ALERT:  This AM Wall-Street in a Major Panic....


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Dear Friends,

The following email was sent to me this September 15, 2008, by Christine Guardo.



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From: Christine Guardo


Sent: Monday, September 15, 2008 8:46 AM

Subject: [TheAdventTimes] ALERT: This AM Wall-Street in a Major Panic....


Friends and Family/Brothers and Sisters:

I have been telling you that reliable sources have been warning us for several months now that between September 15 - 30th, our Economy is supposed to bust...Well, today is September 15th.  Let me share with you what the News was blasting as MAJOR HEADLINES today...

#1.  Wall Street is in a Major Panic Mode This AM

#2.  One of Worse weekends ever for Financial History

#3.  DOW down more than 300

#4...After 158 yrs, Lehman Brothers is shut down...Bank of America had to walk away from Lehman Brothers in telling it it cannot help..

#5. 3 out of the 5 Major Financial Markets/Banks for Wall Street went belly up this weekend....Only 2 left (Goldman Sacks and Morgan Stanley)

#6.  AIG (Major Insurance Company) is Teetering on edge.....Struggling $40,000,000 to stay afloat (I have AIG...shows you how big it really is, because I don't live in the Largest city of US)

#7.  1.2 Trillion in Assets at stake at Wall Street...