Should the Conference Structure be Called Babylon?

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Should the SDA Conference Structure be Called "Babylon"?

Actually, there is still one more question which has not yet been answered: the one in the title above. We have conclusively determined that the General Conference is part of Babylon; but somehow, a very strange idea has developed that, even though it fully qualifies, the structure doesn't need to be called Babylon, and God's people don't need to be called out of it at this time. However, Rev 18:2 does not say: And he spoke softly with a weak voice when nobody was around, quietly whispering, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen... My Bible reads this way: "And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying..." My Bible also says: "Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house." (Matt 5:14,15).

Identifying Babylon and calling people out of it is so extremely vital, that it constitutes two of the four (2nd & 4th angel) "most solemn truths ever entrusted to mortals" (9T 19). Babylon is Babylon no matter where it is found; and all who are following Jesus will not be afraid of identifying Babylon and calling people out of it, no matter how unpopular that message may be; while those wanting to follow Jesus who are now in its communion will not only come out of Babylon themselves, but also call others out (even if you're not a theologian, you can still copy and distribute this STUDY).

Closely related to the concept that an organization must teach and practice Sunday keeping, before it can qualify as Babylonis the concept that we should wait until the corporate Adventist machine officially changes to Sunday services (RH 03-18-84), before God's people should be called out of it. The main problem with this idea, is that by then it will be too late! The masses will have already been prepared to receive the mark of the beast; the seal of God will not be on their foreheads, and they will fail the big test. It's true that when Satan begins enforcing Sunday laws, and the latter rain/loud cry comes as God's opposing force in this last great battle: many will come out of the Sunday keeping churches at that time and still be saved (GC 612). But this will NOT be the case of SDA's, who have had access to great light:

"I was shown that if God's people make no efforts on their part, but wait for the refreshing [latter rain] to come upon them and remove their wrongs and correct their errors; if they depend upon that to cleanse them from filthiness of the flesh and spirit, and fit them to engage in the loud cry of the third angel, they will be found wanting." (1T 619; see also EW 71; TM 507).

Do you see the crisis that is upon SDA's? It is NOW, before the big test that SDA's have their test. "It is in a crisis that character is revealed. When the earnest voice proclaimed at midnight, 'Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him,' and the sleeping virgins were roused from their slumbers, it was seen who had made preparation for the event. Both parties were taken unawares; but one was prepared for the emergency, and the other was found without preparation. So now, a sudden and unlooked-for calamity, something that brings the soul face to face with death, will show whether there is any real faith in the promises of God. It will show whether the soul is sustained by grace. The great final test comes at the close of human probation, when it will be too late for the soul's need to be supplied

Another strange reason for not calling the Conference Babylon is the idea that this is the devil's way of getting our attention off of giving the three angels' messages. There are several problems with that misconception:

(1) It would be just as unreasonable to say that we shouldn't waste time calling God's people out of the Sunday keeping Protestant denominations, because that is the devil's way to divert us from our mission to call Catholics out of their religion.

(2) Identifying and calling people out of Babylon, wherever it may be found, IS a fundamental part of the three angels' messages; it is not possible for the giving of the second angel's message to be a diversion from giving the three angels' messages!

(3) All of our time should not be invested on those who are in the SDA part of Babylon; but there is a very wide range between giving them all of our time, and entirely neglecting them! What, do we not care if they're lost?

Bob De La Torre