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Catholic Info

Mark Loizeaux, an expert on demolition and whose company was assigned the .....
As a Catholic, my conspiracy-theory goes much farther back than 9/11, ...

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9/11 was a massive psy-op perpetrated on the entire populace of the world. A demoralizing spectacle that was purposely badly staged, so that everyone would know the official story was nonsense. But to know is one thing, and to interiorly acknowledge is another. Meaning that the devil's bold tactic with 9/11 was to show you that he existed, unequivocally, and that he has full control of your government and media, right down to the friendly faces on your local Channel 5 news, and can do whatever he likes to you -- knowing that you would be so traumatized that you would instantly go into denial. Why is that important? Because denial makes you COMPLICIT in his crimes, a silent supporter. This is how humanity has been body-snatched and turned into conscienceless, sleeping drones, drooling vegetable matter that lives feebly off the ghostly blue glow from the television.

But perhaps the greatest trick behind 9-11 is ultimately how insignificant it is, compared to the sacrifice of so many millions of lives in staged wars like World War II, where both sides were controlled by the Judeo-Masonic likes of Hitler and Roosevelt, not to mention in the Communist death camps, or in abortion clinics across the world. 9/11, in comparison to these gourmet courses of diabolical cunning, was nothing but a high-tech after-dinner espresso of death and destruction. I'm sorry if my gallows humor seems inappropiate -- but you should know I am not laughing.

The reactions to 9/11 have mostly gone two ways:

( a ) Going into denial and getting all rah-rah about the zombified wasteland of America, another tragic hoax of the ancient serpent premised on the separation of Church and state, as well as on the "rule of the people," "human rights," "liberty" and "freedom," and thus poisoned since its inception with insane Freemasonic heresy that has seeped into the pores of even our best and brightest ( except me obviously, who is neither and can't even get a job, the reason, of course, why I'm so paranoid and unhappy! )

( b ) Adhering to various "truth" movements none of which have anything to do with Catholicism, and lead people in Sisyphean circles. As if getting to the bottom of 9/11 gives you possession of "truth."

As a Catholic, my conspiracy-theory goes much farther back than 9/11, right to the secret societies, infiltration of the Church, the various ways that the monarchies and Catholic republics were brought down by subterfuge and war, and to the Freemasonic founding of our own Babylonian nation. 9/11 was a spectacular show of Satanic might, but the real work had already been done. Now the devil can just sit back and reap his greatest harvest, until God directly intervenes, which I hope He'll do soon ( and with extreme prejudice ).

Next up? My prediction: Pointless civil wars and endless revolution like in South America, perhaps spearheaded by the likes of Alex Jones to restore our "constitutional rights." I have a feeling even most Catholics will fall for this trap, considering their survivalist, gun-nut ethos. As for me, I'm waiting around and doing penance, pretty much. I have been born in a time where there is really nothing to do except observe the lowest point in Church history, google-eyed in horror.

If I were a man of less faith I'd even say there is no chance for escape. But then, walking on water is our job as Catholics. God will pull us through, I just don't know how.  

Complete Collapse

The ruins of the Oklahoma City federal building, ripped open by a bomb and left tottering precariously until the dead were removed, are etched in the American mind.

When the signal finally came to destroy the remains of the building, a UTK alumnus' company did the job.

Controlled Demolition Inc. collapsed the Murrah Building with less than 100 pounds of dynamite placed strategically at 200 points in the superstructure. The job was typical of the delicate, dangerous work Mark Loizeaux (Knoxville '71), his brother Doug, and their father, John D., do. The company is headquartered in Phoenix, Maryland.

The federal building demolition was more dangerous than most of Controlled Demolition's jobs because the remains were so unstable. The company's workers partially rebuilt some areas of the building to help con-trol the collapse. And unlike the April 19 bomb blast that shattered windows a mile away, the demolition operation barely vibrated nearby buildings.

John D. founded CDI in the late 1940s. In 1960, at age 11, Mark began learning the business from his father and eight years later became the nation's youngest blaster.

When John D. was injured in an accident, 18-year-old Mark interrupted his pursuit of an architecture degree at UTK and returned home to run the family business. After his father recovered, Mark re-enrolled, this time majoring in business. Soon after he graduated, he became president of CDI.

Mark supervises the company's contracts, insurance, and engineering and takes charge of some field operations. His brother, Doug, is vice president responsible for field operations and personnel. He personally packed explosives in the Oklahoma City federal building.

Stacey Loizeaux, Mark's daughter, is a licensed blaster and frequently a project manager. She was born in Knoxville while her dad attended UTK.

CDI has brought down many well known structures including the Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas and the Andrew Jackson in Nashville. The Sheikh A. Akakl Center in Saudi Arabia, part of which collapsed during construction, was another of CDI's big blows. A company brochure says CDI brought down the remainder of the building without damaging facilities just two feet away on two sides. -- Bob Gilbert

Tennessee Alumnus, Fall 1995

"I'd make a great terrorist."
Mark Loizeaux, owner of Controlled Demolition Inc, who was paid a $3-billion government contract to "demolish" World Trade Center "after" 9/11/2001, bomber of Oklahoma City federal building, "Summer of Destruction 2001" bomber of in History Channel's http://piratenews.org/video-avatar.gifWrecking Ball, 70,000 other government buildings, graduate of University of Tennessee College of Civil Engineering at Knoxville, http://piratenews.org/video-avatar.gifBBC TV: Conspiracy Files 9/11 The Third Tower, July 2008

Controlled Demolition Inc was paid a $3-billion government contract to "demolish" World Trade Center "after" 9/11/2001, along with Knoxville-owned Oklahoma City bombing partner Browning Ferris Industries (BFI):

Re: And now, the inevitable question - who dunnit?






Here is the payoff for months of patient detective work sifting through documents and videos on line - the scoop on the smoking gun which wired the World Trade Center buildings 1, 2, and 7 for demolition, and cleaned up the rubble immediately afterwards, according to Controlled Demolition's meticulous attention to details, both technical and legal follow up details as today's posts have documented:


Anthony Hilder recorded a testimony of a demolition company worker which imploded the King Dome in Seattle, confessing that it was his company which demolished the World Trade Center towers (What really happened on 9/11 Anthony Hilder)

The Seattle Kingdome

On March 26, 2000, the firm used 4,450 pounds of dynamite placed in 5,905 carefully sited holes and 21.6 miles (34.8 km) of detonation cord inserted over a period of four months to take down the 25,000-ton concrete roof of the Kingdome in Seattle, Washington in 16.8 seconds, one day before the 24th birthday of the stadium that had been the home of the Seattle Mariners of Major League Baseball and the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League. The total cost for the demolition project was $9 million.[5] The firm carefully planned the collapse of the roof to prevent its simultaneous free fall, creating a delay pattern that would break the roof into pieces and setting up 15-foot-high earth berms on the floor of the stadium to absorb the impact of the falling concrete. The demolition of the Kingdome established the record for the largest structure, by volume, ever demolished with explosives. The implosion of the 125,000-ton concrete structure did not cause a single crack in the foundation of the new stadium being built 90 feet (27 m) away.[6]



The taped testimony of the Controlled Demolitions, Inc. employee confession that it was his company (that did the King Dome demolition in Seattle) that demolished the World Trade Center towers is near the end of the following 1o minute video clip - be patient, and listen carefully, in light of the King Dome demolition record above, and all of the preceding Loizeaux data:

What really happened on 9/11? - Anthony Hilder