Wally’s Response to an SDA Who Converted to Catholicism


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Dear Reader,

What follows is a response from Wally to sda2rc, an SDA who converted to Catholicism. I thought it was a good response and Wally gave me permission to share it with you. If you have something you would like to share on this Website, please submit it to rsbeauli@telusplanet.net


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Sda2rc wrote:


“EGW did not meet the test of a prophet.. and the stories about her are about as reliable as those about Joseph Smith.”


So, you believe that EGW is not reliable and you replace her for such a prophet like Father Don Stefano Gobbi? Or maybe for Bernadette Soubirous, father Maximilian Kolbe, sister Faustina, sister Agnes Sasagawa, mother Elena Aiello etc., etc., and you believe that they are reliable?


I truly can't understand how anyone especially an ex-Adventist can replace her for someone else's unreliable visions, appearances, messages, predictions, warnings, interpretations, weeping statues and bleeding icons, miraculous spring waters, spinning dances of the sun and eclipses of the moon and many other things:-(


EGW prophecies are available to read to everyone but Catholic prophecies are very often secret and unrevealed to believers like secrets of Fatima.

EGW writings are to lead men and women to Jesus Christ (Christ-centered), while Catholics writing lead to Mary.

In the Pope's encyclical "Redemptoris Mater", he quotes a startling message that Mary gave to Father Gobbi on July 30, 1986, in which she said:


"This is the moment for all to take REFUGE IN ME, BECAUSE I AM THE ARK OF NEW COVENANT."

As you can see, Mary has claimed to be our REFUGE, but the Bible in Psalm 91:1,2 says; "He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord , HE IS MY REFUGE and fortress; my God; in HIM WILL I TRUST".


In a message dated September 8, 1989, to the Marian Movement of Priests, Mary explained about the mark of the beast, she says, : "If my Adversary is signing, with his mark, all his followers, the time has come when I also your heavenly leader am signing, with my MOTHERLY SEAL, all those who have consecrated themselves to my Immaculate Heart and have formed part of my army."


"All my children will receive and carry the sign of the cross on their foreheads. This sign only my chosen ones will see. These chosen ones will be instructed by MY angels how to conduct themselves".


Here is something that is very interesting. "Mary, as the second Eve... what Lucifer has lost by pride, Mary has gained by humility. What Eve has damned and lost by disobedience, Mary has saved by obedience. Eve, in obeying the serpent, has destroyed all her children together with herself, and has delivered them to him (Satan); Mary in being perfectly faithful to God, has saved all her children".


From this you can see Mary as OUR SAVIOUR! But what about Jesus. The Bible nowhere says that Mary is the second Eve. The Bible teaches us that Jesus is our Saviour, and He is the second Adam. What the first Adam lost the second restored. Through His humiliation, obedience, love and death, he is our Saviour. Mary was only a blessed tool, but not the main object in the plan of salvation. As Peter says: "Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved". (Acts 4:12)


Sda2rc and M_______ [another SDA cho converted to Catholicism] can you finally see how the devil is counterfeiting everything that belongs to Jesus?


On January 24, 1984, Mary said to Father Gobbi; "I am always among you." But in the Bible, Matthew 28:20, Jesus said: "I am with you always even unto the end of the world."


Who is telling the truth???

Do you see how Satan removes Jesus and puts himself in His place?


John Paul 2 confirmed Mary's vital role in the preparation of the people of God for Christ's second coming through her special intercession, and as the "Mediatrix of mercy". "As Advocate, Mary brings to God the petitions of the People of God."


But the Bible in 1 Timothy 2:5 says: "For there is one God, and ONE MEDIATOR between God and men, the Man CHRIST JESUS". The bible teaches there is only one Mediator. Satan wants to remove Jesus as the advocate from the mind of people and have them pray to Mary.


Do you know that the saying of the rosary is a very vital part of Catholic worship.  Rosary  is a string of fifty small beads - separated by four large beads and a crucifix. As the small beads are touched, the worshiper says a "Hail, Mary." On the large beads the Lord's prayer is prayed. On the crucifix the Apostles creed is recited. The Rosary does tell us that Mary is a  the center of Catholic worship!  For example, on October 8, 1984, Our Lady appeared to the Medjugorje visionary, she said: "Dear children...recite the rosary each evening". On August 8, 1985, Mary instructed, "Dear children, today I call you especially now to advance against Satan by means of prayer. Satan wants to work still more now that you know he is at work. Dear children, put on the armour for battle and with the rosary in your hands, defeat him."


As you see, Satan personates Mary and gives a warning against himself, but gives a wrong weapon (rosary).

Mary says: "The only weapon which will remain for you will be the rosary. Pray very much the prayers of the rosary. I alone am able to save you from calamities which approach. Those who place their confidence in me will be saved".

Do you see what is the main deception? Satan wants to remove Jesus as our Saviour from the people's mind, heart and faith.


Mary's messages are from a spiritualistic source. Behind this is Satan himself who personates Mary. It is the masterpiece of Satan's deception but in his 'crowning act in the drama of deception, Satan himself will personate Christ' in a false second coming, just before the true. (The Great Controversy, p.624) Believe EGW or not but remember that Mary's predictions are only counterfeitings and already failed in many areas. For example Mary said to Lucia that "Lucia would live to see the fulfilment of all the messages." She is now dead and the messages are not yet fulfilled. Another one:


"After pope John 23, there will be three more popes, one will reign only a short time and then it will be the end of times". We don't have 'end time' yet but have another (fourth) pope witch is Benedict 16.


Listen to what Mary said to Father Gobbi in December, 1994. This is very important: "I confirm to you that, by the great jubilee of the year 2000, there will take place the triumph of my Immaculate Heart, of which I foretold you at Fatima, and this will come to pass with the return of Jesus in glory  to establish his reign in the world. What will come to pass is something so very great that it will exceed anything that has taken place since the beginning of the world."


I could quote much, much more of this stuff but this should be enough for you to understand that Catholicism has no great deal in common with true Christianity. I believe that you should choose this day whom you will serve whether the God of the Bible or Mary which says: "I am your refuge and ark, I am sealing you by my motherly seal. I am your advocate and intercessor before God. I am the Mother of the body of Christ. I am the Mother of the Church". Hope you see that Mary has usurped that which belongs only to Jesus?