Adventists as "Advisors" on Central Committee--Largest WCC Committee

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50th Meeting of the World Council of Churches
Central Committee
August 26 - September 3, 1999
Geneva, Switzerland

"Additional ADVISORS in Geneva, along with the World Vision representative, were those from the Assemblies of God, General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist, Young Women's Christian Association, and leaders from the Pontifical Council of Promoting Unity of the Roman Catholic Church. Numerous Roman Catholic leaders are serving on various WCC commissions and committees."

Omega Ministry Commentary: We have been told over and over again by SDA leaders that the church's only function at WCC meetings is only on an OBSERVER status. Being an ADVISOR on the largest committee of the World Council of Churches, its Central Committee, is not exactly OBSERVER STATUS!

Visible Unity--The Goal of the World Council of Churches

Central Committee Meeting of the World Council of Churches
Ecumenical Centre,
Geneva, Switzerland
September 14-22, 1995
Dr. Ralph G. Colas, Executive Secretary

"The World Council of Churches (WCC) ecumenical inclusiveness is severely limited without the full participation of the Roman Catholic Church along with Evangelical and Pentecostal churches was the message sounded forth by Dr. Konrad Raiser, WCC General Secretary, in his opening address at the Central Committee (CC) meeting of the WCC in Geneva.

Dr. Raiser went on to call for far reaching reform of church structure to bring the Roman Catholic Church closer to other Christian churches. Raiser recently had an audience with Pope John Paul II and related to the CC that 'in the Vatican, the WCC is being acknowledged primarily in its active commitment to the search for visible unity.'

The CC of the WCC is made up of the Who's Who in the ecumenical world. The 158-member CC is the main WCC decision-making body on policy matters between assemblies. In addition to the members present in Geneva there were several Roman Catholic observers along with 45 ADVISERS, which included the Salvation Army, World YWCA, Seventh Day Adventists, and the United Bible Society."