Will the “Real” Last Message to a Dying World Please Stand Up!

     “Health Journals to Be Circulated.--In all our work caution should be used that no one branch be made a specialty, while other interests are left to suffer. There has not been that interest taken in the circulation of our health journals that there should be. The circulation of these journals must not be neglected, or the people will suffer great loss.” {PM 315.2}

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Laval Picard is very adamant that the last message is ONLY the 1888 message of Righteousness by faith. So Laval teaches pretty well NOTHING ELSE! He has Ellen White quotes to support his view.

Kevin Straub differs from Laval and believes that the last message is about the character of God’s love. So Kevin specializes in that realm. Kevin Straub has Ellen White quotes to support his view.

Then Christine Guardo comes along and says the last message is the Medical Missionary work. Ellen White did say that the health message was the right arm of the gospel and the gospel is righteousness by faith and the love of Christ as displayed in His Incarnation sacrifice even before the cross.

Laval has told me personally that he will never accept that Incarnation gift of the Holy Spirit as the soul of the life of Christ. He prefers Rome’s Trinity Doctrine. He was raised a Catholic so can’t seem to wean himself of that doctrine. Thus, incongruously, he supports an antichrist view of the Godhead, while specializing in the Righteousness by Faith message!

Kevin Straub can’t seem to discern the truth on the Godhead. Ellen White does say that the Godhead—the personality of God and Christ is a pillar, landmark doctrine. She uses both words. So it seems that Kevin’s ministry embraces an antichrist stance on the Godhead as well.

It is quite amazing how Laval and Kevin cannot see that the Incarnation sacrifice before the cross, is the greatest underlying thesis and basis to prove the efficacy of righteousness by faith and the Character of God’s love, because indeed it was His eternal Incarnation sacrifice that demonstrated most His “highest good, crowning gift that heaven can bestow,” said Ellen White.

Danny Vierra and Christine Guard don’t teach the correct doctrine on the Godhead. They quite specialize in the health arena. Danny even calls his specialization in that realm the Elijah message. Neither Danny or Christine teach a correct view on the Godhead, so they support an antichrist doctrine while claiming the Elijah message. Very interesting indeed!


Might we more properly and rationally conclude that the “last work,” the “last message” includes all of the above? Is it not a bit bigoted to specialize in one of the four areas when Ellen White says not to? Any true independent ministry will advocate all of the above and will not support an antichrist teaching on the Godhead. There are many articles on this crucial pillar, landmark doctrine on my Website, as there are articles on each of the above issues. Search the word Godhead on the intra-site search engine for the most neglected issue of the four.


Isn’t it strange that some say we cannot understand the Godhead and Ellen White says it is a pillar, landmark doctrine! Isn’t it strange that Ellen White says the Incarnation


     “As the worker studies the life of Christ, and the character of His mission is dwelt upon, each fresh search will reveal something more deeply interesting than has yet been unfolded. The subject is inexhaustible. The study of the incarnation of Christ, His atoning sacrifice and mediatorial work, will employ the mind of the diligent student as long as time shall last.”--Gospel Workers, p. 251. {7ABC 444.1}


The study of the Incarnation will employ the find of the diligent student as long as time shall last, but some independent ministry leaders are saying we cannot understand it. Amazing!


     “But while the minister is by some exalted to the place of God, and is seeking to do what God never designed he should do,--trying to work out his own salvation and the salvation of others,--by others he is not treated with the respect and reverence due to God's appointed agencies. Those who disrespect the minister of God will not accept his counsel, and they refuse to be helped by any of God's appointed instrumentalities. They have determined that they will go to God alone for help; but while they have this spirit, God does not give them the help they desire; for their pride, their self-esteem, their erroneous ideas, must be corrected before they can be in a situation where they can appreciate help from God. {RH, October 10, 1893 par. 8}


“They are blinded by Satan. When God's mirror is held up before them, instead of repenting and turning from sin, they become indignant to think that they should be reproved. They think that an uncalled-for attack is being made upon them, and that the messengers of God are their enemies.”  {RH, October 22, 1901 par. 10}’ E.G. White, Review and Herald, Vol. 4, 345.


"In the fear and love of God I tell those before whom I stand today that there is increased light for us, and that great blessings come with the reception of this light. And when I see my brethren stirred with anger against God's messages and messengers, I think of similar scenes in the life of Christ and the Reformers. The reception given to God's servants in past ages is the same as the reception that those today receive through whom God is sending precious rays of light. The leaders of the people today pursue the same course of action that the Jews pursued. They criticize and ply question after question, and refuse to admit evidence, treating the light sent them in the very same way that the Jews treated the light Christ brought them." E.G. White, The 1888 Materials, Vol. 2, p. 911.


“In rejecting Christ the Jewish people committed the unpardonable sin; and by refusing the invitation of mercy, we may commit the same error. We offer insult to the Prince of life, and put Him to shame before the synagogue of Satan and before the heavenly universe when we refuse to listen to His delegated messengers, and instead listen to the agents of Satan, who would draw the soul away from Christ. So long as one does this, he can find no hope or pardon, and he will finally lose all desire to be reconciled to God. Desire of Ages, pp. 324-325.


Rejecting light because we don’t like the messenger or some of his/her mannerisms, will be a great test to some of the humility they must possess to be saved. Ellen White said we must accept light no matter who it comes from. That is going to be and already has been a decisive test for some that is wrought and fraught with eternal consequences.  


“There is constant need of earnest, decided messages of warning. God will have men who are true to duty. At the right time He sends His faithful messengers to do a work similar to that of Elijah.”—5 Testimonies, 254.



“Those who refuse to hear the admonitions and warnings given by God’s faithful messengers are not to be retained in the church. They are to be disfellowshipped; for they will be as Achan in the camp of Israel—deceived and deceiving.

Who, after reading the record of Achan’s sin and punishment, can think it according to the will of God that those who do wickedly, refusing to repent, are to be retained in the church? To retain them would be an insult to the God of heaven.”—Letter 215, 1902; 5 Bible Commentary, 1096.


That is how subjects are shaken out of God’s Kingdom. They refuse to even hear the admonitions and warnings given by God’s faithful messengers or they hear and reject them.



What special trait did all the major and minor prophets have in common? Men such as Isaiah, Jeremiah, Jonah, Joel, and Malachi and their brethren. It was not ordination into the ministry. Not one of them was a minister or priest. They fearlessly reproved sin. That is why God called them to be His special messengers. You and I cannot read a page in their writings without quickly coming across their strong denunciation of iniquity. What is it that made Samuel and Nathan so special? They defended God, even in the presence of kings. (Read PK 147-148, not quoted here.)


“I have no smooth message to bear to those who have been so long as false guideposts, pointing the wrong way. If you reject God’s delegated messengers, you reject Christ.” E.G. White, Testimonies to Ministers, p. 97.



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Hello Brother and Sisters,

The Lord tells us that the last work will be the Medical Missionary Work.  However, most of our people are unprepared for this work.  Therefore, starting this evening, there will be a conference call regarding Medical Missionary Work.  This call will be every Thursday evening @5:30 pm PST/8:30 pm EST.

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