SDA Church Leaders Meet With Hungarian Ambassador


Looming Deregistration of Some Churches

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In the 1980ís about 1400-1500 Hungarians revolted because the SDA Conference in Hungary joined as MEMBERS of the Hungarian Council of Free Churches. Thugs were placed at the entrances of those churches to ban the protestors from entering the churches they helped to finance and build.


It is most interesting to note that even though the SDA church violated Godís instruction in Isaiah 8:9-12 not to confederate with Babylon, via its early 1960ís MEMBERSHIP in the Hungarian Council of Free Churches, the National Council of Churches in Hungary, that country is now questioning the status of the SDA church in that country.This shows how Babylon will never truly accept the SDA church and its teachings even when it is willing to commit treachery against Godís Word. In the end-game, there will be no honor amongst Satanís harlot brothels, for there is no fidelity amongst world class harlots. Religious harlots especially hate other harlots who pretend to be the ďchosen of GodĒ virgins, but violate Godís Word in confederating with them! Satan and his devotees know that the SDA church has committed unpardonable sin compromises with Babylon. It will be the Babylonian harlots who execute what Ellen White prophesied as a literal fulfillment of Ezekiel 9 upon the SDA harlot church.