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Sorry Forum for the way I rephrased the quote from AA. Overwhelming evidence is what should  prompt us to heed Ron's separation message from God. Though we may be accused that it is prompted by fanaticism.


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 Brother Ron,
 Without a doubt, the evidence is overwhelming in support of separating from the apostacy!! This is not "your" separating message, but you have willingly accepted the duty from God to proclaim it, and are giving the message with zeal and a certain sound that no one can refute. I stand completely behind the separation message you have put forth and will support it in every way I can to help warn those still in the SDA corporate church who are unaware as yet, of the proper response!!
 From the bottom of my heart,
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 Subject: [AdventistHotIssues] Fact, Impulse and/or Fanaticism?
 Brother Brian wrote: "I also want understand how to execute a proper response to Ron's call out message. So that it would not be 'prompted by impulse or fanaticism,' that has been "brought about by overwhelming evidence"' (AA 124.3).
 Ron responds: Here is the Acts of Apostles statement in the context of Paul's change of faith that had not been prompted by impulse or fanaticism but by overwhelming evidence, after which I pose a few questions:
 "As Paul preached Christ in Damascus, all who heard him were amazed and said, "Is not this he that destroyed
 them which called on this name in Jerusalem, and came hither for that intent, that he might bring them bound unto the chief priests?" Paul declared that his change of faith had not been prompted by impulse or fanaticism, but had been brought about by overwhelming evidence. In his presentation of the gospel he sought to make plain the prophecies relating to the first advent of Christ. He showed conclusively that these prophecies had been literally fulfilled in Jesus of Nazareth. The foundation of his faith was the sure word of prophecy. {AA 124.3}
 As Paul continued to appeal to his astonished hearers to "repent and turn to God, and do works meet for repentance" (Acts 26:20), he "increased the more in strength, and confounded the Jews which dwelt at Damascus, proving that this is very Christ." But many hardened their hearts, refusing to respond to his message, and soon their astonishment at his conversion was changed into intense hatred like that which they had shown toward Jesus. {AA 125.1}
 The opposition grew so fierce that Paul was not allowed to continue his labors at Damascus. A messenger from heaven bade him leave for a time, and he "went into Arabia" (Galatians 1:17), where he found a safe retreat. {AA 125.2}
 Here, in the solitude of the desert, Paul had ample opportunity for quiet study and meditation. He calmly reviewed his past experience and made sure work of repentance. He sought God with all his heart, resting not until he knew for a certainty that his repentance was accepted and his sin pardoned. He longed for the assurance that Jesus would be with him in his coming ministry. He emptied his soul of
 the prejudices and traditions that had hitherto shaped his life, and received instruction from the Source of truth. Jesus communed with him and established him in the faith, bestowing upon him a rich measure of wisdom and grace." {AA 125.3}
 Questions for prayer and meditation:
 a.. First of all, is Ron's warning message merely Ron's message?
 b.. Is Ron's warning message based on overwhelming evidence of what occurred in the last "literal fulfillment of Ezekiel 9?"
 c.. Are the calls of Matthew 22:1-10 part of the evidence?
 d.. Is Matthew 22:7 the literal fulfillment of Ezekiel 9 in A.D. 70?
 e.. Are the abominations for which we are to sigh and cry based on truth or are they based on mere impulse and/or fanaticism?
 f.. If my warning message is not the shaking message, what is? Is the message based on the type/antitype fulfillment of Ezekiel 9?
 g.. Does corporate responsibility accrue for all the abominations when they are known? Is corporate responsibility a principle of Scripture and clearly stated by Ellen White, part of the overwhelming evidence or is it based on impulse and/or fanaticism?
 h.. In the typical fulfillment of Ezekiel 9, were true Christians gathered out into home churches?
 i.. Is the omega of apostasy new movement's fulfillment based on provable fact or impulse and/or fanaticism?
 j.. Have true reformers of every succeeding age separated from the church of their fathers for ONE REASON--being that the ecclesiastical leaders would not tolerate the light of truth?
 k.. Will the omega of apostasy SDA leaders tolerate light concerning forbidden ecumenical involvement and the evil of the trinity doctrine?
