McCain’s Catholic Involvement




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It is interesting how “under the radar” John McCain has kept his religious beliefs, especially considering all his meetings with Catholic leaders in high places! rb



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John McCain reached out to Catholic voters yesterday in Philadelphia at a gathering of Catholic lay leaders and clergy. The meeting, held at the venerable ... - Similar pages


2.  Sen. McCain holds private meeting with Archbishop Chaput

At 9:30 on Wednesday morning, John McCain and his wife Cindy met with Denver’s Archbishop Charles Chaput. The archbishop described the meeting as private ... - Similar pages


3.  Huckabee speaks about Palin power and John McCain’s faith

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5.  Zogby: McCain leads Obama among Catholics due to social issues

6 Aug 2008 ... John McCain by a margin of 50 to 34 percent. Zogby International said in a .... Sen. McCain holds private meeting with Archbishop Chaput ... - Similar pages


6.  McCain receives endorsement of pro-life advocate couple

14 Jan 2008 ... John McCain’s character, courage, record, and life experience make him the best candidate of either party to meet today’s challenges.” ... - Similar pages

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8.  Survey suggests Gov. Palin pick boosts McCain among Catholics

20 Sep 2008 ... John McCain leading his Democratic counterpart Sen. ... you are in allegiance with the Bishop of Rome or you are in negation and apostacy! ... - Similar pages

9.  McCain visits Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe

4 Jul 2008 ... John McCain on early Thursday morning visited the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe before meeting with Mexican President Felipe Calderon at ... - Similar pages


Bishops criticize Biden’s abortion remarks for flawed reasoning

8 Sep 2008 ... Archbishop Charles Chaput / Bishop Robert Morlino. Washington DC, Sep 8, ..... Huckabee speaks about Palin power and John McCain’s faith ... - Similar pages