Art Abbott’s Total Misrepresentation of a Direct Statement by Ellen G. White! This is Incredible!



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This document exposes one of the most diabolical misrepresentations of Ellen G. White that I have ever seen in my 70 years! Art Abbott makes the following statement on his Website

Sabbath March 31.2, 2012

Early this morning while studying I found an astonishing sentence. Here it is.

“Sister White is not the originator of these books.” Review & Herald, January 20, 1903.

The article is titled, “An Open Letter From Mrs. E. G. White to All Who Love the Blessed Hope.”

I immediately called Verne Bates and told him. He then reported it first thing on his church phone conference call, as he had never read it before.

The article discusses the books, “Christ’s Object Lessons,” “Patriarchs and Prophets,” “Great Controversy,” and “Desire of Ages,” and goes on to state in one sentence, “Sister White is not the originator of these books.”

No doubt a thousand explanations exist for this, but we think it is pretty accurate!! No true prophet ever will contradict the Bible. These books were created by Willie and his team.

Never stop proving all things


Ron responds: There are not a thousand explanations! There is ONE EXPLANATION! Art takes the comment totally out of context! The person Art sent his comment to is a theology professor with his doctorate. No person with a third grade education would take a sentence out of a paragraph and interpret it totally out of context with the very next sentence, but that is what Art Abbott has done!

Art Abbott and Vern Bates would have you believe that Ellen White was a false prophet concerning Kellogg and that God could preserve Scripture for thousands of years, but He couldn’t preserve Ellen White’s writings, the gift of prophecy for even a century and a half!  Preposterous! Blasphemy!

I have the entire set of the Review and Herald articles and I can verify that the following article is just as it appears in the originals and at the White Estate writings of Ellen G. White. Here is the full context, the entire article, which Art Abbott totally misrepresents on his Website above. No SDA leader has ever made as evil a misrepresentation of a direct Ellen G. White statement as does one Art Abbott. Ellen White said that those who apostatize will exhibit a lack of integrity, and I have never seen any more of a lack of integrity than Art Abbott exhibits in his misrepresentation of Ellen White’s own pen written statement. I will highlight it in the full article below. How any man could be so satanically devious and so blatantly, is beyond me! This is almost incredible! In light of such a blatant exhibition of obvious willful deception, it is one of the best endorsements Art Abbott can give me to call me a false prophet on his Website. This proof will disclose to all who the false prophet really is!

You can check out the statement at the White Estate at this link: Or ask anyone who has photo copies of the original Review and Herald Articles, as I do.


Review and Herald Articles

January 20, 1903 p. 486

First penned at “Elmshaven” St. Helena Ca., Dec. 6, 1902

Ellen G. White


Dear Brethren and Sisters,


“The new year is just before us, and plans should be laid for earnest, persevering effort in the Master’s service. There is much to be done to advance the work of God. I have been instructed that the canvassing work is to be revived, and that it is to be carried forward with increasing success. It is the Lord’s work, and a blessing will attend those who engage in it with earnestness and diligence. {RH January 20, 1903, Art. B, par. 4}


I thank my Heavenly Father for the interest that my brethren and sisters have taken in the circulation of “Christ’s Object Lessons.” By the sale of this book great good has been accomplished, and the work should be continued. But the efforts of our people should not be confined to this one book. The work of the Lord includes more than one line of service. “Christ’s Object Lessons” is to live and do its appointed work, but not all the thought and effort of God’s people are to be given to its circulation. The larger books, “Patriarchs and Prophets,” “Great Controversy,” and “Desire of Ages,” should be sold everywhere. These books contain truth for this time,—truth that is to be proclaimed in all parts of the world. Nothing is to hinder their sale. {RH January 20, 1903, Art. B, par. 5}


The effort to circulate “Christ’s Object Lessons” has demonstrated what can be done in the canvassing field. This effort is a never-to-be-forgotten lesson on how to canvass in the prayerful, trustful way that brings success. {RH January 20, 1903, Art. B, par. 6}


Many more of our larger books might have been sold if church members had been awake to the importance of the truths these books contain, and had realized their responsibility to circulate them. My brethren and sisters, will you not now make an effort to circulate these books? and will you not bring into this effort the enthusiasm that you brought into the effort to sell “Christ’s Object Lessons”? In selling this book many have learned how to handle the larger books. They have obtained an experience that has prepared them to enter the canvassing field. {RH January 20, 1903, Art. B, par. 7}


Sister White is not the originator of these books. They contain the instruction that during her life-work God has been giving her. They contain the precious, comforting light that God has graciously given his servant to be given to the world. From their pages this light is to shine into the hearts of men and women, leading them to the Saviour. The Lord has declared that these books are to be scattered throughout the world. There is in them truth which to the receiver is a savor of life unto life. They are silent witnesses for God. In the past they have been the means in his hands of convicting and converting many souls. Many have read them with eager expectation, and, by reading them, have been led to see the efficacy of Christ’s atonement, and to trust in its power. They have been led to commit the keeping of their souls to their Creator, waiting and hoping for the coming of the Saviour to take his loved ones to their eternal home. In the future, these books are to make the gospel plain to many others, revealing to them the way of salvation. {RH January 20, 1903, Art. B, par. 8}


The Lord has sent his people much instruction, line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, and there a little. Little heed is given to the Bible, and the Lord has given a lesser light to lead men and women to the greater light. O, how much good would be accomplished if the books containing this light were read with a determination to carry out the principles they contain! There would be a thousandfold greater vigilance, a thousandfold more self-denial and resolute effort. And many more would now be rejoicing in the light of present truth. {RH January 20, 1903, Art. B, par. 9}


My brethren and sisters, work earnestly to circulate these books. Put your hearts into this work, and the blessing of God will be with you. Go forth in faith, praying that God will prepare hearts to receive the light. Be pleasant and courteous. Show by a consistent course that you are true Christians. Walk and work in the light of heaven, and your path will be as the path of the just, shining more and more unto the perfect day. {RH January 20, 1903, Art. B, par. 10}


Take the books to business men, to teachers of the gospel, whose minds have not been called to the special truths for this time. The message is to be given “in the highways,”—to men who take an active part in the world’s work, to the teachers and leaders of the people. Thousands can be reached in the most simple, humble way. The most intellectual, those who are looked upon as the world’s most gifted men and women, are often refreshed by the simple words of one who loves God, and who can speak of that love as naturally as the worldling speaks of the things that interest him most deeply. Often the words well prepared and studied have but little influence. But the true, honest expression of a son or daughter of God, spoken in natural simplicity, has power to open the door to hearts that have long been closed against Christ and his love. {RH January 20, 1903, Art. B, par. 11}


Let no one think that he is at liberty to fold his hands and do nothing. That any one can be saved in indolence and inactivity is an utter impossibility. Think of what Christ accomplished during his earthly ministry. How earnest, how untiring, were his efforts! He allowed nothing to turn him aside from the work given him. Are we following in his footsteps? He gave up all to carry out God’s plan of mercy for the fallen race. In the fulfillment of the purpose of heaven, he became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross. He had had no communion with sin, had known nothing of it; but he came to this world, and took upon his sinless soul the guilt of sinful man, that sinners might stand justified before God. He grappled with temptation, overcoming in our behalf. The Son of God, pure and unsullied, bore the penalty of transgression, and received the stroke of death that brought deliverance to the race.” {RH January 20, 1903, Art. B, par. 12} End of E.G. White article.


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