The Paradoxical Nature of Isaac Newton

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 Isaac Newton was an extremely private and complex being. He burned many of his  more cultic works, but enough survived to give insights into the darker side of the man.



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This is a link to the documentary Shirley and I watched:


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From: Ron Beaulieu

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Subject: Documentary on Isaac Newton


Shirley and I watched a TV documentary on Isaac Newton recently, which divulged a dark side of him. There is more to know about him than most folk perceive.


Ron I have some important comments to make on this video I posted in the post above:


·       Newton was a huge intellect with an IQ of 200.

·       He delved into the secrets of ancient wisdom as do Free Masons, with a motive to decode them.

·       He believed the Temple would be restored in Jerusalem when Christ comes, and that Christ would rule from that Temple for 1,000 years. The Masons believe they and their "Christ" will do the same.

·       He was fascinated with Stonehenge and its relatedness to the cultic, mythological and esoteric wisdom of the ancients.

·       By some Newton was dubbed the Jewish mystic:

·       Newton could decipher the whore of Revelation 17, but had no comments on the Jewish beast the whore sits upon. Interesting to say the least!

·       Newton hated the Trinity Doctrine, but did not have the spiritual discernment to decipher the Godhead properly, while a little woman with a third grade education did! This is positively fascinating!

·       If Newton was impressed with the commandments of God and believed His Word, and indeed was led of God, he would have been led to Sabbath observance because there has always existed faithful Sabbath keepers.

·       There is cause for much speculation that Newton was homosexual, but no definite proof exists that I know of.

·       The on-line book entitled The Union Jack, states that anyone who teaches an earthly millennial reign of Christ on this earth at His second coming, is supporting the cause of Freemasonry whether they are cognizant of such or not, for Freemasons believe they have a divine right to rule the world and that they will do so for a thousand years under the New World Order at such time as they bring on their “manufactured” Christ. I agree with the findings of that book. Here is a link to the book: