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Dear Ron,

Many Christian greetings from Tanzania.

I take this opportunity to write this e-mail in the morning hours of this Wednesday 26/12/2007. For about 6 days I have been planning but I was too busy working. Today I got up early (4.00 AM) and began reading and translating important documents. Since Friday I have gone through six topics on your web-site:

1. The National Sunday Law and the 1260, 1290, 1335, and 2300 Days of Daniel 8 and 12 and Revelation 13.

2. An End-Time Warning of Grave Seriousness
3. My Vision of November 22, 2007.

4. End-time Aspects of Daniel Chapters 8, 11, and Revelation 13.

5. Identifying the End-time Players of Daniel Chapter 8.

6. Rebuttal to Laval Picard's Rebuttal to My Vision of November 22, 2007.

These topics are very crucial to us at this hour of the earth’s history and I am taking liberty to put all of them in Kiswahili so that they can circulate all over Tanzania. The job may be done in within four weeks from today. Besides, be assured that some of my closed friends who can read English have already got them and the light of the Loud Cry is going on.

Dear Ron, I would like to present a request of which I guess you won’t hesitate to grant me. Last Friday I went through one of the topics on your website: The National Sunday Law and the 1260, 1290, 1335, and 2300 Days of Daniel 8 and 12 and Revelation 13. I was overjoyed beyond the limit that I traveled 30 kilometres to give a testimony of what I had discovered after reading your document. To me I don’t have any question or language to describe my joy but to exclaim: “Amen! And may Jehovah be praised for ever and ever for revealing the secret things before the end comes.”
Dear Ron, I spent more than 10 years in theological seminaries trying to read a lot of books. Name any author on Daniel or Revelation and I have read all those books trying to find out the deep (hidden) meaning of 1290, 1335 days of Daniel 12. The web-site of Elder Robert Sessler (Let There Be Light Ministries) has described the 144,000 saints, 1260, 1290, and 1335 days of which I have gone through but I was not satisfied as I was satisfied after reading your document. For all these years in the SDA faith this has been a mystery beyond my comprehension. Last Friday it was solved beyond any doubt. My heart rested in God’s assurance.
Dear Ron, be assured that I am a critic. I read analytically. Do not think that I just accept things easily. I have been acquainted with many ministries. Some of them after learning that I lost my job after protesting openly on the apostasy of the SDA Church approached me asking to work with them with a promise of supporting me financially. However, I have always refused because of disagreement on certain crucial topics like the Godhead, Incarnation and Sanctuary Doctrine. Why? Because I do not want to be manipulated or just take someone’s stand without researching for myself the truth. I am an independent thinker.

When the SDA leaders in Tanzania confiscated my money, that might have helped me together with my family, they came to me after one year (2004) asking me to just recant of my position and they could re-instate me (at the teaching position in a theological seminary I was teaching before) plus all the fringe benefits. I refused and I had to go without any financial assistance. My dear brother there were days where I went to bed with either poor diet or hungry. My children blamed me for my stand. However, I stood firm. Remember I was a professor with an assured salary and many allowances, eating whatever I like because I had a stable income.  But my dear brother, when God bids a person to go forward nobody can stop him. God had called me and a rough road was my lot which I accepted without questioning. When I discover that the Lord is speaking, I do not have time to negotiate or theologize. I just obey regardless of the consequences.
Dear Ron, I am not here to make you tired of this long e-mail but to give you a testimony. Of the truth, I had done nothing wrong to deserve such harassment but believe me or not the SDA leaders are demon possessed.

I was a Roman Catholic adherent before and I shall just give you a hint in the RC system. A corrupt priest is elected to be a bishop, a bishop who excels above all his co-bishops in sinning is appointed to rule over them as a Cardinal. In the same vein, a Cardinal who is a notorious sinner, crooked, demon-possessed like Joseph Ratsinger is elected to rule as a Pope and the white smoke ascends in heaven. Lucifer has got his representative. Now, that is a system of Anti-Christ. SDA is doing worse than that. Do not marvel that the SDA General Conference President is the Prime Minister of the Anti-Christ (Pope) and the pilot of Satan’s ship. Do not question me on that. I have lived and worked with them for a long time. If I begin to tell you of their sins, you may lose appetite of food for 3 days.
Dear Ron, I am sincere and serious with the Lord’s business. I never pray for the SDA leaders because I know that they are working for bread and they can’t leave the SDA corrupt system. However, sometimes I pray that they may conspire among themselves and sometimes kick each other from those posts. It is only when a SDA leader loses a job and fringe benefits and is reduced into a beggar that he can know God as the giver of bread. Otherwise, they neither know God nor comprehend the Lord’s prayer (“….Give us this day our daily bread…”). I say this because I have been with them and I can tell you exactly what is in their hearts.

