The Trashing of the US Constitution

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In the natural there is NO chance for peace.



With America about to go into a full blown revolution over the Obama trashing of the US Constitution - thereby enslaving the American people - it is now necessary for this administration to establish more smoke screens in order to divert the attention of the populace.  Not to mention the engineered complete collapse of the US Dollar which will finally necessitate the imposition of Martial Law - giving Obama even more power over the lives of the US citizens.  Obama could not find a more convenient scapegoat than the Jews and the Nation of Israel.  With the help of the well oiled Islamic propaganda machine Obama will have limited success, but the true Believers in Yeshua HaMashiach will not be confused, for they know only too well the author of confusion.


With the eyes of the world on Israel's possible attack upon the Iranian nuclear reactors,  many in Israel are asking why it is necessary for Israel to do this - when everyone knows Iran is a threat to the entire free world - not just to Israel.  The fact still remains; it is Israel that Ahmadinejad has threatened to destroy with his nuclear weapons once he has obtained them.  Obama couldn't possibly ask for a better smoke screen to cover up his takeover of the American people, but it seems the majority of them are not going for it and are making their voices heard in a big way.  It will be interesting to see how all this works out over the next few weeks.  The US national debt is now in the trillions and promising to go much higher. It could well be the fall of the dollar that brings the US down and gives the cause for the country to be placed under martial law. 


In the meantime, here in Israel,  we have other major concerns facing us in the short term.  Iran is sending thousands of Anti air-missiles (Sam 18 -much like the US Stinger - and the self-propelled Sam 8) to Hezbollah. They have re-armed with tens of thousands of the Fateh 110 which has a range within reach of Tel-Aviv   - and with greater accuracy due to a Chinese manufactured onboard guidance system. 


When you couple this with the recent Fatah Conference held in Bethlehem - during which they declared that they will not accept Israel as a Jewish State, nor will they agree to Jerusalem being the Capital of the Jewish State -you can see nothing but trouble ahead.   They will never give up on their demand that hundreds of thousands of Arabs migrate to Israel, thereby destroying the Jewish State.  At the same time they say that Jews cannot live in Judea and Samaria (West Bank).  Is there any one on this planet that can see a way for Israel to make peace with these insane Arabs who call themselves "Palestinians"? 

The Islamists are simply taking over Europe. The politicians are very intimidated by them. Those living in the major cities are afraid of them, and there are now many neighbourhoods in places like London and Paris that are totally controlled by Islamic Sharia Law.  Areas where the police will not go for fear of their lives.  For all intents and purposes the Netherlands have been lost to the Islamic movement.


European Jewry is living in daily fear, yet many are still trying to hold onto their property and wealth -much like those who waited until it was too late in the 30's and 40's in Hitler's Germany.  But today it is possible for them to simply get on a plane and leave and come home to Israel.  Last year saw the largest number of French Jews migrate to Israel since its establishment.  And that is just the beginning,  for many today are making plans to pack up and leave before it's too late.  


The door will soon close on the ability to just fly to Israel. When the missiles start flying and one hits on or near Israel's International Airport - no commercial flights will be allowed in or out of Israel.  Subsequently, the airport will be taken over by the IAF and the only possible way of reaching Israel then will be by sea.


Today there are tens of thousands of private yachts moving around in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea and when the fireworks begin they will be running like scared rats trying to get to a safehaven.  God has had us prepare for years now for such a moment,  and we will be there and we will be ready.  For years now we have been establishing safe- houses and routes along the coast of the Med - yet - there is still much to be accomplished.  Connie and I will be making another trip to Turkey in the next few days Once again we will be making the necessary contacts and looking at larger boats.  Presently we don't have the finances to buy the larger boat but we have faith that those who will be touched by God will be obedient - and in time for us to save many Jewish lives. 


These trips are costly,  and the larger boats will cost at least 400 thousand.  I am asking you to be with us in prayer and to support us before your dollars become worthless.  We need you.  This is a Body Ministry and this letter is addressed to that Body into which God has so graciously placed us.


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers.  Pray for .


Shalom, Jerry Golden