By Nick Petula


President Obama: Don’t Condemn our Children to a Planet Beyond Repair



"The time to heed the cynics and critics and the deniers has passed. The time to plead ignorance has surely passed,” Obama said. “Those who want to ignore the science, they are increasingly alone. They are on their own shrinking island. Any so-called leader who doesn’t take this issue seriously or treats it like a joke is not fit to lead,” he said. “On this issue, of all issues, there is such a thing as being too late, and that moment is almost upon us."


First and foremost, this is how Beelzebub always works. He tells the exact opposite of the truth and since we are in the last days and in the age of lying, most people are comfortable living in the lies. In short, Obama is proclaiming more than one bold faced lie here. The real science has been confirmed that the planet is not warming at all. It's cooling. And the second lie is what we also see quite often with those following the devil. When they are doing something they know makes them look bad, they claim someone else is the one doing it so as to make themselves appear better. In this case the craftiness of this lie is appalling. The truth is, there are over 36,000 scientists affirming global warming is a lie and their numbers are growing with each passing day. The real truth here is, Obama's small number of paid off lientists (No, I didn't misspell that word) is in fact what's shrinking here. Still, they will push ahead on this because they have no choice. First of all prophecy must be fulfilled, and secondly, they know they messed up when they picked global warming to push their agenda that will eventually be used to enforce the mark. To admit they're wrong now after billions of dollars were spent advertising their easily proven lie, they would be unable to convince anyone to trust them when it comes to scientific matters from that day forward. So, they must keep the lie going.

What I like about all this is...

The fact they know they messed up and can't possibly fix it can be used to our advantage. How so? The fact we not only have over 36,000 real scientists exposing their lientists confirms the truth is still powerful and it's actually become laughable to watch how they will still use whatever Satan gives them so that in so doing makes our job that much easier to expose them. Especially now after we have caught them red-handed lying about September 11, July 7 or the claim that Obama is a Christian just to name a few lends credence to the truth they hate. No, I don't expect we will get all the world to follow our lead and see the truth in how our leaders are corrupt and being used by the enemy of souls to get everyone in line for the mark. But the truth we have exposing them as well as what's in the Bible concerning our day and their actions will be powerful enough to get the elect to join our number and that's all we really can hope for. The wheat and the tares must grow together yes, but it's only the wheat that make it home. All Obama, the Pope and all their paid for cohorts can hope for is to CONvince those that already love the lie over and above the truth anyway. In short.. they already lost.

And did you notice Obama's threat? He stated that anyone denying their proven bad science will be considered "not fit to lead." That means they will either be forced to go along with the Pope's plans or they will die. And by the way, the only way our numbers are shrinking is because whenever a real scientist with a viable audience steps up to tell the true effectively the "powers that be" will in fact murder them. So again, when Obama says "not fit to lead," one has to expect that is a bonafide threat.