What Makes an Organization Part of Babylon

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What is the "Line" Which Makes an Organization Part of Babylon?

So far we've determined that the remnant church is made up of wise and foolish virgins, but not virgins and hookers; that the SDA Conference has not been handed any unconditional promise that it can never become Babylon; and that the "line" which must be crossed in order for an organization to join Babylon is NOT:

(1) a point in time when God designates an irreversible close of probation, similar to that of the Jewish nation;

(2) teaching all of the false doctrines listed by Sister White in her various examples of Babylonian doctrines; or

(3) Sunday keeping. Therefore, the next two things that need to be determined are: (1) what would it take for the SDA denomination to cross the "line" and join Babylon; and (2) has that already occurred?

Obviously, the SDA Conference structure would have to cease being part of the remnant church, in order for it to join Babylon. 1SM 204,205 lists twelve steps which would take place if the SDA structure were to establish a "new organization."

Here is another indicator: when an organization ceases to disfellowship open commandment breakers, and begins to disfellowship the commandment keepers-you can be absolutely assured that it is no longer part of the remnant church "which keep the commandments of God..." (Rev 12:17).

Oh, some may say, that's still not specific enough; we want a quote that spells out word-for-word in black and white exactly which doctrines must be taught and what characteristics must apply, before a denomination can "cross the line" and qualify as Babylon. Let me assure you: NO SUCH QUOTE EXISTS! Why? For the same reason that Sunday keeping is not the "line" that makes a denomination Babylon: because the line is crossed when it stops LEADING its members to paradise, and starts LEADING them to perdition! "For the leaders of this people cause them to err; and they that are led of them are destroyed." (Isa 9:16). God's purpose for calling people out of Babylon is to keep them from being led astray, and lost: "Let them alone [in other words, Come out of her, my people]: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch." (Matt 15:14). This verse was in reference to the apostate leadership of those days (Pharisees). God calls the willing ones to come out from among those who will not take their stand by the side of Christ." (RH 08-28-00).

Bob De La Torre