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September 4, 2002


Dear Reader,

If someone stacked 150 one-pound bags of sugar on your
kitchen table on January 1st, how long would you say it might
take you to ingest all of it in the course of your normal
diet? A couple of years? Five years? Longer?

The fact is that in the U.S., the per capita sugar
consumption averages a staggering 152 pounds per person, per

You say that's not you? Maybe it's not. Maybe you only go
through 100 pounds per year (check the labels in your
cupboard: sucrose, corn syrup, caramel color and fructose are
all sugar in disguise). But someone out there is ingesting
hundreds of millions of pounds every year, and the
consequences are dire. Seventeen million Americans are
diabetic and millions more are borderline diabetic or
hypoglycemic, and many of them don't even know it yet.

In short: it's an epidemic.

Hitting the Mark

In the past decade, the incidence of diabetes has increased
by almost 50%. During that same period the number of obese
Americans jumped an additional 57%. Every year these trends
continue to grow in the wrong direction with far-reaching
health problems: hypertension, along with elevated blood
sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, to name just a

Obviously, if there was a way to significantly reduce the
blood sugar level with each meal, the potential life-saving
consequences could be enormous. That was the goal that HSI
Panelist Jon Barron set when he began looking for a natural
way to address the blood sugar problem.

For almost three decades, Jon has researched alternative
medicine, nutrition, and herbal remedies. He is also the
author of "Lessons from the Miracle Doctors," and a monthly
publication titled "The Barron Report" that examines natural
treatments for a wide variety of health issues. Some time
ago, Jon told me about his efforts to develop a way that
diabetics might control their blood sugar and overcome the
typical health problems they face. When I read the June 2002,
issue of "The Barron Report," I knew Jon had accomplished his
mission. In it, he explains in detail how a unique
combination of herbs, according to clinical trials,
successfully regulates blood sugar.

Barron tested

Jon realized there were individual constituents available
that help increase sugar metabolism and manage cholesterol
levels, and he soon identified the four herbs he felt had the
greatest benefits and the best chance of creating a
comprehensive blood sugar solution. He focused on nopal
cactus to lower blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol
levels while blocking the absorption of fat; konjac mannan to
improve insulin resistance and lower blood pressure and
triglycerides; gymnema sylvestre to reduce the metabolic
effects of sugar and stimulate the insulin secretion of the
pancreas; and a special patented fenugreek extract to
decrease insulin response to food and help maintain normal
serum glucose levels.

He explained to me that the value of these specific
ingredients is that they each use completely different
mechanisms to address the key problems of elevated blood
sugar, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure, with the
final effect of not only complementing, but actually
amplifying each other's benefits.

Jon took his research to the lab for an exhaustive period of
experimentation, trial and error, and constant tweaking to
create his new blood sugar formulation. Once it was ready, a
6-month testing period followed, using two different methods.
With one method, diabetic subjects took the formula with each
meal and continued to eat their normal diet, while blood
sugar levels were monitored once a week. With almost every
subject the result was a significant drop of blood sugar into
the normal range. One subject saw his blood sugar level fall
500 points in only two weeks, while another, who suffered
from hypertension, was able to completely discontinue his
blood pressure medication.

Another trial method used an A1C test that measures the
average amount of glucose that's been attached to red blood
cells in the subject's blood over the previous 60 to 90 days.
The A1C measurement was taken just before the subjects began
using the Barron formula, and then taken again after using
the formula for just 6 weeks. As with the first trial method,
researchers observed a significant drop in blood sugar
levels, with some subjects even going from a severe diabetic
level (9.0) to a completely non-diabetic level (5.7).
Furthermore, with both testing methods almost every subject
showed declines in levels of triglycerides, cholesterol,
blood pressure, and weight-loss averaging 6-8 lbs per person.

The network at work

This is a great example of how you benefit from being part of
the HSI network. Throughout his development and testing, Jon
promised me that when this unique supplement was available he
would let me introduce it to e-Alert readers right away, and
I'm happy to do just that.

Over the Labor Day weekend a company called Healing America
officially launched this new product as Glucotor. And, as an
HSI e-Alert reader, you are among the first people in the
world to know of its availability.

Like the CoQMelt coenzyme Q10 product we told you about
earlier this week, there is currently only a limited supply
of Glucotor, so we wanted to give you the opportunity to
secure some right away.

Healing America, which Jon has worked with frequently, has
put together an introductory package that includes a 3-month
supply of Glucotor, and two A1C tests. The idea is to use one
of these tests to determine your blood sugar levels before
you begin using Glucotor, and then use the other test at the
end of 3 months to measure your progress. The cost of the
entire package is approximately what you would pay to receive
two A1C tests in a doctor's office, so according to the
company, it's like paying for two tests and receiving the 3-
month supply of Glucotor for free.

Healing America believes so strongly in the effectiveness of
this revolutionary supplement that they're offering an
unconditional money-back guarantee for this introductory
package. At the end of 3 months, any customers who are not
completely satisfied with the results of the second A1C test
will receive a full refund.

If you're one of the millions who are suffering from diabetes
or hypoglycemia (and all of the health problems that
inevitably come with these diseases), visit the Healing
America web site (
to find out more about how Glucotor may be able to
revolutionize your health through balanced blood sugar. This
is one of those "sweet" risk-free offers that just might
change your life.


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...and another thing

A colleague who I'll call "Deep Throat" once worked as a
salesperson for a large pharmaceutical company. D.T. has
since renounced the dark side and now works for the forces of
good, but, oh, the tales he has to tell about drug companies
and their many methods of influencing doctors to prescribe,
prescribe prescribe.

One of Deep's stories that disturbed me (the truth is: they
all disturbed me) was how drug companies begin their campaign
to win the hearts and minds of doctors by targeting them
while they're still in medical school, plying them with gifts
and perks, laying the groundwork for long medical careers in
cahoots with giant international drug companies. Just
consider this: the average doctor prescribes the same drugs
he "learned to prescribe" in medical school for a full five
years once he's in practice. So getting a new doc "hooked"
early is a good strategy for any drug company.

Recently I came across the antidote to that story when I saw
an article in the Seattle Times about a Complementary and
Alternative Medicine Camp for medical students. The "camp" is
actually a 60-hour seminar conducted at Bastyr University, an
academic center near Seattle, Washington, dedicated to
training doctors of natural medicine.

The camp is not intended to convince medical students to
become alternative medical practitioners. Instead, it's
designed to simply give them a general idea of alternative
options and techniques. The seminar includes botanical field
trips, lessons on cooking whole-foods, acupuncture
demonstrations, and lectures on naturopathic medicine.

And comments by the camp attendees are encouraging. One
student said that he had no intention of becoming a
naturopathic doctor because he felt an M.D. gets more
respect, but he wanted to be able to discuss alternative
therapies if his patients ask about them. Another said that
she wanted to learn to treat the "whole person." And another
said that he eventually hoped to open a practice that would
incorporate both mainstream and alternative medicine.

Dr. Joseph Chu, a Bastyr administrator and an M.D., noted
that doctors are becoming more open to the ideas of natural
medicine because they need to keep up with their patients who
are inquiring about it. He specifically pointed to the
Internet as an agent of this change, with numerous web sites
informing patients of their options and freeing them to be
more independent in their attitudes about treatment.

Hmmm...I wonder if he gets the e-Alert.

To Your Good Health,

Jenny Thompson
Health Sciences Institute

"Diabetes, Cholesterol, and Blood Pressure" The Barron
Report, Vol. 11, Issue 5, June, 2002
"Medical-School Students' Nod to Alternative Route" Seattle
Times, 7/14/02

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