The Slander Connection and Apology of Robert Parker

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The thing which made Robert Parker's "warning" a slanderous one is that he maintained that I taught differently from Ellen White on the end-time context of Matthew 24:21, 22. He said that Ellen White applied that prophecy only to the 1260 day for a year historic period. I say "made" because Robert has now apologized for his erring statement. However, Robert is an Adventist of long-standing and he knew that SDAs believe that whoever does not speak according to the Law and the Testimony (the Spirit of Prophecy) is false and has no light in them. In stating that I spoke contrary to Ellen G. White on the issue, he was in effect calling me a false prophet by thusly implying so. However, even after apologizing for the 1260 day fiasco, Robert Parker is still calling me a false prophet because he believes I misinterpret and misapply E.G. White statements, to wit:

Robert Parker speaking (below) and still accusing me even after his apology which I include at the end of this document, so his accusation that I am a false prophet still stands:

"You say that I am ignoring Scripture and clear statements by Ellen White. I say that you are often misapplying and misinterpreting EGW statements. In the statement you present from Ellen White saying that the entire chapter 13 is a revelation of what will surely take place, verses 11, 15-17 are quoted. This should be and indication of what EGW means when she says that the entire chapter is a revelation of what will surely happen. She is speaking of what these beast powers WILL DO to the saints, not that every detail in the prophecy has a FUTURE application. The forty two months are IN THE PAST. Would you say that the wounding of one of the beasts HEADS in verse 3 is something that will happen again in the FUTURE?"


*********** REPLY SEPARATOR ***********

On 5/03/02 at 10:30 AM Ron Beaulieu wrote:

Robert, The reference you give is concerned that time will never again be a test, and that the three angel's messages should not be hung on time. That is extremely important, because one might not be living at the time the prophecy is fulfilled, and might be tempted to delay his/her response to truth until certain time frames are fulfilled or appear to be fulfilling. The statement has everything to do with the constant resetting of the 2300 day time. Ellen White was doing everything in her power to stop this foolishness. That is the express context of her statement that you make reference to. She told us to take time and circumstance into consideration, and you have despotically failed to do precisely that.
Revelation 13:3-7 cannot be butchered and taken out of sequence. It clearly depicts what will take place after the wound is healed. You are prepared to butcher the greater light, while you do the same to the lesser light by taking it out of context also. Again, I proffer Ellen White's own words:

"The Sabbath question will be the issue in the great conflict in which all the world will act a part. [Rev. 13:4-8, 10 quoted]. This ENTIRE CHAPTER is a revelation of WHAT WILL SURELY TAKE PLACE [FUTURE] [Rev. 13:11, 15-17 quoted] (MS 88, 1897). E.G. White Comments, SDA Bible Commentary, vol. 7, p. 979, col. 2.

The Wounding of the head is not something that will happen in the future, but we all know when the wounding of the head occurred and was healed, in 1927, when the Vatican was returned to the Pope. The 1260 days could reapply LITERALLY, without the prophetic time day for a year factor. That time could still be cut short as it was historically, so that no one could place any message as hung on time or based on time, because they would not know just how short God would cut the time in order to protect His elect.

Parker's Apology

Dear Ron,

You are correct, Ellen White does use Mathew 24:21 in connection with the coming Judgments of God during the plagues etc. I apologise for saying that she never did so. Actually, I remember having read that statement some time ago, and being puzzled by it at the time. However, it is not the primary application of the prophecy. It is clearly to locate where we are in the CHAIN of events leading up to the coming of Jesus. The same is true of the signs in the sun, moon and stars. We are aware that the sun moon and stars will be confounded a the end of time, but that is not the primary application of Matthew 24. Nevertheless, I was wrong in declaring that Ellen White never applied it to the future.

Ron's Reply

I personally believe that all prophecy that is fulfilled at the end-time is of primary application, and that any end-time prophesies that were applied historically were secondary in importance of application.