An Atomic Explosion Coming Soon

to Your City


by Ernesto Cienfuegos

La Voz de AztlanLos Angeles, Alta California - November 15, 2002 - (ACN)

The Brazilian journalist Pepe Escobar who writes for the Hong Kong based

Asian Times reported yesterday in an article titled "Apocalypse Now, or

Alottanukes Soon" that "Seven nuclear heads have already been positioned in

seven of America's major cities and they are ready to be detonated." Pepe

Escobar is no slouch. On August 30, 2001 he predicted the World Trade Center

terrorist attack in an article titled, "Get Osama! Now! Or else " in which

he reported for the Asian Times on a meeting between the Taliban and al

Qaeda. Today the Asian Times, which primarily focuses on Asian business and

finance, removed the article from their website and is now saying that it

removed it because they later determined it was a hoax. This is very

strange! Pepe Escobar's "Apocalypse Now, or Alottanukes Soon" reported on an

interview conducted by the Qatar-based Al-Jazeera television station of

Mohammed al-Usuquf, a top al-Qaeda leader. According to Escobar, Al-Usuquf

says that al-Qaeda's Kuwaiti spokesman, Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, and bin Laden

himself, suggested that he grant the interview. Bin Laden, al-Usuquf says,

is "alive and healthy, along with his commanders Mohammed Atef, Khalid Shaik

Mohammed and Mullah Omar". Pepe Escobar's account of the Al-Jazeera

interview is as follows: - - - - - - - -

Al-Usuquf starts by criticizing Washington's disrespect of the Kyoto

Protocol on climatic change, the International Criminal Court and the

Palestinian cause, as well as the "financial greed" engendering speculative

gains over Third World countries. He also criticizes the manner in which

America wastes wealth, like US$80 billion a year on gambling. "They [have]

lost the notion of spirituality and only live in sin." For this reason,

America must be destroyed, and al-Usuquf insists that "aircraft carriers,

nuclear submarines and spy satellites will be worthless in the next war".

Al-Qaeda, according to him, has 5,000 first rank operatives and around

20,000 all over the world. Of all the prisoners in the US, only "20 or 30"

are al-Qaeda, and all of them "second-rank". Confirming Asia Times Online

information, he swears that there are no first-rank prisoners in Guantanamo

in Cuba. Al-Usuquf says, "We have more than 500 first-rank and 800

second-rank [operatives] inside the US." "First rank" are considered ones

that have lived in the US for more than 10 years, most of them married with

children. "They have an idea about the plans, and they are just waiting for

a call." "Second-rank" operatives arrived in the past five years and "have

no idea about the plans". They are all willing to die. Al-Usuquf insists

that September 11 "was just the beginning. It was a way to call the world's

attention to what's going to happen." He then details a plan to destroy the

US by "attacking the heart of what they consider the most important thing in

the world: money". "The American economy is an economy of false

appearances," says al-Usuquf. "There's no real economic weight. American

GNP is something around $10 trillion, but only 1 percent comes from agriculture, and

only 24 percent from industry. So 75 percent of its GNP comes from

services, and most of it is financial speculation. For someone who

understands economics, and apparently America's Treasury Secretary Paul

O'Neill does not, or cannot, the US as a whole behaves like an immense, and dollars are its stocks. The value of stocks from a given

company is directly proportional to its profitability. When a company only

provides services, but does not produce goods, the value of its stocks

depends on its credibility. What I'm saying is if US credibility is

affected, its stocks - the US dollar - will fall at tremendous speed, and

the whole American economy will collapse." Al-Usuquf is absolutely positive,

"because, in a smaller scale, this is exactly what big financial

conglomerates do with Third World countries to collect profits in one month

that no Swiss bank would guarantee in four to five years". Al-Usuquf says

that al-Qaeda could do the same by "provoking a deficit of $50 to 70

trillion, the equivalent to five to seven years of the GNP of the US". How?