 l.. Will such leaders tolerate light on the proper former rendition of the human nature of Christ that appeared in Bible Readings for the Home prior to 1949, when the last GC President said that he would not permit the issue to be discussed on his watch and asked what SDA in any third world country would care about that issue which Ellen White said means everything to us.
 m.. The human nature of Christ means everything to us because by the correct teaching on that issue we believe that Jesus was our example in overcoming. By the improper rendition of that issue, we could not possibly overcome and Jesus would have to go on pardoning sin and the sanctuary could never be cleansed of sin.
 n.. Is the Celebration Movement which copies Babylon's methods of worship, based on truth or is it based on impulse and/or fanaticism? That movement derives from Vatican II and Pentecostalism. Are we to embrace it and/or support those who do?
 o.. Is the Celebration Movement the precise fulfillment of Ellen White's statement about what would be brought into our campmeetings JUST BEFORE THE CLOSE OF PROBATION?
 p.. Has the new movement fulfilled Jeremiah 11:9-15 by the above violations? Do these violations constitute idolatry?
 q.. Is ecumenical liaison with Babylon AFTER KNOWING THE TRUTH, violation of the second angel's message and the Midnight Cry? Does Ellen White say all who KNOWINGLY violate these messages will find it impossible to get back on the pathway to heaven? Is her statement about this in Word to the Little Flock, p. 14, based on Isaiah 8:9-12, or is it based on impulse and/or fanaticism?
 r.. Ellen White said that the personality of God and Christ are pillar doctrines. She said the omega of apostasy would involve those pillars. The Trinity Doctrine certainly alters the personality of Christ and the "highest good, crowning sacrifice heaven can bestow" by obfuscating the sacrifice of the Son of God at His Incarnation, by teaching the lie that the Holy Spirit, the soul of His life, always existed as a third person. This sweeps away the Sanctuary and the Atonement and the entire Christian economy? What could be worse than this? Telling the people to keep Sunday? I don't think so! Why? Because we are talking about the "highest good and crowning gift heaven can bestow" on mankind.
 s.. Is the omega of apostasy new movement the commandment-keeping people of God when SDA leaders have (since the 1980's) instructed Russian parents to send their children to school on Sabbath? Is this obedience to God or Caesar? Is this all as bad as telling the members to keep Sunday? If not, why not--as far as principle is concerned?
 t.. Are these very serious life and death issues, based on Bible principles, mere fanaticism and impulse, or are they based on facts that constitute the abominations for which we are to sigh and cry, and for which sighing and crying, our very sealing is conditional?
 u.. Are the above issues some of the most serious reasons why Ezekiel 9 will be literally fulfilled again BEGINNING AT HIS SANCTUARY, and not wayward individuals here and there?
 v.. Ellen White tells us that we do not know the worst abominations that offend God.
 w.. If these issues are not valid shaking issues and are only based on impulse and fanaticism, what are the abominations for which we are to sigh and cry?
 x.. Paul left the apostate system because he feared his followers would be wrongfully influenced by the corrupt Jewish Temple church. Was that separation by Paul, Christ, His disciples and their followers based on mere impulse and fanaticism or was that history penned for our ensample?
 What more valid evidence would you be looking for Brother Brian or anyone else? If you or anyone else won't be convinced by this evidence, what would convince you? I pray that you will not be found waiting for more convincing evidence, because it will never come. Can James give you more valid evidence? Is all this evidence based on mere impulse and fanaticism? You and you alone can decide as far as your personal case is concerned.
 "The abominations for which the faithful ones were sighing and crying were all that could be discerned by finite eyes, but by far the worst sins, those which provoked the jealousy of the pure and holy God, were unrevealed. The great Searcher of hearts knoweth every sin committed in secret by the workers of iniquity. These persons come to feel secure in their deceptions and, because of His long-suffering, say that the Lord seeth not, and then act as though He had forsaken the earth. But He will detect their hypocrisy and will open before others those sins which they were so careful to hide." {5T 211.3}
 I have responded to your question and I would appreciate your response. I would appreciate a response from every member of this forum, for if I am wrong, and any of you remain silent, my blood will be on your backs.
