SDAIssues Group Discussion on Karl Kime's Ruse

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Dear Reader,


The following discussion of Karl Kime’s hoax took place this a.m. on

That is a good forum that you should join.  Brandon is a Catholic, who is responding to Karl Kime.  Karl Wagner, the owner of the forum, then responds to Brandon’s post and says that he “doubts” that he can let this activity of Kime continue.  There are others on the forum who have participated in Karl Kime’s ruse and should also be put in “doubt.” 


karl_kime wrote:
I wanted to see how much of a Prophet Ron Beaulieu is. Since he
claims to be a prophet, he should have known there is no court case
against him. This false prophet can't even see that a hoax has been perpetrated on him, some prophet!


--- In, Brandon Ogden <sda2rc@... wrote:


How does someone not being all knowing make them not a prophet. Now I certainly do not believe that Ron is a prophet, but I think your "test",  was cruel and hardly intended to find out if he was a prophet. You know  as well as I do that the gift of prophecy does not include omniscience.  Nor does discernment of truth require being cruel.

Karl Kime


I concur with you Brandon. Karl Kime has joined and rejoined the forum on a number of occasions in the last few days. He joins to make some quick posts and then leaves and rejoins at a later time. His actions are not those of a stable person and I doubt I can let this continue. The focus of our group is to allow honest debate and discussion without threat of reprisal, not childish pranks. I think
I've let Karl Kime go on long enough to expose himself for what he is by his continued and consistent actions.

Karl Wagner
Owner SDAIssues


Ron’s response.  I am not going to defend my role as a prophet except to say that the Lord has shown me things that the greatest minds in Adventism should have seen years ago.  Make no mistake here.  I trust God’s timetable for revealing truth.  But I also know that if the church had been faithful, the dumb-dog watchmen of Isaiah 56:10-12, would have decades ago, been shown the same truth God has shown to me.


Also, I do not expect an Adventist turned Catholic, such as Brandon Ogden is, to discern the spirit of prophecy if it was proffered him by Jesus Christ Himself.  Neither do I expect much more from any confirmed New Movement Seventh-day Adventist.  No more than I would expect more from their leader, Satan.


I wish publicly thank Brandon for his stating of the truth concerning Karl Kime’s childish prank.  Karl Wager did not respond to the Adventists who support me on the forum.  But he did respond to the criticism of a Catholic.  Interesting!  But I really expect no more from Laodiceans, whom Ellen White defines as foolish virgins.


This prompts me to ponder just how serious it is that Ezekiel 5 says that Jerusalem is worse than the nations (other churches), and that she violates God’s principles and statues more than all others.  This accords with Ellen White’s statement that the church is worse than the pagans:


Worse than Babylon -- "God's professed people are selfish and self-caring....They are idolaters, and are worse, in the sight of God, than the heathen, graven-image worshippers who have had no knowledge of a better way." Testimonies, Vol. 2, 441-442.



When the voice of Catholic reasoning is the ONLY voice an SDA will listen to, that is proof that Ellen White was right!


God bless,