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Alpha Omega Report - "666" 1-World Currency Summit

"666" 1-World Currency Summit





Friday, 17 October 2008


"666" Currency Summit?


NWO's Financial Summit Planned


Pre-Summit Summit Saturday


At Camp David


 Bush & EU Chiefs To Meet


1-World Currency Conference

  This Weekend in Washington

  See an AFP 1 Minute News Video Report

IF You Doubt 666 Is Nearly Here

See/Hear To Believe It

Watch the video clip for the key phrase by news commentator near the end of the video clip:
"Europe wants to present a blueprint for new worldwide currency system " AFP Video Link Here.


EU Leaders To Meet Bush

Plan For World Summit

In November


EU LEADERS will meet US president George Bush tomorrow near Washington to finalise plans to hold a summit of world leaders to reform the global financial system.

French president Nicolas Sarkozy and European Commission president Josť Manuel Barroso want to win US backing for the plan, which the French leader said would launch a "refoundation of capitalism".

They will travel on to Beijing next week to hold talks with Chinese premier Wen Jiabao on the financial crisis, which investors fear is threatening to turn into a global recession as banks cut back on their lending.

"We had the emerging market crisis, we had the internet bubble, now we have this massive crisis," said Mr Sarkozy, who together with British prime minister Gordon Brown wants a "Bretton Woods II" summit - named after the 1944 meeting in the US that established much of the current financial regulatory framework such as the International Monetary Fund.

The G8, which is composed of the US, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Canada, Japan and Russia, have all agreed to attend the summit.

A G8 statement said co-ordinated reforms had to be made to the "regulatory and institutional regimes for the world's financial sectors to remedy deficiencies exposed by the current crisis.

The international summit is most likely to be held next month or in December and Mr Sarkozy suggested that the president-elect in the US could be invited to attend.

In Brussels, Mr Brown unveiled a package of reforms that included setting up "colleges of national supervisors" to regulate financial institutions operating in different countries and continents; reform of the IMF and World Bank; and an early warning system. More Details - LINK HERE.


Bush To Meet EU Leaders

Saturday At Camp David




Earlier Report...


EU, US Call For Global Summit

To Reshape Global Economy



Pre-Summit Analysis

From Weekly Standard


"Second, Brown and Sarkozy, along with their EU partners, believe that now is the time to put the former hegemon in its place. America, they believe, is paralyzed by the lame-duck status of its president. It will, they reason, be forced to go along with any European proposals for what is variously called a "new financial architecture" and a "new world order". The joy on the faces of EU leaders as they gather for their several conferences can be seen in news photos. Never mind that the banking systems of their countries are on the verge of collapse, or that they are headed for a recession deeper and longer than the one the United States will suffer. Now is their chance to do things that the Americans might not like, but can't stop."

LINK HERE for full article.


G-8 Nations Plan Summit

On Restructuring World Finances



EU United On Financial Reforms

EU Prez Sarkozy To Meet Bush

This Weekend

Preparatory for World Conference in November

European Union leaders headed home from a summit that saw unity on fixing the global financial system but schisms when it came to an ambitious climate pact and repairing ties with Russia.

Two days before he flies to the United States for talks with President George W. Bush, French leader Nicolas Sarkozy, whose country holds the rotating EU presidency, was handed an EU mandate to press for a complete overhaul.

"We do not have the right to miss this opportunity for reconstructing our system of finance in the 21st century," Sarkozy said. "We have a mandate now to discuss this with the President of the United States."

The 27-nation EU, as a bloc the world's largest economy, endorsed a multi-billion-dollar initiative by the 15 members using the euro to rescue banks brought to their knees by the financial crisis.

But they went further, pressing for a root-and-branch reform of global finance they say is essential to drawing a line under the unregulated excesses of the past to prevent another crisis.

Sarkozy wants to get Bush on board ahead of a wider international summit including industrialised and emerging giants like India and China that he hopes will take place in November. More details, LINK HERE.


Sarkozy Calls For Revamp

Of Capitalist Systems



The Market Oracle Analysis:


Central Banks Fail To Solve Crisis

New Currency Coming?


"And the way things are going, with every bigger bailouts (that European $2 trillion move Monday was amazing) it would seem they are going to bankrupt their own government finances along with their collapsing economic sectors. They will stop at nothing to avoid what they fear, a total economic collapse. And after that, comes the currency collapses? With the way they are handling this, that appears to be in the cards.

New world currency?

But, this time, the USD is not really able to back the world's currencies. Some new form will be invented. The trouble is, what currency is able to step into that gap? None that I can see.
So, will this relentless bailout mentality lead us all ultimately to a new world currency? A single new world currency, or one that the major economies subscribe to?

That may sound preposterous but I don't think it's quite that unlikely.

What really concerns me

What really concerns me is another Great Depression. And, we are actually closely following the script of that time. First, economic and financial crashes. Then big public bailouts. Then economic activity collapses. Then we have a grinding depression

By Christopher Laird of -


China Wants NWO Currency

Chinese leaders are advocating the idea of a single, global currency. LINK HERE.