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*Salvation--The Inviolate Package
*The Ellen G. White Defense League
*The Cherished Errors of Professing Seventh-day Adventism
*An In-Depth Exposition of the SDA Cherished Errors
*Philadelphia Versus Laodicea as The Church Triumphant
*The Seven Deadliest SDA Cherished Errors
*SDA Ecumenical Union With the Opposers of Truth
*Scripture and Ellen White Present Philadelphia as the 144,000
*The Marian Phenomenon Versus Scripture and Ellen G. White
*The Laodicean Synagogue of Satan Versus Philadelphia
*The Difference Between Wheat, Tares, and Thorns
*The Difference Between the Bride and the Guests
*Isaiah 37 Versus Isaiah 4. Do They Contradict?
*Do SDAs Need Another Prophet to Inform Them as to When Separation is Necessary?
*The Omega of Apostasy--Separation, and an Eighth Church
*The Shaking and the Sifting of Adventism and Who Leaves Whom
*The Real Church That Appears as About to Fall but Does Not!
*Qualifications for a Church Militant
*When God Says to No Longer Pray for a Corporate People
*When The General Conference in Session is no Longer The Voice of God
*Ellen White on Babylon--The Carefully Suppressed Truth
*Scripture and Ellen White on Corporate Responsibility
*Corporate Repentance for the Apostacies of the SDA Church
*A Defense of True Historic Adventism
*The World Council of Churches and The Gospel According to Marx
*Spiritualism on the Rise as Ellen White Prophesied
*Overcoming and Perfection
*The Confessions of a Celebrationis Couple
*Paul Harvey on Ellen White's Health Message
*Adventist Institutions Begin to Crumble
*In the Shaking Who Leaves Whom According to Type and Antitype?
*A Primitive Revival of Godliness--The True Context of the Statement
*The Millennium, The Pope and Catholicism Today
*The Doctrine of the Nicolaitans
*Celebrationism and The Doctrine of the Nicolaitans
*The New World Order and Socialism
*Rome's Challenge to Protestants
*Modern Translations of the Bible and SDA Doctrines
*The Betrayal of True Seventh-day Adventism
*The Secret Rapture -- Fact or Fable?
*The Early Ecumenical Aspirations of Seventh-day Adventists
*Vatican II, and Seventh-day Adventists--So much in Common
*The SDA Church Vs. Hope International and Hartland Institute Fiasco
*Hope International--Another Perspective by Mervyn Maxwell
*An Appeal to the General Conference Prior to The Toronto General Conference Session
*The Fiasco 2000 Toronto General Conference Session
*The Omega of Deadly Heresies

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