Karl Wagner's Diabolical Lying Misrepresentation

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Dear Reader,

Inspiration says that those who do not accept the truth will be found to be without integrity.  Ellen White was thus misrepresented by men like Dudley Canright and others who willfully distorted and misrepresented her teachings.  That is par for the course of anyone who is teaching pure truth.

I have been a member of Karl’s Wagner’s forum for a number of years now.  I have never held anything back. Karl knows exactly what I have taught.  He well knows that I have taught Selected Messages, Bk. 1, 204-5 over and over on his forum.  In regard to that reference, Ellen White said that a New Movement—New Organization would be formed “AMONG” Seventh-day Adventists.  She said that new movement would be part of the Omega of Apostasy.  I have taught since 1986, that we were not to join any New Movement just because Satan comes in “among” us and forms one that removes God.

This past week (Feb. 27, 06), Karl began to accuse me on his forum of teaching that Adventists were never to organize at all.  My wife, members of my church group, and all who have read my Website over the years know that I have never taught any such thing!  That is a diabolical lie now being taught by Karl Wagner.

We were told never to join ANY New Movement.  So Satan came in and formed one “among” SDA’s beginning in the early 1930’s.  That is the ONLY New Movement, New Organization, that I have ever opposed as regards professing Seventh-day Adventists.  God’s people should have been awake to the formation of the New Omega of Apostasy Movement—Organization.  But they were fast asleep, and thus changed leaders without being the wiser.

I have never opposed organization of the SDA church in 1863.  I would never differ with Ellen White and the pioneers in their decision to organize.  Indeed, Laodicea is one of the seven churches of Revelation 2 and 3, and thus she was destined to organize just as the original Laodicean church, circa Christ’s day organized.  Never in my live have I even conceived of opposing that organization of the church. 

This past week, Karl Wagner compared me to Snook and Brinkerhoff, two early Adventists who opposed church organization in 1863, and opposed the gift of Ellen White.  I have never done either, and yet this diabolical lie is now being taught by Karl Wagner on his forum, and God knows where else!

Karl twists my words that we should NEVER have joined a New Movement—New Organization that formed “among,” WITHIN the professing SDA church beginning in the 1930’s, to try to make me appear to be saying that the SDA church should never have organized and no one should ever have joined it in 1863.  That is to date the most diabolical lie ever told about me to my knowledge.  It appears that Karl Wagner has adopted the principle believed by Adolph Hitler, when he said that the bigger the lie, the more likely the masses would believe it!

Also, because I quote Ellen White in saying that the Laodicean state of the church is the foolish virgin state, and that if the church should become Laodicean, it would not stand in the favor of God any more than the fallen churches, Karl ASSUMES, that I am saying Adventists never should have joined the church because, according to Ellen White, it was Laodicea when it was formed in 1863, having first been labeled by Ellen White as Laodicean in 1856.

Neither Scripture nor Ellen White ever taught that there was no hope for Laodicea, but those of her who are saved must repent and buy what the message to Laodicea admonishes.  When they do that, they are no longer lukewarm Laodiceans.  However, she also meant that if the church should remain Laodicean and grow cold by forming an Omega of Apostasy New Movement Organization, that would removed God, then such a New Movement formed AMONG, WITHIN Laodicea would not be regarded by God with any more favor than the fallen churches.  Here are Ellen White’s statements concerning Laodicea:

 "The state of the Church represented by the foolish virgins, is also spoken of as the Laodicean state." E. G. White,  Review and Herald Articles,  Vol. 2, 420.


“The Testimony For The Church—The Laodicean Church—What greater deception can come upon human minds than a confidence that they are right when they are ALL WRONG?”  Testimonies, Vol. 3, pp. 253, 254.


"If the church of God becomes LUKEWARM [LAODICEAN] it does not stand in favor with God any more than do the churches that are represented as having fallen and become the habitation of devils and the hold of every foul spirit and the cage of every unclean and hateful bird. Those who have had opportunities to hear and receive the truth, and who have united with the Seventh-day Adventist church, calling themselves the commandment keeping people of God, and yet possess no more vitality and consecration to God than do the nominal churches, will receive of the plagues of God just as verily as the churches who oppose the law of God."  E.G. White, Letter 35, 1898.


The church left the Laodicean state in 1893, for Ellen White said in July of that year that the church was keeping the commandments of God and heeding the Laodicean message. The statement is from the same article Ellen White wrote to Stanton telling him he should not have called the church Babylon or any part of Babylon because it was THEN heeding the Laodicea message and keeping the commandments of God:


“The council of Christ to the Laodicean Church was being acted upon, and all who were feeling their poverty were buying gold (faith and love), white raiment (the righteousness of Christ), and eyesalve (true spiritual discernment). E. G. White, Review and Herald Articles, Vol. 6, p. 513.  All parenthesis emphasis by Ellen White.


All I can do is tell you on my salvation, before the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, that I have never taught any such thing, and one can comb my Website in vain for such a teaching.  It is remarkable what Laodiceans will do to discredit the truth when they become desperate enough.

I would take this opportunity to request that if any of you should hear a rumor concerning me that you will act in a Christian manner to inform me and give me opportunity to confirm or discredit such, since it now appears that the dirty, damnable, and diabolical misrepresentations have well begun.


Ron Beaulieu

P.S.  I hereby certify before God that my husband, Ron Beaulieu, has never taught that the SDA church should not have been organized in 1863.  He has and does teach that we should not join an Omega of Apostasy New Movement—New Organization that removes God, per Ellen White’s statement in Selected Messages, Bk. 1, 204-5.

Signed:_Shirley Beaulieu