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The Elijah Messenger 1997


"I saw that Jones and Waggoner had their counterparts in Joshua and Caleb as the children of Israel stoned the spies with literal stones of sarcasm and ridicule!


I saw that you willfully reject what you know to be truth, just because it was too humiliating to your dignity, 1 saw some of you in your tents mincing and making all manner of fun of these two brethren!


I also saw that if you had accepted their message we would have been in the kingdom in two years from that date (1888), but now we have to go back into the wilderness and there stay forty years." GCB, 1892, May 7th.



by Nyron Medina




Friends, you do not know the efforts that are being put forth by the leaders to make you think that the church accepted the 1888 message. You do not examined the original uninterferred, unprinted records as I have, thus you don't really know the facts.


Many Spirit of Prophecy statements have been kept hidden or are been unread with regards to 1888. Dates have been perverted with the fear that the people might know the facts should they read them. Don't be deceived my dear people, the men in leading positions know that the message was rejected, but they are consciously keeping this knowledge from you.


In Canada, and different parts of the world, the leaders know that what the church now teaches is not what was presented at the 1888 Minneapolis meetings nor after. They are following General Conference policy and are keeping you in the dark


For example, if in the morning, it becomes official General Conference policy to proclaim that the church rejected the message, you would suddenly see the ministers teaching this. All this only shows that they are knowingly, like evil shepherds, leading the flock astray to preserve their acceptance with the Conference and to preserve their jobs.


In this tract I shall honor the God of Truth by presenting to you some S.O.P. quotations, proving clearly that the church through the actions of its stubborn ministers, rejected the 1888 message.


In 1890, Sister White said:


"Now brethren, we want to have the simplicity of Christ. I know that he has a blessing for us, he had it for us at the time of the General Conference here. But there was no reception." E.G.W., Manuscript Release No.253


So you see Mrs. White said that there was no reception of the message. Here is another quotation out of the many quotations that shows that the ministers rejected the message and kept the people from it!


"Now I was saying, what was the use of our assembling here together and for our ministering brethren to come in if they are here only to shut out the Spirit of God from our people?" E.G.W. Sermon at Minneapolis Conference Oct 24, 1888. M59


Did you see that? At the Conference she prophesied that they would keep the message from the people!


The 1888 message was called the "Loud Cry" by Mrs. White!


"The time of test is just upon us, for the Loud Cry of the Third Angel has already begun in the revelation of righteousness of Christ, the sin pardoning redeemer. This is the beginning of the light of the Angel whose glory shall fill the whole earth." RH-Nov. 2, 1892


By 1888 even onto 1892 the Loud Cry had begun.


Is the church now preaching the Loud Cry? If so, how come the Sunday Law is not yet enforced? How come the members are yet so worldly?


We know that the church is presently in a lukewarm condition, so it is not preaching the Loud Cry! So where then did the Loud Cry go? What happened to it? From 1888-1996 gives us 108 years, the Loud Cry would take a short time, so we could not have been preaching it for all those years!


The message was rejected, here is what Mrs. White says about this.


"The whole of revelation 18 will be fulfilled in the glorious closing of this work. It hasn't yet been fulfilled, and the light of the fourth Angel's message began to shine in that strange and impressive way at Minneapolis. The only reasonable conclusion is that the light was put out by human instrumentality's." E.G.W. Letter 106


Did you see that? The light was PUT OUT, so the whole of Rev 18 could not be fulfilled, thus the church rejected the message'


Here is another startling statement from Ellen G. White:


"In 1888 at the General Conference held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Angel of Revelation 18:1 came down to do his work, and was ridiculed, criticized and rejected. And when the message he brings again, swells into a loud cry, it will be again be ridiculed, spoken against, and be rejected by the majority." E.G. W. Taking up a Reproach


In this quotation we clearly see that the message was rejected, and that it will be rejected again, as is now happening.


Sister White says that the majority will reject the message. Now let me give you an example of the great deception that has been practiced over and over again in the books about the history of 1888 that have been written by the leaders. Time and time again, I have been called upon to explain certain claims in these books, for these men have mixed up dates, juggled around phrases, and cut off portions of valuable statements from the Spirit of Prophecy that proves the church rejected the message.


A striking illustration is seen in what was done to a letter written by a C. C. Mc Reynolds, about the 1888 Conference. He was present at the Conference and witnessed the whole event. The letter is placed together with one by W. C. White (Ellen White's son) and A. T. Robinson in Appendix D of the book "Through Crisis To Victory." Written by A. V. Olson ' (publish later under the title "Thirteen Crisis Years."). Those three letters were placed there as testimonies that the church accepted the message.


