Abortionists are  Comfortable

With SDA Hospitals

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A dubious "credit" to an Adventist Hospital




Two Maryland hospitals, Holy Cross and AdventistHealthCare, have submitted bids to run a new facility in northern Montgomery County; the former is Catholic and the latter is owned by the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Holy Cross is being opposed by feminists because it is anti-abortion


The comparison implied shows that feminists are comfortable with Adventist hospitals for they allow abortions.  Has the apostate daughter become worse than the Mother? Permit me to let Ellen White answer that question:


Worse than Babylon -- "God's professed people are selfish and self-caring....They are idolaters, and are worse, in the sight of God, than the heathen, graven-image worshippers who have had no knowledge of a better way." Testimonies, Vol. 2, 440-442.


The reason apostate SDA’s are worse is because they had a knowledge of a better way—they had access to the truth and violated it anyway. Pray tell, what consolation is it to professing SDA’s to adamantly maintain they are no part of Babylon, when their prophetess tells them they are worse? The ancient “chosen” Jews had the same problem. They were called the Synagogue of Satan by Jesus, after they had heard and rejected the truth. The Synagogue of Satan is no closer to attaining heaven than is Babylon for they are led by the same leader, but the Synagogue of Satan is actually worse because they were especially “chosen” of God, knew the truth, and rejected it anyway.