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Dear Reader,


I respond to Gar below his comments. Thank you Gar for providing another opportunity that I may present the truth of the weight of evidence to those who might not be cognizant of such. Many Adventists will be slaughtered along with you because they believe as you do.


Ellen White says in Great Controversy, Chapter 1, that in the prefigure type involving Israel circa A.D. 27-70, true prophets of God warned the people as to when to leave Jerusalem. The fled 3 ½ years before Titus destroyed Jerusalem in A.D. 70. But all faithful Christians were gathered out into home churches before A.D. 66, to wit:


Scripture on Home Churches


Act 16:32 And they spake unto him the word of the Lord, and to all that were in his house.

Act 16:34 And when he had brought them into his house, he set meat before them, and rejoiced, believing in God with all his house.

Act 16:40 And they went out of the prison, and entered into [the house of] Lydia: and when they had seen the brethren, they comforted them, and departed.

Act 18:7 And he departed thence, and entered into a certain [man's] house, named Justus, [one] that worshipped God, whose house joined hard to the synagogue.

Rom 16:5 Likewise [greet] the church that is in their house. Salute my well beloved Epaenetus, who is the firstfruits of Achaia unto Christ.

1Cr 1:11 For it hath been declared unto me of you, my brethren, by them [which are of the house] of Chloe, that there are contentions among you.

1Cr 16:15 I beseech you, brethren, (ye know the house of Stephanas, that it is the firstfruits of Achaia, and [that] they have addicted themselves to the ministry of the saints,)

1Cr 16:19 The churches of Asia salute you. Aquila and Priscilla salute you much in the Lord, with the church that is in their house.


Ellen White on Home Churches


When the young men and women were kept away from the Alpha of apostasy in the church, what did they do where did they meet for worship?


Ellen White on Home Churches in the Alpha of Apostasy:


"There is a little hope in one direction: Take the young men and women, and place them where they will come as little in contact with our churches as possible, that the low grade of piety which is current in this day shall not leaven their ideas of what it means to be a Christian." E.G. White, Manuscript Release #995, p. 5.


"Brother and sister Haskell have rented a house in one of the best parts of the city, and have gathered round them a family of helpers, who day by day go out giving Bible readings, selling our papers, and doing medical missionary work. During the hour of worship, the workers relate their experiences. Bible studies are regularly conducted in the home, and THE YOUNG MEN AND YOUNG WOMEN connected with the mission receive a practical, thorough training in holding Bible readings and in selling our publications. The Lord has blessed their labors, a number have embraced the truth, and many others are deeply interested." Review and Herald, September 7, 1905, Evangelism, p. 108.


What in the world would Ellen White do in light of the Omega of Apostasy?



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From Gar

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Ron all of your puffed up talk has greatly angered the Lord!


Yes Ezekiel 22:17-31 says the dross (tares & thorns) will be gathered into the midst of Jerusalem for slaughter and burning leaving only the wheat in the midst of Jerusalem.


Ron responds:


·       In A.D. 70, the last literal fulfillment of Ezekiel 9, did the wheat remain in the midsts of Jerusalem while the tares (dross) were slaughtered and burned all around them? Or had they fled 3 ½ years prior to the mountains of Pella? Read GC, Chapter 1, for the answers. Every true Christian had fled. Gar wants you to remain with him to be slaughtered. Satan wants you to remain in the apostate church to be slaughtered—men, maidens and little children, slaughtered without mercy, Ezekiel 9:6 and 5T 211. This is historical FACT, not my opinion.

·       All we need do is look at how God worked to separate the wheat from the tares in Jerusalem, circa A.D. 27-70.

·       In Ezekiel 22:17-31, there was no wheat left in Jerusalem. Gar is totally errant on this as he is totally errant on all his points. Lets see if Ezekiel 22 says there was ONE wheat left in Jerusalem?

·        30And I sought for a man among them [the midsts of Jerusalem in context], that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none. Ezekiel 22:30.

·       God says that tares can dwell with the wheat, so tares are not corrupt open sinners.

