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A few months ago Stevio (SN) mentioned a hymn that he likes to play over and over again on the piano. I am quite certain that hymn is not an SDA hymn, and Stevio did not even know the name of it. But he said he plays it often on the piano and goes around whistling it.


In light of my document endorsing the words of the Morning has Broken,

and the words of James King below, I submit a video showing Cat Stevens in person singing the hymn Morning has Broken.


And remember, Jesus died for Muslims too!

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... and the following excerpt in specific ...


(Notice especially the portions in NavyBlue)




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What George Jordache doesn't want you to know! He conveniently left this out in his "report" about the song 'Morning is Broken' by Catholic/Muslim Cat Stevens.


"Bunessan" had been found in L. McBean's Songs and Hymns of the Gael, published in 1900.[3] Before Farjeon's words, the tune was used as a Christmas carol, which began "Child in the manger, Infant of Mary", translated from the Gaelic lyrics written by Mary MacDonald. The English-language Roman Catholic hymnal also uses the tune for the hymn, "This Day God Gives Me". Source:


Once again, congratulations Ron on promoting a Catholic originated TRIBUTE to SATAN sung by a man who was Catholic at the time in 1971. A great SUN WORSHIP addition to your website.




Below, is What Steve Nagy "... doesn't want you to know! He conveniently left this out in his "report" about the song 'Morning is Broken' by ... Cat Stevens."


Regarding Cat Stevens,


First off, I have absolutely no interest in defending "Cat". To be quite honest about it, even though I do have 4 of his albums (33RPM-LPs ie: Vinyl) in my personal Record Collection, (those albums were all purchased over 25 yrs ago, and I've been SDA for only 23 yrs), nonetheless, I've never considered myself to be a "fan" of his music.


However, as a Musician myself, and a "fan" of music in general, I do have a certain "musical appreciation" for some of his musical compositions/arrangements.


Since I began playing guitar in 1974, I've always sought a continuing theoretical instruction with the intention of being a better Guitarist in specific and all-around Musician in general. For example, since '76, I've consistently had a variety of subscriptions to numerous publications (magazines, etc) such as: Guitar Player, Guitar for the Practicing Musician, Guitar World, Guitar 1, Fingerpicking Today, Acoustic Guitar magazine, Musician magazine, etc, etc... (just to name a few).


I recall reading [in one of those aforementioned publications] an interview several years ago with one Cat Stevens. I also recall something he mentioned in that interview, that I have kept in my memory ever since I read it. (Hey, every once in a while, someone will say something that, for whatever reason, just sticks with you the rest of your life, and this particular interview contained one of those "bywords").


In that interview, Cat said:

... that although he went to a Catholic School growing-up, he never really professed any religious beliefs. (And it is well documented that during the late 60s his life was anything but "religious" - and eventually, because he was near death, he began thinking about God. -- but don't take my word for it, see for yourself: The point being: Any notion that Cat was Catholic or even Christian at the time he recorded Teaser and the Firecat is 100% absolute pure speculation. If anything, by 1970 Stevens was already gravitating toward the eastern religions.


Anyway, he went on to say that ... his two albums Tea for the Tillerman (1970) and Teaser and the Firecat (1971), were both dedicated to his daughter, who was at that time just reaching her late teens, and he wanted to give her some "words of wisdom", in hopes that she would not "throw her life away". Thus, "Morning Has Broken", amongst others, was intended to help keep his daughter reminded that there really is a God. -- Nothing more, nothing less.


... and I've had that information in my head for about 30 yrs now, and don't expect to forget it anytime soon!


Now I could provide the "specific reference" to the actual interview, but I have no intention of doing Steve's homework for him. If he really wants to actually know the truth of the matter, (which I seriously doubt he does), he can search it out for himself. But I will say this: I have mentioned the actual name of the publication, as well as the approximate year/time of the interview.


I have additional comments concerning other portions of the omega77-hymnsbyadventists document, but will reserve them for later when I have more time to spare.




PS- I particularly appreciate the way you noticed Steve's doubleminded hypocrisy.