All three men were present at the 1888 Conference, and their letters were used as proof that the church accepted the message. The letters were not placed in the book by Olson, for he died of a heart attack on a Friday evening as he was completing the book. Perhaps this was retribution from God, for when his book is read, if his source materials are referred to in their uninterfered state it would be seen that he saw clear evidences for the rejection of the message but he deliberately hid the facts and set out to deceive his readers. He was not deceived; he knew what he was doing. The book is a body of deception.


The Ellen White Estate publish the book and placed the letters in the Appendix. When the letters are read in their original form, one is amazed at what they did to White's letter and that of Mc Reynolds! The men in the estate consciously twisted the facts and lied to the people to make them think that the church accepted the message.


In his letter, A. T. Robinson not only contradicts himself in his own letter, but he contradicts the testimonies of both White and Mc. Reynolds when they are read in their original forms. The letter of Robinson is completely produced in Olson's book, but not those of White and Mc Reynolds. When White's entire letter is studied in its original form it, would be seen that the estate broke it up in paragraphs out of sequence with the original letter, it would not then appear to prove that the message was accepted but that it was rejected.


It is with Mc Reynolds letter that the gross deception was practiced by the estate. The letter has dots (...) showing that five portions were deleted. A sixth and final portion was also removed, and there are no dots (...) showing that this was done. When the letter is read from Olson's book, one would think with the exception of the five deletions the letter is complete, but this is not so, for a sixth portion has been deleted without any indication whatsoever. Thus when one reads what was deleted, it would-be seen how these leaders really know that the church rejected the message, but they have been hiding this fact from the people.


I will quote some of the six missing portions,the final quotation will be the sixth missing read very carefully...


"When the delegates came in from the last meeting of the day there was simple babble, with much joking and laugher, and some very disgusting comments were made; no spirit of solemnity prevailing. A few did not engage in the hilarity."


Certainly this is not people that accepted the message. You just read the second omission; here is the third omission.


"(After) Elder Waggoner had finished his eleven studies, the influence of which has in quite a measure taken out of many the debating spirit .... However the opposition proceeded."


Some of the men claimed at that meeting they "...have always believe in justification by faith and preached it." But Mc Reynolds said in one of the deletions...


"That was true in theory and with some of the older ministers, it was true that they knew by experience what it is, but in many cases the theory was all they had, and I know that some of our dear old brethren contend to this day that there was no confusion and really no debate."


Mc Reynolds continues:


"Well, I was there and was in the midst of it, both in the public meeting and in the private quarters and I know the spirit of debate and controversy ran high and some bitter feeling were developed, but the conference closed with a dark shadow over many minds."


Did you read that? How could they then claim that the church accepted the message? Now for the fifth omission!


In this one, reference is made to confessions that were made by " most of the leading men" during the next two or three years! This ploy is used today by the ministers to prove that the church accepted the message, but Mc Reynolds quotes from Elder Daniells book in contrast to this! This is his quotation:


"How sad, how deeply regrettable it is that this message of righteousness in Christ should at the time Of its coming, have met with opposition on the part of earnest, well-meaning men in the caus2 of God." (Christ Our Righteousness)


Mc Reynolds was showing that Daniells who was alive during the 1888 era knew the facts! But now, read the sixth omission in Mc Reynolds letter, which was not indicated by the E.G.White Estate! Here is the surprising quotation:


"Much more, very much more might be added, but it is all made plain by many quotations from message published in the booklet by Elder Daniells, 'Christ Our Righteousness' which I recommend all to read. I am sorry for anyone in Minneapolis in 1888..."


"…who does not recognize that there was opposition and rejection of the message that the Lord sent to his people at that time. It is not too late yet to repent and receive a great blessing." (C. C. Mc Reynolds, Lt. 1934 E. G. White Vaults)


Did you see what the estate was hiding from the people? The church did reject the message and by 1931 when Mc Reynolds was writing that letter, the church still did not have the message so he admonished the church to "repent and receive a great blessing."


My dear people, do you see how far these men would go to deceive you with regards to 1888? Watch out, be careful, and don't allow yourselves to be deceived by lying ministers. Mrs. White says that when the message returns, it will again be rejected.


"The Third Angel's message will not be comprehended, the light which will lighten the earth with its glory will be called a false light by those who refuse to walk in its advancing glory..." R.H. 27 May, 1890.


The warning of God to church members is, not to allow yourselves to be deceived by lying leaders who know the truth, but who consciously conceal the facts and twist the evidences to keep the people in subjection to them. Members must be open minded enough to consider the two sides of the issue and then choose where they would stand.


May you make a good choice on the basis of true evidences, in Jesus' holy name. Amen.


The Elijah Messenger