·       Tares are insincere believers whose motives we would have to judge in order to remove them. COL, p. 71-72.

·       Ellen White said that open sin must be removed from the church or all become corporately responsible for open sin.

·       When open sin is not removed from the church, it is impossible for the wheat to mature and remain pure.

·       "It is IMPOSSIBLE for you to unite with those who are corrupt, and still remain pure. (II Corinthians 6:14-15 quoted). God and Christ and the heavenly host would have men know that if he unites with the corrupt he will become corrupt." E. G. White, Review and Herald, Vol. 4, p. 137.

·       "Christ has plainly taught that those who persist in open sin must be separated from the church..."  Christ's Object Lessons, 71.

·       When a church leadership refuses to remove those who persist in open sin, and when the leaders are the ring-leaders of the open sin apostasy, THEN, the faithful must leave, for it will then be impossible for the wheat to mature and/or remain or become pure.

·       "Thorns sprung up.--The thorns made it impossible for the wheat to mature (see Luke 8:14). In the same way secular interests prevent the fruits of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22, 23) from reaching maturity. Religion is relegated to the subordinate position of being only one interest among many. For lack of cultivation it withers and eventually dies. That which the thorny-ground hearers lack is a moral transformation [E.G. White, Christ's Object Lessons,  p. 50]  To them, justification is the sum and substance of religion, and they fail to realize that the Christian life consists essentially in the process known as sanctification--the process by which evil traits and tendencies are replaced by the perfect life-pattern of Jesus Christ." Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary, vol. 5, 405.

·       Thorny-ground hearers teach that justification is the sum and substance of religion—the doctrine of the Nicolaitans. Or they may teach that sanctification is necessary out of one side of their mouth, and that justification only is essential out of the other side. This is what Satan does. God says whatever is not of yea or nay is of the devil.

·       The new movement SDA church has always rejected corporate responsibility whereby if open sin exists in the church, the members are corporately responsible for that open sin. They totally ignore what Ellen White says about corporate responsibility.

·       "The plain straight testimony must live in the church, or the curse of God will rest upon His people as surely as it did upon ancient Israel because of their sins. God holds His people, as a body [corporately], responsible for the sins existing in individuals among them." Testimonies, vol. 3, p. 269.

·       The above principle is taught in the story of Achan, Joshua, Chapters 6 and 7.

·       If thorns kill the wheat and make it impossible for the wheat to mature, the wheat cannot dwell with the thorns—thorny ground hearers of the Word only.

·       This is the reason (above) why Jesus and His disciples gathered out the faithful Christians in the prefigure, long before the end of probationary times. This is the reason that during the reformation true protestants were gathered out from the Catholics long before the tares are gathered out at the end of probationary time. This is the reason Adventists left the churches who rejected the truth in 1844, long before the tares are separated from the dross at the end of probationary time.

·       "Christ has plainly taught that those who persist in open sin must be separated from the church..."  Christ's Object Lessons, 71.

·       Open sin refers to thorny ground hearers of the Word, for God says that the thorns choke out the wheat and kill it. One of the most serious and most common of errors amongst professing Seventh-day Adventists is to make no distinction between tares, thorns and open sinning corrupt, apostate leaders and members.


 "Christ was a protestant...The Reformers date back to Christ and the apostles. They came out and separated themselves from a religion of forms and ceremonies. Luther and his followers did not invent the reformed religion. They simply accepted it as presented by Christ and the apostles." E.G. White, Review and Herald, vol. 2, 48, col. 2.


 "The Sanhedrin had rejected Christ's message and was bent upon His death therefore Jesus departed from Jerusalem, from the priests, the temple, the religious leaders, the people who had been instructed in the law, and turned to another class to proclaim His message, and to gather out those who should carry the gospel to all nations.

As the light and life of men was rejected by the ecclesiastical authorities in the days of Christ, so it has been rejected in every succeeding generation. Again and again the history of Christ's withdrawal from Judea has been repeated. When the Reformers preached the word of God, they had no thought of separating themselves from the established church but the religious leaders would not tolerate the light, and those that bore it were forced to seek another class, who were longing for the truth. In our day few of the professed followers of the Reformers are actuated by their spirit. Few are listening for the voice of God, and ready to accept truth in whatever guise it may be presented. Often those who follow in the steps of the Reformers are forced to turn away from the churches they love, in order to declare the plain teaching of the word of God. And many times those who are seeking for light are by the same teaching obliged to leave the church of their fathers, that they may render obedience." E.G. White, Desire of Ages, 232.


Why did the reformers leave the churches of their fathers before the wheat and tares are separated at the close of probationary time? Because the leaders rejected light and rejection of light is apostasy and open sin, just as it was open sin for the leaders and members of the other churches to reject the first angel’s message, the second angel’s message, and the Midnight Cry of 1844. By that open sin of rejecting light, the churches became fallen. By disobedience to the same light via ecumenical liaison with Babylon, the SDA church has imbibed unpardonable open sin, because there is no other option in Isaiah 8:9-13, and Word to the Little Flock 14, wherein it says that those who stray from the Midnight Cry lighted path that called us out of Babylon, find it IMPOSSIBLE to get back on the pathway to heaven.


 "The recreant priests added licentiousness to the dark catalogue of their crimes yet they still polluted by their presence the tabernacle of the Lord, and, laden with sin, dared to come into the presence of a holy God. As the men of Israel witnessed the corrupt course of the priests, they thought it safer for their families not to come up to the appointed place of worship. Many went from Shiloh with their peace disturbed, their indignation aroused, until they at last determined to offer their sacrifices themselves, concluding that this would be fully as acceptable to God, as to sanction in any manner the abominations practiced in the Sanctuary." E.G. White, The Signs of the Times, vol. 1, p. 264, col. 3, December 1, 1881.



"'They that forsake the law praise the wicked.' Proverbs 28:4. When those who are uniting with the world, yet claiming great purity, plead for union with those who have ever been the opposers of the cause of truth, we should fear and shun them as decidedly as did Nehemiah. Such counsel is prompted by the enemy of all good. It is the speech of timeservers, and should be resisted as resolutely today as then. Whatever influence would tend to unsettle the faith of God' people in His guiding power, should be steadfastly withstood." E.G. White, Prophets and Kings, p. 660.


"Saved into the church.--The world to which we belong by birth is hostile to God and under condemnation. Therefore, in order to save us, the cross must deliver us from the world and place us in the church, the body of Christ. Every other aspect of salvation is based upon this fact. The gospel delivers us not primarily from hell to heaven, nor from death to life, but from the world to the church. As a subjective experience, this is always the first step of our salvation. Christ will never take us to heaven as individuals, but only as members of His church."  Jack Sequeira, SDA Pastor, Beyond Belief, p. 115.


The above teaching is directly contradictory to Ellen White's teaching:


"We ARE NOT saved as a sect; no denominational name has any virtue to bring us into favor with God. We are saved individually as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ." E.G. White, Review and Herald Articles, vol. 2, p. 464.


Paul left—Notice the Only Reason Why Paul Left


"And as they persisted in their rejection of the gospel the apostle (Paul) went into the synagogue, and spake boldly for the space for three months, disputing and persuading the things concerning the kingdom of God. But when divers were hardened, and believed not, but spake evil of that way before the multitude, he departed from them, and separated the disciples, disputing daily in the school of one Tyrannus." Acts, 19:8, 9.


"Fearing that the faith of the believers would be endangered by continued association with these opposers of the truth, Paul separated from them, and gathered the disciples into a distinct body." E.G. White, Acts of the Apostles, p. 286.


 "The recreant priests added licentiousness to the dark catalogue of their crimes yet they still polluted by their presence the tabernacle of the Lord, and, laden with sin, dared to come into the presence of a holy God. As the men of Israel witnessed the corrupt course of the priests, they thought it safer for their families not to come up to the appointed place of worship. Many went from Shiloh with their peace disturbed, their indignation aroused, until they at last determined to offer their sacrifices themselves, concluding that this would be fully as acceptable to God, as to sanction in any manner the abominations practiced in the Sanctuary." E.G. White, The Signs of the Times, vol. 1, p. 264, col. 3, December 1, 1881.  


·       In Great Controversy, p. 25, Ellen White calls what occurred to the Jews A.D. 27-70 a prefigure of what will occur in the end-time.

·       Also, Ellen White reapplies Matthew 22:1-10 to the end-time, Sermons and Talks, Vol. 1, pp. 4-9.

·       Matthew 22:7 is what happened in fulfillment of Ezekiel 9 in A.D. 70.

·       Ellen White says that only Christ’s presence can constitute a church.

·       She says in 1SM 205, that God has been removed from the new movement SDA church.

·       She said that the apostasy would wax stronger until Jesus comes.

·       In the prefigure type of A.D. 27-70, there were two Jerusalem’s represented—Jesus’ and His disciples headquarters in Jerusalem, and the headquarters of the apostate Jewish Temple (the Synagogue of Satan).

·       The bride of Christ, those who were to take the gospel to the world were gathered out—Desire of Ages, 232. (Evidence supplied below).

·       Jesus gathered out the faithful into home churches, Bible evidence for this is furnished further down (below).


Persecution Cleanses the Church


Prosperity multiplies a mass of professors. Adversity purges them out of the church.--4T 89 (1876).  {LDE 173.5} 


Ron responds: It should be obvious to the spiritually discerning that it is from and by the church triumphant of Ezekiel 20:34-38 that the rebels are shaken, and not any church militant. All the faithful of all fallen churches are shaken out of those churches and the Sunday law is just the last opportunity to come out and be saved. But we are responsible for truth as soon as we hear it, so all who learn the truth ARE RESPONSIBLE WHEN THEY HERE IT. I can say with all the authority of God’s Word and the Spirit of Prophecy, that if those sources are correct (and they are), Gar has closed his probation and like Satan, he wants to take as many with him as possible. This is a most serious realization, but it is just as sure as Ellen White’s Word to the Little Flock, p. 14, statement. I knew this a long, long time ago, but I let Gar play out his character for all to witness.


 "While praying at the family altar, the Holy Ghost fell on me, and I seemed to be rising higher and higher, far above the dark world. I turned to look for the Advent people in the world, but could not find them--when a voice said to me, 'Look again, and look a little higher.' At this I raised my eyes and saw a straight and narrow path cast up high above the world. On this path the Advent people were traveling to the City, which was at the farther end of the path. They had a bright light set up behind them at the first end of the path, which an angel told me was the Midnight Cry. This light shone all along the path, and gave light for their feet so they might not stumble. And if they kept their eyes fixed on Jesus, who was just before them, leading them to the City, they were safe. But soon some grew weary, and they said the City was a great way of, and they expected to have entered it before. Then Jesus would encourage them by raising his glorious right arm, and from his arm came a glorious light which waved over the Advent band, and they shouted Hallelujah! Others rashly denied the light behind them, and said that it was not God that had led them out so far. The light behind them went out leaving their feet in perfect darkness, and they stumbled and got their eyes off the mark and lost sight of Jesus, and fell off the path down in the dark and wicked world below. It was just as impossible for them to get on the path again and go to the City, as all the wicked world which God had rejected. They fell all the way along the path one after another, until we heard the voice of God like many waters, which gave us the day and hour of Jesus' coming....

By this time the 144,000 were all sealed and perfectly united. On their foreheads was written, God, New Jerusalem, and a glorious Star containing Jesus' new name." E.G. White, Word to the Little Flock, p. 14.


Gar is guilty of all of the above 10 times over in the last 10 years time. All that was necessary was ONCE. This is serious friend—the most serious warning you will ever be confronted with.


The time is not far distant when the test will come to every soul. The mark of the beast will be urged upon us. Those who have step by step yielded to worldly demands and conformed to worldly customs will not find it a hard matter to yield to the powers that be, rather than subject themselves to derision, insult, threatened imprisonment, and death. The contest is between the commandments of God and the commandments of men. In this time the gold will be separated from the dross in the church.--5T 81 (1882).  {LDE 173.6} 


In the absence of the persecution there have drifted into our ranks men who appear sound and their Christianity unquestionable, but who, if persecution should arise, would go out from us.--Ev 360 (1890).  {LDE 174.1} 


When the law of God is made void the church will be sifted by fiery trials, and a larger proportion than we now anticipate will give heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils.--2SM 368 (1891).  {LDE 174.2}


The great issue so near at hand [enforcement of Sunday laws] will weed out those whom God has not appointed and He will have a pure, true, sanctified ministry prepared for the latter rain.--3SM 385 (1886).  {LDE 179.2}


Ron responds: All of the above statements refer to what qualifies as a church triumphant at the end-time. Only God’s presence can constitute a church, The Upward Look, 315. The new movement that has removed God, 1SM 205, thus does not qualify as a church. It has been taken over by Satan, and has become the Synagogue of Satan in direct parallel with the apostate Jewish church of Christ’s day when He called it such. So all the above statements and any similar statement(s) by Ellen White, now apply to home churches which still house wheat and tares till the end of probationary time, but they will not member open, apostate sinners. The tares are insincere believers whose motives we would have to judge (impugn) in order to uproot them, COL, p. 72.


Gar says what is in black print above and below. He here quotes me from a past statement by me.


Ron responds:


While the following is 100% true:


The Church is in the Omega Apostasy Ellen White warned us was coming.

·        The 3 Angels Messages have been abandoned.

·        Spiritualism is in the Church

·        Evolution is being taught

·        Ecumenism is rife

·        Jesuits in our leadership

And thou, Capernaum [Seventh-day Adventists, who have had great light], which art exalted unto heaven [in point of privilege], shalt be brought down to hell: for if the mighty works which have been done in thee had been done in Sodom, it would have remained until this day."--RH Aug. 1, 1893. [THE BRACKETED COMMENTS ARE BY ELLEN WHITE.]  {LDE 48.2} 


The church is in the Laodicean state. The presence of God is not in her midst.--1NL 99 (1898).  {LDE 49.1}


God will purify his Church as Ellen White says the sinners in Zion will be sifted out--the chaff separated from the precious wheat.


There are tares among the wheat. 'Wilt thou then that we . . . gather them up?' was the question of the servant; but the master answered, 'Nay; lest while ye gather up the tares, ye root up also the wheat with them.' The gospel net draws not only good fish, but bad ones as well, and the Lord only knows who are His.  {TM 61.2} 


Ron responds: All who cannot distinguish between tares (insincere believers) and open sinning apostates (thorny-ground hearers who choke the wheat and kill it) will be slaughtered. Don’t misunderstand me here. We cannot know the tares because they are not open sinners, but we can know open sinning apostates.


     Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. Matt. 7:16, 17. {FLB 326.1}


BOTH the tares and the wheat grow together until the harvest, Ron wants to pull up the wheat from the ground (Adventist Church) it was planted in because of the tares, if this were done the wheat would die. Jesus said let them both grow TOGETHER until the harvest the Lord knows who's are His and can protect them during the time of the Ezekiel 9 Slaughter.


Ron responds: Gar does lie. I believe that the wheat and tares will grow together in home churches until the end of probationary time. However, that is far different from the wheat dwelling with open sin, corrupt apostates, who choke out and kill the wheat. Some will not discern this serious difference. Gar falls into this category. One cannot reject the truth 10 times in ten years straight and still be able to remain on the pathway to heaven for Ellen White said all who knowing did so ONCE circa 1844, found it IMPOSSIBLE to get back on the pathway to heaven. I have given Gar the benefit of any doubt for ten years now, but if Ellen White, Isaiah 8:9-13 and Ezekiel 5, 9, 22:17-31 and Jeremiah 11:9-15 are correct, Gar has indeed sealed his fate. This is fraught with seriousness! Beware lest you make the same mistake of eternal consequences. Gar is very familiar with all the serious forbidden abominations of the church for which we are to sigh and cry. He has chosen 10 times over 10 years to remain corporate responsible for all of them. He has chosen 10 time to accept the truth and then reject it. In 1844, the people were given ONE OPPORTUNITY to accept or reject the truths then given to the fallen churches. This same indictment applies to all who hear the truth and reject it, just as surely as Ellen White said the same thing regarding all who heard and understood, but rejected the messages of 1844.


In the Plagues that befell Egypt God's people were in Egypt yet not one plague touched them. So it will be when the Ezekiel 9 Slaughter comes upon the SDA Church God's people in the Church will be safe from the Slaughter. There were Seven Thousand who had not bowed the knee to Baal in Israel; today God has His people in the Church who have not bowed the knee to Baal.


Ron responds:


·       Indeed there are and will continue to be new converts in all fallen churches who will not be regarded as having “bowed the knee to Baal” because they have not heard the truth. But this does not apply to those who have heard the truth and rejected it by known violation.

·       The Plagues that befell Egypt were centuries before the close of probation for Israel. Ezekiel 9 had no bearing on that event whatsoever. God was bringing His people out of Egypt so that they could keep His commandments, much as He brought His people out of Babylon in 1844 to keep His commandments. But when Israel chose to disobey God’s commandments and joined with God’s enemies in a confederacy with them, that closed Israel’s probation. This can occur on a generational basis as it did in Jeremiah, chapters 7 and 11, wherein God said not to even pray for the Jews of that generation because they conspired/confederated with His enemies and thereby became responsible for their idolatry. Ellen White said that event would have an end-time COUNTERPART and the only “chosen” people of God who qualify for that COUNTERPART are professing SDA’s:


COUNTERPART: "The Lord commanded one of his ancient servants, 'Pray not thou for this people [Jer. 7:16 and 11:14], neither lift up cry nor prayer for them neither make intercession to me for I will not hear thee.' The prophet thus describes the sins which had called forth this fearful denunciation: 'The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means and my people love to have it so and what will ye do in the end thereof?' 'From the least of them even unto the greatest of them, every one is given to covetousness and from the prophet even unto the priest, every one dealeth falsely. They have healed also the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying, Peace, peace, when there is no peace.' The apostles declare that this state of things will find its COUNTERPART in the last days. Many have a form of godliness, but in their daily life deny the power thereof. They have ceased to be convicted of their sins or alarmed at their state. They say in their hearts, 'The church is flourishing. Peace and spiritual prosperity are within her borders.' The words of the prophet may well apply to these self-deceivers, 'They have chosen their own ways, and their soul delighteth in their abominations. I also will choose their delusions, and will bring their fears upon them." E. G. White,  Second Advent Review and Sabbath Herald,  11-07-82.


     “The Israel of God in these last days are in constant danger of mixing with the world and losing all signs of their being the chosen people of God. Read again Titus ii, 13-15. We are brought down to the last days, when God is purifying unto himself a peculiar people. Shall we provoke God as did ancient Israel? Shall we bring his wrath upon us by departing from him and mingling with the world, and following the abominations of the nations around us?: {RH, June 25, 1861 par. 26}


Ezekiel 5, which gives the reasons why Ezekiel 9 is literally fulfilled, says that Jerusalem violates God’s statutes more than the nations around them. How so? Because they knew the truth and violated it anyway. 

COUNTERPART: "In the time of the Saviour, the Jews had so covered over the precious jewels of truth with the rubbish of tradition and fable, that it was impossible to distinguish the true from the false. The Saviour came to clear away the rubbish of superstition and long-cherished errors, and to set the jewels of God's word in the framework of truth. What would the Saviour do if he should come to us now as he did to the Jews? He would have to do a similar work in clearing away the rubbish of tradition and ceremony. The Jews were greatly disturbed when he did this work [As are SDA’s today!]. They had lost sight of the original truth of God, but Christ brought it again to view. It is our work to free the precious truths of God from superstition and error." E.G. WhiteReview and Herald, vol. 2, 308. 