 I thank you for giving a brief introduction of Laval Picard. He told me differently in his e-mail. You said in your introduction that “Laval worked as a credentialed SDA minister for a period of time.” I do not believe him. Not only him but also I have a tendency of not believing any individual who is still connected with the SDA Church. Worse of all, I do not trust completely any individual who is still under the pay-roll of the SDA employment. 
Dear Ron, I took a project of reading all your documents on your web-site as a critic. I must bear a testimony that all documents, I have read so far, are error-free, inspired and not contradicting the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy. That’s why I requested you a CD and I hope that it will be here by the end of this week. Everyone has his/her own testimony as he/she perceives. What you have put on your web-site has cost me a lot of time trying to read and find errors but in vain. Remember that I am a theologian and 99 percent of all theologians are hell bound. Only 1 percent can make it for heaven by accident.

Of the truth, I was in the train of Lucifer but it pleased God to turn me from darkness to His marvelous light. All that I studied in the Theological Seminaries is just rubbish and heresies of the worst system manufactured by Babylonian philosophers, unworthy. Those professors ate the money of a poor African. The basic education I got there is to research, analyze and report at the academic level in English. Even a person who never went to school but spent many years reading the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy is far better than an individual that wastes time and resources in theological seminaries. Frankly speaking, the knowledge he/she has excels above that possessed by the PhD/ThD holder from Andrew’s University.
Dear Ron, nowadays I don’t have time for what is called “Babylonian Theology.” I saw on your web-site documents on Church Growth Movement. I have studied that discipline for many years. In fact, I specialized in Missiology during my doctoral studies. We were told that it has the root in Pasadena, California—Fuller Theological Seminary (School of World Mission). After my critical research, for almost three years, I discovered that it is the discipline manufactured in the Jesuit Laboratory of Vatican (St. Gregorion Pontifical University) with the major intention of harvesting Laodicean, foolish virgins, careless and lazy Christians who never read through NLP—Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I saw on your web-site Pr. Rick Warren and Billy Graham. It is now seven years after reading their documents when I concluded that they were Vatican mercenaries. Praise the Lord that you have written an open letter and put it on your web-site for faithful Christians to see.
Dear Ron, Laval Picard is in the business of defending the Harlot (SDA). He is ready to do that at the expense of assassinating your character. Believe me or not, I do not have time to doubt your life for God can never take a crooked fellow and reveal to him all these secrets as He has done that through you. All prophets lived according to the truth they taught. Sometimes I admire Ellen G. White for her outstanding character. Laval Picard thinks that I am a child to believe what he says to me without investigating.

Having read most of your documents on the web-site, I went down to my knees and thanked God for visiting us again. You have never claimed to be a prophet as per most of your documents that I have read. However, after reading and being convicted, I ascribed that title to you. The Spirit of the Lord has spoken to me so and nobody is at liberty to ask me how. The problem of Western rationalistic thinkers, like Picard, is that they do not believe any person who will say to them “The Lord has shown me that…” I am an African. Despite my Western education I received; I don’t want to belong in their rationalistic school.
Dear Ron, be assured that many people are reading your documents in your web-site. Some are scholars ad are taking their stand. During the time of Elijah, there were 7,000 and I am sure that there are many today. Nicodemus went to Jesus at night. Do not marvel that some will never show up or write to you. However, when the shaking of that crisis begins, many home churches will be multiplied and you will marvel to find people greeting you in heaven with the words: “Are you Mr. Ron? Thank you for posting your message on the website. I liked to play with computers and web-sites. After discovering your web-site I used to read any new topic you placed there until my life was completely changed into the divine similitude. I told my relatives and neighbours and they did the same. That’s why we are here…”     
Dear Brother Ron, kindly do me the following favours:
Footnote No. 1 on your topic “The National Sunday Law and the 1260, 1290, 1335, and 2300 Days of Daniel 8 and 12 and Revelation 13,” is missing. Can you kindly e-mail it to me and also correct your document on the website for there are many readers who would be interested to have that footnote. I am translating this document in Kiswahili and I want Swahili readers to get the whole message.
Any time you have a new topic that is finished; e-mail it to me immediately. I want to be informed always. Put my e-mail among a list of e-mails that you always send to your finished work.

Weight of Evidence has attracted me to read at least two or three topics daily from your web-site. Pray that the translations that I am making may be accepted all over Tanzania and East/Central Africa where Kiswahili is spoken widely.
May God richly continue to sustain you in your hectic schedule of writing the messages that the Spirit of God is moving upon you to give. Convey my greetings to your wife and colleagues at Count Down Ministries. As soon as a receive the CD, I shall e-mail Brother James Franks.
Yours in the Blessed Hope. 
Tulla, Paul K.


Note by Ron Beaulieu: Laval says that he was never ordained as a preacher but worked as one. When I said that Laval was credentialed to work as an SDA pastor, I meant that he told me he worked as a pastor for the SDA church. I did not necessarily mean that he was ordained; just that he had the imprimatur of the church to officiate as one of its pastors.