After Hundreds of Years, Closely Guarded Secret of the Messiah's Arrival Revealed

Jer 3:8 And I saw, when for all the causes whereby backsliding Israel committed adultery I had put her away, and given her a bill of divorce; yet her treacherous sister Judah feared not, but went and played the harlot also.

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The data at the following link (at the end of this document) is of great consequence by way of informing us of Satan’s intentions at the end-time. It renders important details as to how and when the Jews intend to go to war with Istanbul Turkey, which controls the Dome of the Rock Mosque in Israel. The link states:

“When you hear that the Russians have captured the city of Crimea, you should know that the times of the Messiah have started, that his steps are being heard. And when you hear that the Russians have reached the city of Constantinople [today’s Istanbul], you should put on your Shabbat clothes and don’t take them off, because it means that the Messiah is about to come any minute.”

The Russians have gone into Crimea, and the “secret of the Messianic process” states: “The second part of the secret regarding Istanbul may come to fruition as a result of the Iran nuclear deal.”

Daniel 8 states that AT THE TIME OF THE END, Iraq (Media) and Iran (Persia), will be toppled by a Western power at the time of the end. The ancient fulfillment of this prophecy executed by Alexander, certainly did not occur at the time of the end! Iraq has been destroyed by the West, and Iran remains to be destroyed. This fact, combined with the Jewish “secret,” may provide some very revealing evidence as to how the Jews will attempt to regain the Dome of the Rock site from the Arabs. The great importance of that site to the fulfillment of Jewish prophetic understanding as to what they believe they must do in order to arrive at millennial control of the earth under their Messiah, is the fact that the Mosque lies on the very spot where Abraham attempted to offer Isaac as a sacrifice. God told the Jews that this was the only spot whereupon sacrifice would be acceptable to Him. So the Jews need to capture that site from the Muslims so they can begin to erect their THIRD TEMPLE and begin animal sacrifices again and welcome the coming of their Messiah who will be Satan. Why will Satan be their Messiah? For the following reasons:

1.    Messianic Jews and Free Masons who are Jews at the highest echelons of Masonry, believe Satan’s lie that “Christ” will come and rule from this earth for one thousand years. This is a lie because Scripture informs us that we are caught up in the air to meet Christ when He comes the second time, and we will remain in heaven with him until a millennium has past, at which time He will destroy Satan and his armies and restore the earth to a made new state.

2.    The same entities I cite above believe that they can trace their ancestry back to Abraham, and that they are entitled to rule the world. They believe that all the CONDITIONAL PROMISES made to them by God, still apply to them.

3.    These same Jews believe that Gentiles are not capable of interpreting Scripture aright, and that this is why they don’t believe as the Jews do. However, they have convinced Evangelical Christians that Christ will reign on this earth for 1,000 years when He comes. This paves the way for Satan to be accepted as the Messiah when he personates the second coming of Jesus Christ, for Satan will touch down on earth before Christ comes. Christ will not touch down on this earth at His second coming.

4.    Satan wants to establish himself on the Holy Temple site because he knows that is what it will take to fool the Jews whom he has made his prime target in his attempt to spite God, who made the Jews His chosen people, but then had to divorce them because of their rejection of Him. Jeremiah 3:8. Most Jews refuse to believe this Old Testament scripture.

5.    Russia’s Putin is Jewish and Messianic Jews believe that they must fulfill Bible prophecy themselves as they have been led to understand it.

6.    When Christ refused Satan’s offer to control the world in the Wilderness of Temptation, Satan went to the God’s chosen people in order to spite Christ. Some of them accepted Satan’s offer. As a reward for accepting his offer, the Jews were blessed by Satan and his forces. They were given control of the earth even though they are a minority people. Satan being the best musician in heaven, imparted his talents to the Jewish people. Satan was the highest intellect among the angels of heaven, and he has imparted his worldly knowledge to the Jews. The Jews feel this is evidence that they are blessed by God and still remain His chosen people.

