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From: Kevin Straub

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Sent: Wednesday, October 29, 2008 3:27 PM

Subject: Leo Schreven says peace and safety


The article at the bottom, by Leo Schreven, was sent to me by a career shepherd.  On the one hand, thanks for bringing his dangerous advice to my attention.  On the other, I do not miss the point.  It is a direct rebuke to the ministry of information in which I involve myself.  ~KS




“My friends this crisis will pass.”


“. . . it is not the end of the world.”


“. . . invest and make good returns till he comes.”


“. . . in Revelation God only once mentions in passing about buying and selling in relation to the Beast and it's image. The reason is, He could care less.”


  -- Leo Schreven, excerpts from All Power Seminar Newsletter, Oct. 29, 2008


Wow.  I’m sorry, but this is spoken like a true hireling.  Where is the promise of His coming?  Leo, too, needs to strike a balance.  While I understand that people can get pretty excited about things, such as Y2K, which was a “no-show” event, (I was never on that bandwagon, for the record) and the upcoming election of a new president has instilled a lot of jitters in people, we should not run to the opposite corner and tell everyone to carry on as always.  This carrying on is the reason we are still wandering in the wilderness of sin. 


We have not taken God seriously in the matter of entering into His rest and we are still fully engrossed in “occupying” ourselves in our own vineyards of the pursuit of ease and comfort.  There is definitely a reason why Christ has not come yet and it isn’t because we haven’t yet reached everyone with the 28 fundamental teachings, as if to say that when we have worked hard enough to preach a message series everywhere that He will come.  New flash: He hasn’t come because we have had a problem understanding and accepting the gospel.  We rejected it in 1888 and the Loud Cry angel which had begun to sound was obliged to take up residence in a sound proof room.  But today, there is a building up of a repentant remnant who will reach out in greater number than Jones and Waggoner, and show forth the glory of God and they won’t need committees and plans and bank accounts and tithe distribution systems to do it.  God will be in control of this, at last, as a sufficient number “get it.” 


But my comments aren’t about all of that, per se.


My parents said Jesus was coming soon and wondered if they should have children, as did their parents.  We now say the same thing and we warn our children that there may not be time for careers and families.  But, you know what?  It is an absolute certainty that there is going to be a final generation.  There is going to be a group that have been watching and they will have correctly discerned the times.  Moreover, it is possible that we are it.  Are these smooth talking preachers ever going to go away?  Absolutely not, and we have the sure word of prophecy on this. 


We surely have become complacent and we do bandy about the “occupy ‘til I come” advice as if it means to add house to house and land to land.  Dear me, these preachers are of the “peace and safety” lot and they will experience the harsh reality of those who come up to the time of Jacob’s trouble and find themselves in outer darkness, as they point to their garments and read the words “Weighed in the balances and found wanting.”


W__, the platform on which I stand isn’t about building an earthly security via stocks of beans and gold.  Don’t think me so foolish.  I know the priorities are to have the gold of a faith that works by love, the eyesalve of spiritual discernment, and a garment of a purified character found in the spotless righteousness of Christ.  Nevertheless, we are not ill-advised to be doing all we can in prayer and in action to be out of debt, out of the cities, and as independent as we can be of ALL of man’s systems, which are built on the wisdom of man’s governance, man’s philosophies and man’s wisdom.


There is nothing unsound about owning metal and bartering with it, as well as learning how to transact with any other goods and services one may be able to produce and procure in private economies.  This takes away from the Money Masters’ power and does not feed their greed and their wicked schemes which deceive the people and rob them of their substance. 


Lend me your ear for a moment, as I climb up on a favorite soapbox of mine:  Why do you think the poor get poorer and the rich get richer?  What do you believe inflation to be?  Can you give a reasonable definition of it, other than the rising of prices?  Why do you think the price of goods goes up while wages do not keep pace?  Over time there is an increasingly narrowing of profit margin, or “disposable income” in households everywhere.  We work harder to maintain.  As time goes on, we keep working harder but can no longer maintain, but must downsize.  Eventually we have no middle class left but a feudal system of serfs and landlords, or the working poor and their royal benefactors.  Where is the value of our labor being skimmed away?  Productivity is productivity.  We aren’t putting out less, but more.  Where is our reward?  The product benefits somebody, but that somebody is not we ourselves.  With every passing year, we benefit less from an increasing amount of our own labor.  Why does the value of the money decrease?  How come it purchases less today than it did yesterday?  Do we just blame this on greedy producers and merchants?  Is it “just the way things are?”  The benefits of our labor not only go to simply enrich wicked men in high places for their own substance and pleasure but it goes into various industries of death such as war, allopathic medicine, corporate subsidies and bailouts, as well as a plethora of other detrimental and wasteful expenditures beyond the scope of these brief comments.


Do you understand banking and money for what it really is?  It is nothing but an enslavement of the common people through usury and inflation.  Take time to understand where inflation comes from and you will know that I speak the truth.  The Bible addresses the very things I am talking about, so I rebuke any talk of staying silent on the issue.  As the reality dawns, I believe folks like Leo will not be so quick to rain on owning some metal as opposed to the debt notes we call money, which are nothing but a tax on the people.  If he does not believe in cashing out your savings he must believe that cash money is truly a savings, when it is not.  Fiat currency inflates and holding it is a direct tax on your productivity and very substance.  It is not smart to hold cash.  Furthermore, as one understands all of this, it could even be argued that it becomes immoral to be more involved with cash than one has to be. 


God winks at ignorance, but not willing ignorance.  I recommend a reading of a sound book The Creature from Jekyll Island.  The name refers to the place where the Federal Reserve Central Banking System was created.  It is not dull reading, believe me.  You can find it at or I have a loaner copy for you, if you dare.


On beans.  I’ll keep this short, now.  There is nothing unsound or against counsel in learning to provide our own food.  Storing up enough for years, thinking to provide for ourselves through the time of trouble is not advised, but this isn’t what we are saying.  Learn to garden, learn to preserve, and yes, buy a few sacks of dry goods; when the prices are continually on the rise you can lock in “savings” when you spot a deal and make a prudent purchase.  If you buy enough, you are in a position to help out a brother, too.  I have a buying pool for bulk prices of organic grain and legume products, from which you have yourself made purchase.


This discerning of times and events is not about scaremongering.  Nobody is going to be scared into a right relationship with God.  But those who do want to follow the Lord into complete rest in Him do well to study what it all means.  It is about coming out of Babylon and this is part of the overall message we are to be giving.  Is Babylon only a vague reference to quit the ways of force and deception?  That may be a good overall statement but it comes down to also defining how it exists in every sphere of human movement: education, health care, politics, church, finance, employment, recreation, and so on.


Shepherds who give such a message as I see below may be better off in the long run if they would find another occupation.


Maranatha, He is coming sooner than we think,






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Sent: Wednesday, October 29, 2008 10:51 AM
To: Kevin Straub
Subject: Fwd: All Power - Is This the End of the World?


For our prayerful consideration.





October 29, 2008

Dear Warren,

Is This the End of the World?

Over the last few weeks I have been completely deluged with thousands of e-mail from many well-meaning people. I can’t begin to read or respond to all the e-mail, so I thought it best to write a brief article.

Right now there are several pastors out there that are feeding the frenzy about the coming world economic collapse, and many other sensational things. They are telling people to sell everything, Jesus is coming, etc. Some have very convincing stories of how conspiracy is taking place at all levels and we will all soon be under martial law, etc. Through the years these same preachers have left a trail of blood and devastated people who followed their advice, lost everything, and became bitter and disillusioned.

Sometimes I just sigh and shake my head. Having been in ministry for 25 years, I have seen this over and over. It seems we never learn. In the early 80’s it was the housing crash, then the late 80’s it was the Savings & Loan crisis. Does anyone remember Y2K? How about the market crash of 2000?

I have received at least 400 e-mail from people about this guy named Hal Turner who says we are switching to a new currency called the “Amerio” and he holds a coin up to prove it. This is supposed to make our dollar collapse, etc. Yet if anyone did two minutes of research they would see it is a complete hoax. The coin is not real—it is a novelty you can buy from the website At home, I have one a friend gave me. You can buy them on the Internet, like on E-Bay, etc.

I would like to suggest that Christians need to stay balanced. Please read Luke 19 very carefully. God told us to occupy till he comes. He told us to invest and make good returns till he comes. The two men who did, God blessed when he returned. He told them “Well done good and faithful servants”—the only place you read those words in the Bible.

My friends this crisis will pass. What we are seeing is the inevitable result of greed and unethical practices. The sins of financial institutions and government have come home to roost. But it is not the end of the world. The economy is a living, breathing creature. Sometimes it gets fat, and it has to release some gas. Sometimes it breathes in, sometimes it breathes out. But in this natural process where men reap what they have sown, it is critical to stay balanced.

I think the biggest crisis is that people get so caught up in sensational speculation that they forget the spiritual issues. There is a reason why in Revelation God only once mentions in passing about buying and selling in relation to the Beast and it’s image. The reason is, He could care less. God is not interested in you knowing the details of how the world economic situation will play out. If He were, he would have devoted many verses to explain it. What God is interested in is your heart, and the spiritual issues. He is interested in the millions of souls around you who are dying without a Savior. He is interested in the millions of souls who are struggling with their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual issues when you have the biblical principles to help and reach them. So don’t let these sensational, crisis and fear mongering preachers control you any more. Don’t waste time on their idle speculation and doom and gloom fear based articles, DVDs and CDs. “God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind!” Many are chasing the devil's rabbits over the “coming crisis” when we should be about our Father's business.

Should we be aware of the signs of the times? Yes. Should we be aware of prophecy being fulfilled? Of course! But this awareness should not make us cash out our savings, sell our home, buy gold and a 5-year supply of beans that we bury in the back yard while we see Jesuits and Masons behind every tree plotting our destruction.

Keep your eyes on our leader, Jesus. Remember He has already won the battle. We are already more than conquerors. I don’t give a hoot about the Masons, the Illuminati, the New World Order, or government or oil or new currency, or a global collapse. The devil loves for you to get caught up in this nonsense. In 12 months this will all be forgotten and no one will remember—just like Y2K.

I’m on the winning team! How about you? The final crisis is not about economy; it is about good versus evil. It is spiritual. So let's keep our focus on God’s agenda. You and I should make spiritual preparation and make our hearts right before God, and then devote all your energy and time to helping others to do the same. There is only one thing to focus on at a time like this—seeking and saving the lost. Give them the Good News.


Occupy till He comes,







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