 In Jesus' love,
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 Subject: [AdventistHotIssues] Re: Recent trip to the Gulf of Mexico
 Thank you Brother James for the clarification. I wonder whether the information about the fake capping of the well is true. It states that the well that was capped was one that was leaking earlier and not the more recent leak. Also it is apparent to me that, by the ongoing use of the dispersant- corexit[or whatever it is they are using], the oil does not appear on the top of the water but mixes with the dispersant and sinks underwater. Wouldn't this make less of the oil accumulate on the beaches? Reminds me of the church harlot, how they cover up the defilement underneath!
 I also want understand how to execute a proper response to Ron's call out message. So that it would not be "prompted by impulse or fanaticism," that has been "brought about by overwhelming evidence" (AA 124.3).
 --- In AdventistHotIssues@yahoogroups.com, James King kjv_sop@ wrote:
  Apparently there has been some misunderstanding/confusion regarding the posting on My Recent trip to the Gulf of Mexico. -- Hence, the purpose of this current document.
  First and Foremost:
  On Sunday July 18, 2010, I went to the Gulf of Mexico, and returned home on Wednesday July 21, 2010. Therefore everything in this current document is relevant to the time-frame perspective BEFORE Tropical Storm Bonnie, which Storm is expected to enter the "Oil Area" on this very day of July 24.
  I would encourage [interested] folk to carefully Read or Re-Read my Original Message.
  I realize that there is "more" (quantity) that I could/should have written. For this, I apologise. There's no doubt in my mind that this has contributed to certain misunderstandings; as it is obvious that some folk have [inadvertently?] "read into" certain portions.
  Fact of the matter is, I had intentionally "left out" some items, in hopes of the simplicity of my report speaking volumes.
  For example, I [intentionally] never mentioned Texas or Louisiana. Why? Simple: The last time I was in Texas and/or Louisiana was in 1999. -- Thus, "Greetings all. On Sunday July 18, I went to the Gulf of Mexico, and returned home on Wednesday July 21. While actually at the Gulf, I primarily spent my time in the Mobile Alabama area, specifically in Daphne/Fairhope, and also Dauphin Island, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, and Pensacola Florida."
  Note: I realize that the majority of the folk on this Forum are not familiar with these geographical areas. So for the sake of clarity: Mobile, Daphne, Fairhope, Dauphin Island, Gulf Shores, and Orange Beach - are all Cities/Towns/Beaches in Alabama -- and of course Pensacola Florida is in Florida. --- I actually realized just moments after "sending" my Original Message that I had failed to be so precise in my description. Again, my apologies.
  However, while I was at the Gulf this past week I did in fact speak with at least 3 people on the clean-up crew who are from Louisiana. -- (Google: the letter "p", and the number "2", and the letter "p", dot com) -- And they each offered additional confirmation that currently Louisiana has thus far been the "hardest hit" state by this Oil Situation. And we did talk about Louisiana for a bit, including the Katrina Response, etc. (More about that later).
  ... But again, the last time I personally was in Louisiana or Texas was in 1999. -- And thus, my reporting was focused solely on my recent trip to the Alabama (and Pensacola Fl) Coast and the things I personally encountered during that same trip. --- not the Mississippi Coast, nor the Texas Coast, nor the Louisiana Coast, nor the Florida Coast (except for Pensacola - which is in the extreme NW corner of Florida). For I did not go to these other places during this July 18, 2010 through July 21, 2010 time period.
  Therefore, I can neither confirm or refute certain things. I can only address the things I personally encountered during that recent trip, and the things I was told by those whom I believe to be "credible". -- As opposed to: hearsay gossip from so-and-so.
  James (me) did NOT state,claim, or intentionally imply any notion of: "This whole Oil Leak Situation being a hoax". --- I would encourage the reader to read the first three responses to My Original Message for a precise understanding of whence such notion germinated.
  The fact of the matter is:
  This whole BP-Oil in the Gulf of Mexico Thing is a VERY SERIOUS MATTER which is as REAL as a train wreck! -- and it is almost literally in my back yard!
