Where is the Prowess of

The Illuminist’s and their “god”?

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The Illuminists and Masons think themselves so elitist in intelligence and their worship of Lucifer. Why can't their intelligence and their god, Satan, get them out of this oil spill mess? Can you imagine Lucifer impersonating Christ while this oil spill is going on? The whole world would be demanding that he do something about it if he is God!


Is the true God of the universe putting these elitists on notice that their god is false and that he does not come to their aid--that there is a force more powerful than themselves and their false god? Is this oil spill evidence of their inability to rebuild the Tower of Babel--their Waterloo? Time will tell. Meanwhile, their New One World Order is in disarray. This does not look good on Satan and his stooges—or does it?!