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[Adventist-fm] Pat Robertson, Adventists, Sunday Law, Jesuits, Terrorists and Revelation 13


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Pat Robertson cites the separation of church and state as the 
obstacle that's right now standing in the way of setting up a 
national Sunday law. They are working feverishly to remove the 
separation of church and state. They have set up the American Center 
For Law And Justice (ACLJ), who are on a relentless war bombarding 
the courts until they can achieve their goal of uniting church and 
state. Like mother, like daughter eh? The Mother church is working 
her points in Europe to unite church and state, and the little 
harlot daughters are following suit in the U.S., thus playing into 
the hands of and courting the beast in Rome who just only a couple 
of centuries earlier was engaged in a campaign to snuff them out! 
Amazing! Totally amazing!

Now, check this next article excerpt out. It shows where we are 
headed folks, in language that's just too plain to be misunderstood:

The following article is a quote from a Nazarene magazine called 
Newswatch. In its 1994 November/December issue, 4-5, it read, "The 
French magazine, Foy et Rai, reported from the United Nations 
Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, that plans are worked out to 
dissolve the UNO to make way for a World Tribunal. . . . This 
project and this plan provides for a total unification of church and 
state, and also provides for a single form of worship. The appointed 
day for all people will be Sunday. The number received by the people 
will promise the right to buy or sell."

Now here's the kicker:

"At the end of this statement, a Christian rose and asked the 
speaker, 'What happens to the minorities who will not accept this 
plan?' The Christian was told, 'Their number will be canceled with a 
black line and they will be deprived of the right to buy or sell and 
will thus be forced to destruction.' "

It makes you wonder if any of these folks ever read Revelation 
Chapter 13. All the players needed to make this happen are here. 
Now, what's needed is a way to lure the masses to accept this 
satanic new world order. And how will the old serpent pull it off? A 
few different tactics will prove very successful. There will be:

 1.)Worldwide conditioning via propaganda.
 2.)Acceleration of natural disasters which will help to ripen the 
sentiment of the masses that the nations need to get back to God. 
Just in the last two days in the U.S., there's hurricane Irene 
that's causing destruction and a 7.0 earthquake that hit southern 
California. In only the last two months so much has occurred that 
I've lost count.
 3.)Economic collapse - this will really arouse people. When the 
pocketbook gets affected, people really get into a frenzy. After 
all, it's the almighty dollar eh? Anyone taking a look at the stock 
market lately? Notice a trend? A DOWNWARD trend - spiral? Is it a 
minor correction? Or a major bubble ready to burst? The forecast 
doesn't look to good for next year, according to economists. We 
shall see.
 4.)Rise in crime especially with kids killing each other, deranged 
nut-cases shooting up people at prayer meetings, etc.
 5.)The REAL kicker that will solidify ALL who are not written in 
the "Lamb's Book of Life" to worship the beast and enforce his mark 
(the Sunday) is when lying spirits, i.e., demons, fallen angels, 
impersonate dead loved ones, departed saints, the apostles, Mary and 
echoing the voices of their servants, the false shepherds and 
religious leaders who have blamed all of these calamities on the 
breaking of the Sunday Sabbath. This is the overwhelming delusion 
that will sweep in on those that have chosen to reject truth. They 
will believe a lie and will be swallowed up with it.

That these things are shaping up is too convincing to be discarded. 
Praise Jesus, He's coming soon! Even so come, Lord Jesus!