The Seven Heads and Ten Horns Rev. 17

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The Seven Heads of the Ten Horned beast of Revelation 17 derive from seven pagan civilizations from whence the leaders of the ten horns are rooted:

1. Babylon- the "lion"

2. Persia- the "bear"

3. Greece - the "Headed leopard"

4. Turkey

5. Syria (Assyria)

6. Egypt

7. Rome (Rome is included in this number as well as being the whore which sits on the Beast because of her pagan past, and because she is infiltrated and controlled by the secret societies which constitute the mystery Babylon religions of the 10 horn powers [countries] led by leaders whose belief systems originate within the pagan customs of the seven heads that hate the whore and finally burn her). They hate Rome because they are led by Ashkenaxi Jews and Rome has always been their enemy. Some Sephardic Jews have joined the secret societies and they have always hated Rome as well, dating back at least to the times of Christ. Ignatius Loyola, originator of the Society of Jesuits, was a Jew. He and fellow Jews were forced at pain of death to join the Catholic church during the Spanish Inquisition. These Jesuits took over the church by bribing it because of all the sex scandals. But Rome was pagan before that infiltrative takeover.                                                                  


The ten horn pagan powers which are a conglomerate of the secret societies. They have divided the world into ten divisions which they will control under the New World Order. Rome is included in these powers because she is pagan and she is infiltrated by the other seven heads of paganism. As Ashkenaxi Jews, they have always hated her and considered her an arch rival from ancient times. That is why they will eventually burn her:


16And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire. Revelation 17:16.


The origin of the mystery Babylon craft [eg. Free Masonry], the main leadership of the secret societies, traces its lineage back to the builders of the Tower of Babel. At the higher echelons they worship Lucifer, and are the false prophets of Satan who do his bidding.