Rome's Whitewashing of History

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'Purification of Memory'--a Vatican Euphemism for the Whitewashing of History

By Professor Arthur Noble. Published on 8 March 2001, originally published on 17 April 2000. Republished by permission.


An interesting term was used by the Pope in his "Day of Pardon" presentation in St. Peter's Basilica on March 12, 2000: 'purification of memory'. It first appeared in the Bull of Indiction of the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000 (Incarnationis mysterium), dated November 29, 1998. The same term is purposefully employed again in the study Memory and Reconciliation: The Church and the Faults of the Past, which was proposed to the International Theological Commission by its President, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, in December, 1999. Ratzinger himself provides the following definition:

"This purification aims at liberating personal and communal conscience from all forms of resentment and violence that are the legacy of past faults, through a renewed historical and theological evaluation of such events. This should lead--if done correctly--to a corresponding recognition of guilt and contribute to the path of reconciliation. Such a process can have a significant effect on the present, precisely because the consequences of past still make themselves felt and can persist as tensions in the present. The purification of memory is thus 'an act of courage and humility in recognising the wrongs done by those who have borne or bear the name of Christian'."

What this carefully concocted gibberish really means is that the 'heretics' whom the Church of Rome is in the vigorous process of embracing through the Ecumenical Movement, with the ultimate purpose of subjugating them to the Pope, are being asked to forget the atrocities which she committed against them in the past. Having feigned remorse, while in actual fact apologising for nothing and still claiming her inerrant supremacy, she is now continuing her age-old tactic of whitewashing the facts of history. The atrocities of the past are to be re-designated as "faults" and subjected to a new "historical and theological" evaluation.

Had the Judge's verdict in the failed libel case against American scholar Deborah Lipstadt for her book Denying the Holocaust applied to the Church of Rome instead of historian David Irving, it could not have been formulated better:

"[. . .] motivated by a desire to present events in a manner consistent with his own ideological beliefs, even if that involved distortion and manipulation of historical evidence."

These words also provide an accurate description of the consistent and unchanging ethos of Rome herself. The principles of the Papacy, like German Nazism whose dictator confessed to admiring and appropriating them, make little or no distinction between fact and fiction. They obscure historical truth in a mist of mystery and superstition, so that myth becomes accepted as truth and truth subsequently becomes obliterated. They reject historical reality and attempt to re-mythologise history in order to make it fit the idolatry and superstitions of traditional Papal dogma.

The Vatican even forges its own history in order to perpetuate the fantasy of 'apostolic succession', as, for instance, in the case of the 66 frauds needed to make up the line of succession of Popes between the years 193 and 1534; and, of course, the whole system of Romanist dogma is a falsification of the Gospel. Hence the Church of Rome not only is a lie, but knowingly lives and teaches a lie.

The slogan 'Truth through repetition' (Wahrheit durch Wiederholung) was often used in the context of the politics of the former East Germany to indicate how a lie, if repeated often enough, came to be accepted as truth. It took only a few decades for that particular lie to be exposed. On the other hand, the systematic brainwashing ingrained through more than a millennium of repetition of Romanist false dogma still persists. Truth has been forgotten: the lie has become the new "truth". It is significant that the Pope referred to "violence in the service of truth" (emphasis mine), whereas the violence was perpetrated in the service of Rome's doctrinal lies.

Such "manipulation of historical evidence" is the underlying spirit of the Pope's 14-page so-called "confession", which merely describes "sins of omission" --i.e., not what the Roman Church actually did, but only what she failed to do! --and there is still total failure to take responsibility for the doctrinal anti--Semitism that paved the way for Nazi anti--Semitism and enabled Roman Catholics to participate in the Holocaust--not only in Germany, but more especially in places like Lithuania and Croatia.

The truth, however, can never be destroyed. The facts of history cannot be altered: they can be obscured, manipulated, distorted and falsified, but they cannot be changed. The Pope's attempt at "purification of memory"--to lessen, distort, ignore and thus expel from remembrance the sins and crimes of his Church--must fail.

How can any honest self-professing "penitent" Pope have glossed over his predecessors' pogroms against the Jews? (It was the Vatican's own 'Monsignor' Tiso, Head of the Slovak State, who delivered the first trainload of Jews to Auschwitz.) How can he have failed to mention the Crusades against Islam; the hundreds of thousands of auto da f victims in the Middle Ages burned as witches; the brutality and torture of the centuries-long Inquisitions; the slaughter of the Protestant martyrs; the Roman Catholic Ustashi who carried out the 'Quiet Holocaust' of Serbs and Jews in the Vatican's puppet Nazi State of Croatia; the disappearance of loved-ones in countries run by Roman Catholic bishops and generals; the countless political assassinations aimed at imposing the will of the Vatican upon the civil governments of the world; the genocide perpetrated by Roman Catholics in Rwanda; the mad monks led by Saint Cyril, the patron saint of arsonists, who burned the Great Library at Alexandria and destroyed 600,000 volumes of knowledge of the ancient world--surely the greatest crime of vandalism in the history of mankind; the Counter-Reformation which resulted in the death of half of Germany's population; the slave-trade of which the Roman Catholic Church was an instigator and promoter; the destruction, rape and pillage of the native peoples of the Americas, the eradication of their cultures and the imposition of Popery upon them; the almost successful attempt, commemorated by a medal, to murder every Protestant in France; the knowledge that the so-called Donation of Constantine was a forgery and that Pope Adrian IV did not own Ireland and had no right to give it to England; the deliberate forgery and falsification of documents for centuries, even during John Paul II's own incumbency when Nazis were enabled to obtain Vatican passports and flee from Europe to escape prosecution for their crimes; the castration of male children to make them into Papal singers; the paedophile priests; the hunger of the Third World, due, principally, to Papal decrees on birth control? Truly, "[. . .] her judgment reacheth unto heaven." (Jer. 51:9).

Is the world blind? Can a Church devoted to such devilry by any stretch of the imagination lay claim to being the one selected by our Lord Jesus Christ to run the world until His return?

When Rabbi Dr. Jonathan Romain, the son of a Holocaust survivor, heard the verdict against David Irving, he described it as "a defeat for the Holocaust denial industry and the bigotry that lies behind it" as well as "a victory for six million voices that cannot speak for themselves". The Church of Rome, by the same token, is today busily engaged in an Inquisition denial industry, but the coming victory of the hundred million voices slaughtered by her evil hand is as sure as the smoke of her burning will ascend to Heaven.


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