Could Iraq War Sink American Economy?

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Dear Reader,

The following article was published on March 19, 2003, by Paul Sperry, a Washington, D.C. journalist. It was published by, when U.S. Forces had nearly taken Baghdad. He posed the question asked in the title of this document. He tells the truth about petroleum prices rising because of the Iraqi war.

Could Iraq War Sink American Economy?

Notice the following quotes from the article:

"A full-blown Mideast war drives up oil prices to more than $50 a barrel.

It's a scenario few talk about, but it's not beyond the realm of possibility, analysts say. And it would sink the U.S. economy, which is still recovering from a recession."

"The war is the biggest wild card," he said.

If as expected the war is short, lasting just 60 days or so, with a clear U.S. victory, few casualties and no related terrorism, Duncan said consumer confidence could rebound and "the business sector could come alive again."

"If oil prices hit $50 a barrel, and they stay there for a year, it would knock $100 billion out of consumer disposable income, which would lead to a double-dip recession," said Douglas G. Duncan, chief economist at Mortgage Bankers Association of America here in Washington. In an interview yesterday, he said that although he expects a short war, he cannot rule out such a scenario."

"But another jump in prices at the pumps would amount to a huge consumer "tax," he said, and would come at a time when consumer confidence is already at its lowest level in a decade."

"The federal budget deficit is approaching the record high set during the last Bush administration, as the White House and Congress have gone on a relatively unchecked spending spree since the Sept. 11 attacks. And now the projected billion-dollar-a-day Iraqi invasion-cum-occupation will only widen the budget gap."

Notice the following quotes from, October 9, 2005:

"Iraq war now costing $6 billion a month: The paper by the Congressional Research Service underscores how the price tag has been gradually rising for the war in Iraq. A year ago, the Pentagon was calculating its average monthly costs in that conflict at below $5 billion - an amount the research service says has now grown close to $6 billion."

Many believe that powers "behind the scenes" are not disclosing the real costs involved with the war in Iraq. They are correct! If the Lord says our religious leaders are lying to us, what would be expect from our political leaders who have been Deist members of secret societies for centuries, while some have masqueraded as being Christian. But God is in control. He has told us the end result and that gives us fair warning as to what to be prepared for. We thank you Lord fir giving us what we need. Many Adventists will not be prepared for the events that are coming but it will not be because they were not warned by Ellen White. It will be because they have rejected her warnings about debt etc. It will be because they have rejected the warnings of Scripture as well as Ellen White's warnings concerning spiritual preparation.

"Senate Set to Give Bush More for War Fund: The Senate is ready to give President Bush $50 billion more for wars, even as public support for the Iraq fighting slips, U.S. casualties climb and Congress grows increasingly frustrated with the direction of the conflict."

What Will Happen When the War With Iran Begins?

 According to Daniel chapter 8, America will soon enter war with Iran.

According to Daniel 8:8, the he goat, America, the end-time western power with a navel base just off the coast of Greece, in the Isles of Cyprus, will triumph over Iraq and Iran, the ram. The he goat will wax strong for a short period and be lauded for his accomplishment, but then his notable horn (power) will be broken--financial ruin due to the huge cost of the wars it has waged.

In the place of the notable horn, four other notable horns arise (verse 8), and out of them comes the little horn, (verse 9).

Time is short friend. Get right with God. Get ready for the greatest time of trouble ever known to mankind.

God bless all,

Ron Beaulieu