October 24, 2008



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I want to keep my word with you. I know you understand that I receive interesting and timely news items from friends all over the world. Most if these items have some relevance to Prophecy and others are of particular interest in the field of Science, Health & Nutrition, Devotional and even touches of Humor. With a bit of hesitation, I am forwarding some of these items to friends like you via email. My concern is this: some persons who will receive or read the items I choose to forward will assume that I endorse, approve or believe every “iota,” and that I am endorsing the author or source. This simply is not true! As you read, you must be discerning, choosey, discriminating and use common sense. If you are going to quote someone, quote the source—I am not the source, I am the reporter… CW


—CW Responds:

The Answer is, “NO, NOT YET!”

“I continue to be deluged with questions regarding the present economic crisis.   Typically the questions go something like this:

• “Charles, for years you have interpreted Daniel’s visions, saying the United States and Great Britain would be angered by some overt act on the part of Iran. The U.S. with Great Britain will then go to war with Iran. Shortly thereafter, if not immediately, the U.S. economy will totally collapse, taking the entire global economy down.

• “It sure appears that the present U.S.-led economic collapse is going to climax before a possible war with Iran. Don’t you agree?”

NO!  I stand with the order of events as given in God’s Word! Daniel’s visions (chapters 7 &8) are consistent in presenting the order of events—WAR between the “Rough goat from the West” against “the 2nd, higher horn of the Ram, Iran”—THEN, a total economic collapse will bring America to its knees (a spiritual blessing in disguise?) and shake the whole world!

I can only believe that war with Iran is inches away. I believe seven (7) years of incredible misery are just ahead for America first, and then the whole world.


WWWIII has already begun. It will climax in Armageddon…


Today, we are watching the global economy unravel. The financial world is gasping for breath. But if I read and interpret the prophecies correctly, there could be a dramatic turn upward in the global financial picture. It will appear that world leaders are taking control of the situation and will unitedly proclaim: “PEACE AND SAFETY (Gr., prosperity),

“THEN SUDDEN DESTRUCTION (Gr., ruin) COMETH upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.”  1Thessalonians 5:3

Don’t miss it—“travail upon a woman with child” is the exact metaphor Jesus used when his disciples questioned him, “How can we know when the time comes?”!!

Prepare NOW, RIGHT NOW before the storm actually arrives. Store shelves will soon be empty! Banks will soon hesitate or refuse to honor your request to withdraw your own money!

Do not be fooled by talks of peace. (1) Any mention now in the news of Shia cleric, Matador  Al Sadr, proxy for Iran within Iraq;  (2) any mention of the city of Basrah in southern Iraq; (3) any threatening speech against Israel by President Ahmadinejad of Iran;  (4) any sudden increase in hostilities by Hezbollah from Lebanon or Hamas in Gaza, against Israel—any of these signs could be ominous.

Could these events take place before the election? Will they occur before President Bush leaves the White House in January? Will they come, as Senator Joe Biden warns, in the first 6 months of the new Presidency? Only Heaven knows, I surely do not, but I am measuring each day now in “inches…”

“What I say unto you I say unto all, Watch!”    Mark 13:37 

US Intelligence: Iran Will Be Able to Build First Nuclear Bomb by February 2009

Debkafile  /  October 21, 2008

“US intelligence’s amended estimate, that Iran will be ready to build its first bomb just one month after the next US president is sworn in, is disclosed by DEBKAfile’s Washington sources as having been relayed as a guideline to the Middle East teams of both presidential candidates, Senators John McCain and Barack Obama.

“The information prompted the assertion by Democratic vice presidential nominee Joseph Biden in Seattle Sunday, Oct. 19: ‘It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy.’

“US intelligence believes Tehran has the personnel, plans and diagrams for a bomb and has been running experiments to this end for the past two years. The UN International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna last week asked Tehran to clarify recent complex experiments they conducted in detonating nuclear materials for a weapon, but received no answer.  

“The same US evaluation adds that the Iranian leadership is holding off its go-ahead to start building the bomb until the last minute so as to ward off international pressure to stop at the red line.”

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Australian PM Kevin Rudd—“Nuke Strike Would Make 9/11 Insignificant” and Other Weird Warnings

By: D.H. Williams / Daily Newscaster.com / October 21, 2008

“Over the last 72 hours there has been a strange melange of cryptic messages leaked from world political leaders about what could be in store for America over the next few months.

“These predictions of impending doom come from England, France, Australia and the United States. In each case there has been a press releases or news exposé predicting huge and building threats emerging from faceless enemies in shadowy places.

“Joe Biden set the stage at a Seattle fund raiser for VIP’s last Sunday when he told the audience about an ‘international crisis’ that will test Barack Obama’s Presidency should he be elected.

“Biden told the top Democratic donors that a ‘generated crisis’ will develop within six months and Barak Obama will need the help of community leaders to control the population as unpopular decisions are made and Americans resist.

“Biden speaking at the fundraiser, ‘I can give you at least four or five scenarios from where it might originate, And he’s gonna need help. And the kind of help he’s gonna need is, he’s gonna need you— not financially to help him—we’re gonna need you to use your influence, your influence within the community, to stand with him. Because it’s not gonna be apparent initially, it’s not gonna be apparent that we’re right.’

“Biden’s ominous language at the Seattle Sheraton are followed with statements by long time establishment insiders Colin Powell and Madeline Albright; both say there is a massive crisis on the horizon and Biden was simply making a ‘statement in fact.’

“‘The problems will always be there and there’s going to be a crisis which will come along on the 21st, 22nd of January that we don’t even know about right now.’ Powell told Meet the Press.”

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