONE who attributes a whit of credibility to such types as GZ and SN is equally guilty of their lying testimony.

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Sent: Thursday, August 27, 2015 10:30 AM

Subject: Ron Beaulieu promotes Kabbalistic Rabbi.


*Message From the Next World Comes to Israeli Mystical Rabbi, Warns of Imminent War


Ron Beaulieu also involved in mysticism. Absolute proof from the horses (Ron Beaulieu) mouth