Big Brother Finds EZ way to Secretly spy on Drivers

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Big Brother finds EZ way to secretly spy on drivers | Documents reveal extensive network of wireless tracking devices

"The city and state of New York have installed a network of wireless-reader devices to monitor the locations of drivers who use the E-Z Pass tag to electronically pay bridge and tunnel tolls, according to documents obtained by the New York Civil Liberties Union. The program – meant to monitor traffic patterns, according to officials – came to light when a privacy activist hacked his E-Z Pass transponder and programmed it to make a sound each time the device was being remotely read. He discovered a network of locations in Lower Manhattan, far from any toll plazas, where his presence was being monitored."

Ron’s comments on comments by Presents of God Ministries: Below are the comments by Nick Petula, owner of the ministry. I thought it mentionable that at the time we flee, we won’t have cash. Those who take Nick’s statement seriously might get stranded in the cities because the cashless system will probably be implemented without much forewarning, and it takes time to sell property and relocate. The system will have gone to a no cash system to facilitate the no buy and sell part of the Sunday Law. I have highlighted the parts I refer to in this color. Nick does make the important point that it is better to be out of the cities before the Sunday Law.

In addition to spy camera’s, there are heat sensing devices that can be used from the air, but God will protect His bride from such devices. Those who teach an antichrist doctrine on the Godhead, and those who support those who do, as Nick does, and are too proud to take instruction from God’s appointed agencies, won’t have to worry about such things. End comment by Ron.

“--As usual, the age of convenience makes it childishly easy for big brother to CONvince its citizens convenience is much more important than privacy. No, it was never openly declared by the makers of the E-ZPass system that their users can be tracked, but the assumption is obvious in that when you drive on a toll-road your vehicle will be tracked so that you can "conveniently" avoid the slower toll booth lanes. So what's to stop them from tracking you off the toll-road as this hacker just discovered is happening? Nothing. Our government is corrupt. We get that. But this is getting downright annoying if you ask me.

Again, I am not saying that the E-ZPass system was purposely designed to track you as you do your daily chores. It was specifically advertised as a way to "conveniently" quicken your commute to and from work. However, the system can also be manipulated easily enough as this hacker proved to allowed the government do spy on you and essentially all your travels.

But, will they do it?

In the coming days, if you happen to be a Christian seeking to flee the city when martial law is enacted or even the mark itself is being enforced, do you honestly think they won't use it? After all, it's not like they've never been caught doing this before. Need I mention how they presently have the ability to tap every phone call and text you make? (Is your phone tapped? Click here to find out)

Okay.. yes.. It's obvious you can avoid the toll-road when you flee the cities. And yes you can remove the E-ZPass device from your car and avoid all toll-roads or use the toll-roads and pay using cash. But.. think about this. If you do that, what's to say your cell phone's GPS device isn't already being accessed by the government to verify your location? And if you use the toll booth, by then cash will be illegal and so you will have to swipe your debit or credit card which is also in a global network already thanks to the corrupt banksters that have been working directly with Rome since day one. Or let's say you figured out a way to avoid the use of cash, cards and toll-roads, won't your car's built in lojack device let them know where you're at anyway? You are aware most newer cars come with lojack and GPS as standard equipment right? But let's say you're mechanically inclined and you figured out how to disable those devices without causing your car to be undrivable or let's say you buy an older car that has no such devices and you head out of the city. What about the redlight cameras in most city intersections that read every license plate that passes through the intersection? You're not naive enough to think they only access those cameras when they need to if you blow the light, right? Or what of all the cameras in the city parks, stores and street corners that like in Chicago are already connected into the police CCTV network making all those cameras one huge civilian network the police can use whenever they want? That's of course without mentioning the Chicago Police's POD network that's been online for years. They can spot you using their facial recognition software right now. But let's assume you get passed all that and somehow get close to the edge of town only to be pulled over by a cop who's automatic plate scanner cameras that work 24/7 as he drives through the city? Still... let's say you somehow get out of the city, what about the cameras located high atop numerous freeway light posts that are used to not only report on traffic trends multiple times a day on the radio and Internet, but are used to assist cops in high speed chases? All they need to do is tell the computer to look for your car and or plate numbers on any freeway and eventually it will lock on to you and alert all police in that area. Or.. here's a thought.. what if you get on a train or a bus that's headed out of the city? Unless you have a fake ID and have stolen a debit or credit card that has yet to be reported stolen, how will you get on that train or bus? But if you do somehow get on board. As you sit back in the seat.. look up. See that camera? That's right, they have cameras there as well.

Still.. let's say you avoid every pitfall I just listed that have been previously placed there by the powers that be under orders by the enemy of souls and you escape the city 100%. You are aware that the Police have already been allowed to legally and sometimes illegally place magnetic tracking devices on "suspect" vehicles over the years right? That means they can track you from 50, 100 or who knows how many miles away if they want so as to lead them to your "secret" hideout in the woods, hills or caves. Wouldn't it be better to simply be out of the city before all that happens?

That all being said.. can you finally understand why so many Christians have already left the cities?

On last thing.. Before you email me to suggest a fitting for a tinfoil bonnet, paranoia has to do with something that is fabricated in the mind and most of the time nonexistent in reality. Everything I just listed above is in fact being used in our cities as well as on toll-roads, railways and highways right now!”