Warning to Get Out of the USA from A Sermon by AT Jones

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A Shocking and Sobering Warning to Get Out of the USA from A Sermon by AT Jones. 


“The day is coming when every Seventh-day Adventist in the United States (of America) would give everything that he has, and his life almost, if he could be outside the United States. Let me say that again.  I am speaking something now that interests every Seventh-day Adventist.  The day is coming, and is not far off, when every Seventh-day Adventist will wish to the depths of his (or her) soul that he were out of the United States: and multitudes will condemn themselves, and will fret themselves under the condemnation, that they did not go out of the United States WHEN THEY HAD A CHANCE.


“God set this country of the United States as the light to the world with the principles of God, for all mankind, and nations particularly.  Since these principles have been the place of refuge for all people to come hitherto, the place of the land of liberty and light, and blessing to mankind, the effect will be directly contrary hereafter, and the message of God is now to all nations, ENTER NOT INTO THE UNITED STATES; and those that are in it, GET OUT.   And this is God’s call to Seventh-day Adventists, to get out, cut loose, sell out, leave here; For the day is coming when you cannot sell, AND CANNOT LEAVE.”   


I have verified that this statement was taken from a sermon given by A.T. Jones on April 13, 1901 in Battle Creek, Michigan. It was published in the Gen. Conf. Bulletin of the Review & Herald on April 16, 1901. EGW did not make this statement nor did she contradict it or make any comment about it.  However, in light of what is now taking place in our nation at this time re: the removal of liberty and prophecies about coming persecution, imprisonment, torture and death it would seem logical to consider if there is any way to escape what seems inevitable.   EGW stated that Jones and Waggoner were “Messengers,” which means the Lord gave them special messages to deliver to His people.  Is this one of them that was ignored and possibly thought to be  radical in 1901?  Jesus warned His followers to escape from Jerusalem before it was destroyed.  And those who heeded His warning survived the terrible slaughter that took place in AD 70.  Is this a warning for us today?  I believe it is something we should be thinking about and praying about very seriously.  mfc.