By "destroying America's seven largest cities and some other measures". The

means? "Atomic bombs." Al-Usuquf's most startling revelation is that the

bombs "won't be launched, they are already there". "Seven nuclear heads have

already been positioned on American soil, before September 11, and they are

ready to be detonated. Before September 11, American security was a fiasco,

and even later, if we needed, we could position the bombs there. They

arrived through seaports, as normal cargo. A nuclear head is not bigger than

a fridge, so it can easily be camouflaged as one. Thousands of containers

arrive at a seaport every day, and even with very efficient security, it's

impossible to check and examine each one of them." Al-Usuquf says that the

bombs were bought on the black market: five from the former USSR and two

from Pakistan. The five Russian heads "are from T-3 missiles, also known as

RD-107, and their power is around 100 kilotons each, that is five times the

Hiroshima bomb. The Pakistani ones are less powerful, something around 10

kilotons each." Each of the Russian bombs would have cost around $200

million. Al-Qaeda was able to raise the money "because we have many

sponsors. Many countries sponsor us, and also some very rich people." And

not all of these are Arab countries. "Some European countries as well are

also interested in the fall of the US." As to the "rich people", they are

"people who are also tired of seeing the US bleeding the rest of the world."

And Iraq's Saddam Hussein, says Al-Usuquf, is not one of these people, "but

just a collaborator, represented by Abdul Tawab Hawaish, his vice prime

minister and responsible for Iraq's arms program". Al-Usuquf says that the

bombs cannot be detected by US authorities. "Even if they are old, they were

modernized and are very well hidden. Even if they were located, they have

autodetonation mechanisms in case something or someone gets close. Even an

electromagnetic pulse is not capable of deactivating them." The bombs

allegedly cannot be detected because "they are enveloped in thick layers of

lead". They could be detonated "by various methods - cellphone call, radio

frequency, seismic shock or by their regressive clock". Al-Usuquf details

the whole plan. "First, one head would be detonated, which would cause the

deaths of 800,000 to 1 million people and a chaos never seen before. During

this chaos, two or three planes, which are now disassembled inside barns

near empty roads in the US countryside, would take off in suicide missions

to pulverize another two or three big American cities with chemicals. Once

the disease was identified, all seaports and airports would be quarantined.

Land borders would also be closed. No plane, boat or car would enter or

leave the US. This would be total chaos." The first target would be the city

"that would offer the best conditions, for example bright sky and winds of

eight or more miles an hour blowing towards the center of the country, so

radioactive dust can contaminate the largest possible area". This attack

would not knock out the US, recognizes al-Usuquf, "But the process would be

initiated. As with the World Trade Center, it would be just a question of

time for the whole economic structure to be turned to dust. If the

objectives are reached with one bomb and diseases, probably we will save the

lives of other people, but it's risky, and probably six more bombs will be

detonated, one a week, and more attacks with chemical weapons will be

launched." According to estimates made by al-Usuquf "and Ayman al-Zawahiri",

al-Qaeda's number 2, about 15 million people would die, victims of the bombs

and the radiation. Among those contaminated by diseases, "25 percent will

die, a figure around more than 5 million, plus many others due to the chaos

and disorder". Al-Usuquf does not fear an American military response. "Even

if five or 10 cities are chosen at random to be destroyed, it will still be

a small price to pay. The problem is that the economic despair will be so

great that even if it saves [money] by not using weapons, American liquidity

will be near zero, and the US will make more money selling a Nimitz-class

aircraft carrier to Turkey or Italy for $5 billion, because they will

urgently need to recapitalize. But it will be too late. Moreover, what will

remain of an American soldier's morale to fight knowing that his whole

family died and his country ceased to exist? To fight for what?" The world

economy would not collapse, says al-Usuquf, although "in the beginning, it

will be very difficult. But without the US the world will soon rise in a

more just and fraternal manner. Nothing can stop the plan." And whatever

America does, "it's too late". When will the attack begin? "I can't tell."

- - - - - - - - - - Today, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for La

Voz de Aztlan to determine the truth concerning what is being reported by

the mainstream media and the government. There is no doubt, however, that

George W. Bush has lied to the American people and to the world on a broad

range of issues. We can not say that the above report is true or a hoax. We

will leave this up to our readers.