There is a modern COUNTERPART to the ancient apostate "chosen people" of God. That modern COUNTERPART is the people who claim to be the modern "chosen people" of God, a called out remnant, if you will, who disqualify themselves as being part of the final remnant because of their liaison with Babylon in disobedience of the Midnight Cry and the first and second angel’s messages.


There are over 100 statements to the affect that SDA’s are repeating the history of ancient Israel. Here are just a few of them:


"I have been shown that the spirit of the world is fast leavening the church. You are following the same path as did ancient Israel. There is the same falling away from your holy calling as God's peculiar people. You are having fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness. Your concord with unbelievers have provoked he Lord's displeasure. You know not the things that belong to your peace, and they are fast being hid from your eyes. [The very words applied to fallen Israel on page 17 of The Great Controversy] Your neglect to follow the light will place you in a more unfavorable position than the Jews upon whom Christ pronounced a woe." Testimonies, Vol. 5, pp. 75-76.


Church leaders were having concord (fellowship) with unbelievers in Ellen White’s day. Another term for that is “playing the harlot.” Playing the harlot, 8T 250, is not unpardonable sin. But when a church MARRIES (JOINS) Babylon’s associations, counsels/councils, girdings, and confederacies/conspiracies, that is unpardonable sin per Jeremiah 11:9-1 and Isaiah 8:9-13. There is one option stated three times for serious emphasis—“broken in pieces.”


"Like ancient Israel, the church has dishonored her God by departing from the light, neglecting her duties, and abusing her high and exalted privilege of being peculiar and holy in character. Her members have violated their covenant to live for God and him only. They have joined with the selfish and world-loving. Pride, the love of pleasure, and sin have been cherished, and CHRIST HAS DEPARTED. His Spirit has been quenched in the church. Satan works wide by side with professed Christians yet they are so destitute of spiritual discernment that they do not detect him." E.G. White, Testimonies, Vol. 2, pp. 441-442.


"Among the professed followers of Christ, there is the same pride, formalism, vainglory, selfishness, and OPPRESSION, that existed in the Jewish nation." E.G. White, Sketches from the Life of Paul, 251-252.


"God's professed people are selfish and self-caring....They are idolaters, and are worse, in the sight of God, than the heathen, graven-image worshippers who have had no knowledge of a better way." Testimonies, Vol. 2, 440-441.


Do not be deceived friends by Ron Beaulieu that we should leave the Church. Ellen White says the following of Ron's message:


The message to pronounce the Seventh-Day Adventist Church Babylon, and call the people of God out of her, does not come from any heavenly messenger, or any human agent inspired by the Spirit of God.  {2SM 66.2}


Ron responds: Ellen White said that if the church should become Laodicean, it would not stand in the favor of God any more than the fallen churches of Babylon. The church became Laodicean and has remained Laodicean for many decades. Ellen White also said that the church would become a sister to fallen Babylon if it did not purge the licentiousness from its borders. That has not occurred. The licentiousness has only multiplied times over every decade since Ellen White’s demise in 1915. Finally, Ellen White said agreed with God that the apostate SDA church was worse than Babylon; worse than the nations around her—Ezekiel 5.


So much for Ron being a prophet or messenger... Ellen White say he is not inspired by God so who is inspiring him then?


The Lord has impressed me to stay away from Ron Beaulieu, lest I be too close when the lightning that shall come down from Heaven and consume him! 


Ron responds: It is not the Lord that impressed Gar to stay away from Ron Beaulieu. All who remain at the apostate SDA church, HIS SANCTUARY, 5T 211, Ezekiel 9:6, will be slaughtered, just as they were in A.D. 70. All true Christians will flee from every apostate church. All who remain in an open sinning apostate church are corporately responsible for the open sin apostasy of said church.



..the end of all things is at hand: be therefore sober minded, and watch unto prayer.  (1 Peter 4:7)



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