Satanís Plan for a Fake Alien Invasion

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This video depicts what is actually Satan's attempt to prepare the masses for what will be a manufactured global holographic alien invasion for the objective of convincing the world that we need a new world order that will set civilization back 150 years and return common folk to servility to the elite. The government will wage an actual battle against holographic images. The powers that be will have antidotes for themselves (and all who pay homage to them) for the viruses they will spread to decimate parts of the population that are not killed by the invasion war.


This will be Satan's attempt to cure the evils of so called progress that are destroying the earth and to implement martial law in order to control and "deal with" all who will not consent to the New World Order and the taking of the mark of the beast.


The holographic images will be projected from satellites. Huge masses of the world population will be killed and this is part of the plan for depopulation. Yes friends, we're talking Matthew 24:21, the worst time of trouble that has ever hit planet earth. Watch all three parts! This is what President Reagan said would unite the world and Satan's agents are in the process of implementing it. Ellen White said that we cannot imagine how bad this time will be and she was certainly correct!We need to pray, pray, pray and get right with God. Letís remember to pray for one another as well.


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