Augustine on Mary

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Augustine declared that Mary's flesh was "flesh of sin." (De Peccatorum Meritis, ii, c. 24).


"Mary, springing from Adam, died because of sin; and the flesh of our Lord, derived from Mary, died to take away sin." (De Peccatorum Meritis, ii, c. 24).


Keep in mind, that the Roman Catholic Church uses obfuscation to divert attention from the historical fact that Mary actually died and was buried. Rome never comes right out and says that she died! No, she says instead that "When her earthly work was done she was assumed into Heaven." Can you figure this evasion? Can you discern Rome's reason? Yes, indeed. What with Rome's elevating Mary to the status of the Trinity, and worshiping Mary as our divine 'Mediatrix of all Graces,' Rome has painted herself into a corner. To admit that Mary was a sinner just like us would put the lie to Rome's dogma of the Immaculate Conception, wouldn't it!