The SDA Church Versus

The World’s Accreditation Boards

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The church will not be able to choose what its educational facilities teach for that will be enforced by the Accreditation boards established by the government. If the church had not subscribed to the Accreditation boards in the early 1930’s and had conducted our educational facilities as schools of the prophets as Elijah did, and as missionary training institutions as Ellen White directed, we could have hastened the spread of the gospel and Jesus could have come sooner. But man did it his way! SDA leaders chose mammon and the means to procure the goods of mammon. Now the church is rich, increased with goods, in need of nothing. And what will it do in the end thereof?

The following commentary is by an SDA minister’s wife on an SDA Internet chat group.


Re: La Sierra College -- bad news.


La Sierra is not the only school with this problem of teachers leaning to wrong
ideas of our origins.
However, how this situation plays out with La Sierra will influence the
direction of our educational system in the other universities.

It has now entered legal fields where the church has to define their position to
the schools and who actually has the authority as to what is taught -- the
church or the accrediting boards.