  Unfortunately, there are MANY folk (generally speaking) who have utilized the Internet to spread certain false and/or misleading "information" to the masses. And while I certainly do have my own hypothesis/theories regarding the Actual Truth about some of that "information", in specific, about what the general public is NOT being told by the Govt and their propaganda media whores; nonetheless, I also have my own hypothesis/theories regarding who/where some of that "misinformation/disinformation/distortion/manipulation" actually originated -- the so-called "powers that be".
  Think about this:
  It is a FACT that the so-called "powers that be" want the Internet to be something that it currently is not. More precisely, they do not want you and I to have (much less: continue to have) the "freedom" that we currently have. Furthermore, there are current Bills in Congress (respectively) that are directly aimed toward eliminating those aforementioned "Internet Freedoms". --- Do you not think that the Govt will take advantage of the False Reports on this "Oil Thing", and use it as support for the so-called "need" to pass these Laws? They would certainly have a legitimate excuse for doing so!! ----- And it is from this very type of thinking that I thought it worthy to share with the Forum Family the things I personally encountered, so you and I will be better informed about these current events, and, when the time comes, you and I will not be guilty of contributing towards helping the Beast to bring about the Twin Battering Rams of oppression and
  Again, ... And while I certainly do not want "to suppress the truth, and to cry, Peace, when God has not spoken peace" (GW 150.1). I do however, strive to ensure that like my faith, my understanding and my witnessing is not "prompted by impulse or fanaticism, but had been brought about by overwhelming evidence" (AA 124.3).
  Please, Notice the two EGW/SOP references. I included them for a reason.
  Moving on ...
  At this point, I would like to say that I fully appreciate your support concerning my integrity in this matter. I can assure you friends, I am only interested in, and motivated by, the Truth - as it is currently available. I believe I have a personal interest in helping to ensure that YOU are at least "properly informed" to the Truth - as it is currently available. -- Why? Because You and I are SUPPOSE TO BE the "cream of the crop", the REAL "watchmen on the wall", the "Remnant". -- And God Will hold each and every one of us accountable for, [amongst other things], Our Witnessing. --- So let it not be said that You and I are guilty of participating in the spreading false information to the "ignorant sheeple" whom we claim to care about.
  Now I realize that some of this may seem a bit "strong". It is not my intention to be mean-spirited or cause discord. The fact is, we all, including me, need to hear such things from time to time, lest the time comes when we knew not the time of our visitation.
  In closing,
  Again, ... There is more ... ... but for the time being, I will refrain from such, in an effort to keep from "overcrowding" (ie: too much diversity at one time) an already "crowded room".
  Interestingly, one of the gentlemen I spoke with in Daphne Alabama said to me: "I can understand your questions. After-all there are a lot of people out there who are scared, worried, and just want peace of mind". Although I can (and did) certainly understand and appreciate what he was saying, nonetheless, I responded with:
  ... And can you blame them? As for me, I fully admit a certain amount of fear and concern. But I am only interested in knowing the actual truth of these things - whatever that truth may be. Because having the truth is the ONLY way to have a true peace of mind. And then, I can make a Proper Response, and provide others with Legitimate Counsel, so that they can make a proper response.
  In Christian Love,
  ... now, I just hope that the Tropical Storm Bonnie doesn't blow all that oil and other poison in my area!
  PS - I've seen several (not a "lot", but definitely a "few") aircraft flying into the so-called "no Fly Zone". Needless to say: "something ain't right with that picture".
  --- On Wed, 7/21/10, James King kjv_sop@ wrote:
  From: James King kjv_sop@
  Subject: [AdventistHotIssues] Recent trip to the Gulf of Mexico
  To: AdventistHotIssues@yahoogroups.com
  Date: Wednesday, July 21, 2010, 10:10 PM
  Greetings all.
  On Sunday July 18, I went to the Gulf of Mexico, and returned home on Wednesday July 21. While actually at the Gulf, I primarily spent my time in the Mobile Alabama area, specifically in Daphne/Fairhope, and also Dauphin Island, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, and Pensacola Florida.
