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A anti-SDA Baptist Website, is publishing the following picture and depicting it as Ellen White's tomb stone. Another source depicts the obelisk as having been erected as a memorial to James White, before Ellen White’s death. It is a bit ponderous as to why Ellen White would condone an obelisk tomb stone to mark her husband’s grave! It poses a difficulty in remonstrating Rome for its use of pagan symbols in light of this violation by Adventists, no less the founders of the Seventh-day Adventist church.


Would some member of the church try to find out who chose that such a pagan symbol would be used to mark James White's grave? This is a sacrilege that should be searched out.  Here is another link displaying James and Ellen White’s White’s burial site:



Here are some links defining the obelisk as Baal worship:


Notice that the following picture of the obelisk has the name Ellen G. White on the tombstone.




Founder of 7th Day Adventism

Ellen G. White's Tomb Stone.

Obelisks represent Freemasonry


Following is a photo taken at the burial site of Elder and Mrs. James White, July 24, 1915:1

Later this day, September 2, 2007, I received a picture of the memorial from a friend. Apparently the obelisk memorial is to both James and Ellen White. Both name appear on it, Ellen’s name on one side and James on another. Every SDA should try to determine who chose such a symbol for our prophetess and her husband and get it changed to something more appropriate.