7.    When the Jews as a nation (not individually) rejected Christ, there was only one other master and Satan is their master. Satan imbues his spirit to his servants. Christ imbues His spirit to His servants. Part of the miracles Satan works at the end-time, is all the great things that the Jews, as a minority people, are able to do. But all their talents and abilities come from their master, and there are only two masters. They rejected Christ. They interpret the truth about them as being anti-Semitic, but nothing could be further from the truth as far as TRUE CHRISTIANS are concerned. All TRUE CHRISTIANS feel toward them is pity and prayers that some of them will accept Christ, the Way, the Truth and the Life, the True Messiah. Jews have been sorely persecuted for many centuries, but that persecution has been largely due to their feelings of superiority and referring to the Gentile races as animals without a soul. Any true Christian will only pity them for this and say: “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” But the worldling Gentiles have hated them for their spirit towards Gentiles, and what the Talmud testifies about Gentiles.

The Parallels Between the Jews and Their Master Satan

Because we are imbued with the spirit of the master we choose, there are parallels between Satan and his subjects to whom he imparts his spirit, and between Christ and His subjects to whom He imparts His Spirit.

Satan became lifted up because of his superior appearance, talent (heaven’s best musician), and his great intellect. His subjects have the same problems. In lieu of accepting Christ and taking the gospel to the world, which was their intended commission, they regarded themselves as superior to the Gentiles and became lifted up. According to the Talmud, they consider the Gentiles as being non-human, without a soul. Why would you take the gospel to a non-human without a soul to save? Jews, like Satan, have been the best musicians. Most, if not all, great composers have been Jewish. They have exhibited great intellect like Satan was blessed with in the beginning. But all these talents they misinterpreted and misapplied.

A number of decades ago, I discussed Israel with a Jewish customer of mine. At the end she asked: “Don’t you think God expects the Jews to do it themselves?” referring to the fulfillment of all the promises made to them in Scripture. This is what most of them believe. They still believe those promises of God were UNCONDITIONAL. But some of them know and confess that God is not in what is transpiring in Jerusalem via Zionism. I have heard some Rabbis say that very thing.

The so-called “secret revelation” concerning their Messiah’s coming, may well reveal how Satan plans to recapture the holy site in Jerusalem as his kingdom Temple and for his attempt to rule the world with the Jews as his agents. It is a strong possibility that Putin will attack Istanbul, Turkey, in order to gain control of the Temple site, for it is now Turkey that controls that site. The Dome is maintained by the Ministry of Awqaf in Amman, Jordan.

America and Russia will soon clash over Syria. That “clash” will involve Iran and  Turkey as well. The Jews know how sacred the Dome of the Rock is to Islamics the world over. They know that a great war must ensue in order for their prophesies to be fulfilled. In Daniel 8, after the destruction of Iraq (Media) and Iran (Persia), the antichrist arises and the National Sunday Law will ensue. Things will move very rapidly at that time. The antichrist will enter the “pleasant land,” Jerusalem, and will attempt to rule from there (Daniel 11), but it won’t last for long. Christ will intervene. The clay and the iron of the feet and toes kingdom (Daniel 2) will not cleave together. Satan has convinced his subjects that it will! And it might for a very short time, but not for long. Christ will intervene and every knee will bow before Him and confess that He was right.

The entire scenario for the recapture of the sacred site has been carefully planned. The deal Obama made with Iran was a pre-planned conception that would eventually involve a contest between the U.S. and Russia, resulting in war with Iran and Turkey, at which time the Jews will take the sacred site of the Dome of the Rock from the Arabs. Satan needs that site in order to fake his attempt at a millennial reign of Christ. The Jews need that site in order to bring in animal sacrifices again, and to rebuild a Temple for their god, their messiah, who will be Satan. God has sent them a delusion that they should believe this lie of Satan. If you listen carefully enough, Satan and his agents will divulge their plans to you. Below is the link to the article I refer to: