ANTIDOTE for Many Viruses Including Small Pox, Anthrax and Staph Infections

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We want to share a scientifically known ANTIDOTE for many viruses including Small Pox and Anthrax:

1) 1 oz of OREGANO OIL (medicinal-amber color)
2) 1 oz of THYME (White) OIL
3) tsp OLIVE OIL

Take two drops each of Oregano and Thyme oil along with the tsp Olive Oil and mix with a glass of water or put the drops into capsules (vegicap), add the Olive oil to the glass and take with water, once a day if you've been exposed to Anthrax or Small Pox.

This remedy is also good for Staph infections, colds and flu symptoms. Oregano alone, can wipe out 25 known viruses. It is 10 times more potent than antibiotics and we don't want to TAKE THE VACCINES!

For children, it's 1 drop per 50 lbs. body weight but not to exceed more than 3 drops of each herb in 24 hours for children or adults.

Contributed by
Rick Love, Master Herbalist

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