  During the entire trip (on the way there, while there, and on the way back), I made it a specific point to do two things:
  1- Observe as much vegetation as possible (especially the leaves and fruits).
  I did not notice anything whatsoever to be "unusual", and in fact, I did observe that "the Crops are looking excellent!" (for this time of year).
  Also, while in Daphne, I went to a local Farmer's Market where they only sell "Local Grown" produce. I have absolutely nothing negative to say/report concerning my visit to that store, and/or my findings therein. --- Again, "the Crops are looking excellent!", and those I did taste were delicious; (that Watermelon and Honeydew sure did hit the spot!).
  2- Talk with as many "locals" as possible.
  I spoke with approximately 100 different people. Everyone I spoke with were "commonfolk", that is, I did not knowingly speak with anyone who were/are "Official" Management or Upper Leadership concerning those "in charge" of the Oil-related Issues.
  However, of those folk I did speak with, approximately 40 people are directly involved with the "Clean-up" operations. (Again, none of them were "Official Management/Leadersh ip"). --- Many of those folk have been there since "week 1". -- And EVERY ONE of those folk informed me that the majority of the things I've heard on the internet is "over-exaggerated rubbish", and or, "outright lies". --- I am firmly convinced that these folk have "nothing to hide" from me, and I am confident that these people's testimonies are Truth as far as those folk understand the "truth" (of the matter) to be.
  During the entire course, I saw very little oil. The reason for seeing "very little" oil is twofold. 1- The majority of the oil has not yet come ashore. 2- The oil that has reached the shores, practically "all" of it has already been cleaned-up. --- During the daytime, the water itself was Blue, and not Black. (of course, I could not see 30 miles away).
  Concerning folk reporting "illnesses". From over 20,000 clean-up workers, there has been less than 50 cases of reported "illnesses". ALL of these cases are directly related to "heat" (avg daytime high temp: 95f) and "stress" as being the most probable causes.
  Concerning "gas masks" and other such equipment. 1- Not "all" the workers "need" such equipment. However, ANY of the workers who desire such "protection" need only ask, and they will indeed be issued such equipment. 2- Those who are actually "required" to utilize such equipment must comply or else their employment will be terminated.
  Concerning the "clean-up folk" apparently "not doing anything/working". 1- They're "caught-up" with the current workload. And waiting for the "next phase" of work (when more oil washes ashore). 2- Corporate Safety & Health Regulations require the people take extended "breaks" during the workday. (Those of us who actually live in the Southeast US understand these concepts well, and are quite familiar with such "patterns").
  Concerning the Ocean "boiling". I saw the videos a few weeks ago and immediately recognized that to be rubbish. (I've lived within 1 mile of the Atlantic Ocean and/or Gulf of Mexico for approximately 10 years of my adult life, and as such, I am familiar with many things, including how the water "normally" looks). Thus, I did not "need" to inquire of this matter, but did anyway. The responses were the same: Laughter.
  Concerning "Forced Evacuation". This is something I've been paying close attention to, because I currently live less than 350 miles from the Gulf. I have a few friends and or relatives who are Police and Military, (some are VERY high ranking). I've spoken with several of these people and they've all responded with the same thing: "I haven't heard anything related to such". The people I spoke with at the Gulf all said the same thing.
  With the exception of the US Coast Guard, I have seen no signs whatsoever of increased Military Presence -- The same goes with everyone I've spoken with.
  It is true that this Oil Thing is "not over yet". -- And, thus far we've been fortunate that we've not had a Hurricane to affect the Oiled Region, which is something that could/would potentially "change everything". -- And it is also true that the birds have not yet made their annual migration south (flying through the affected area).
  ... And while I certainly do not want "to suppress the truth, and to cry, Peace, when God has not spoken peace" (GW 150.1). I do however, strive to ensure that like my faith, my understanding and my witnessing is not "prompted by impulse or fanaticism, but had been brought about by overwhelming evidence" (AA 124.3).
  There is more ...
  ... but this should suffice for the time being.
  In Truth,