Impossible to Proclaim Three Angels' Messages in Fallen Churches Without Watering Down

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"Then I got up and told my vision about Brother Baker and Hart and others. I never had it in a more clear manner. I told Brother Baker, his going to the churches to proclaim the third angel's message was all wrong, that he had to tame down that message or he could not have got into the churches, and that he had been talking the children's bread and giving it to DOGS. I told him just how his case was shown to me, and also told them all that the messengers of God should be perfectly united in their views of Bible truth and should consult with each other, and should not advance any new view until they first went to the messengers and examine those views with the Bible, and if they were correct let all the messengers spread them, and if they were error lay them to one side. Then the gospel seed would be sown in union and raised in strength; and all the messengers East and West, North and South, would be telling the same story." E.G. White Manuscript Releases Volume Three, pr. 3, p. 401-2.