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---------- Inspiration For the Week---------------

Biblical Crisis Management: Truth #4: God Himself is always enough

When there are things that you do not know about your life's situation, you must focus on the things that you do know about your God. We must increase our knowledge of God Himself -- the One Who is controlling all the factors of our life in His sovereignty. We may not be able to see exactly what He is doing or how He will make something turn out, but if we know Him well, our heart can rest.

There is a story of a little girl who was not afraid of the neighborhood bully, because she knew her Daddy was watching over the play ground. Her heart was at rest because she knew her Daddy was bigger than the threatening boy. She also knew that he loved her enough to rescue her if she were threatened. In the same way, King David's heart was immediately put at rest when he reminded himself that God was stronger than any of his enemies and that His God loved him enough to rescue him.

If our hearts are not at rest when trouble comes, it is because we do not realize how powerful and wise God is, or because we do not realize how much He loves us. Consider these Scriptures to enlighten you how powerful God is:

* God is unlimited in His power -- Ephesians 1:19-20; 3:20; Luke 1:37; Jeremiah 32:17

"That God is sovereign simply means that, as the reigning King over all the earth and heavens, He is directly superintending every aspect of our lives." (Psalm 103:19; 1 Cor 10:13]

* God is unlimited in His Wisdom -- Psalm 18:30; 147:5; Romans 11:33; Colossians 2:3; 1 Cor 1:25

* God is unlimited in His love -- Jeremiah 31:3; Romans 5:8; 8:35-39

Sometimes, a crisis reveals our true spiritual condition, showing us that we have not been adequately taking care of our spiritual life. We may need more personal meditation on the Word of God, more time in prayer with our great God, more exposure to the faithful preaching of the Bible, and more encouragement and fellowship with God's people. If we have a high Biblical view of God through the consistent study of His Word, we will run to our Strong Tower and our hearts will rest because God Himself is always enough! ["When Trouble Comes", Pastor Jim Berg, p. 64-69; Emphasis was in original]

---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------

This week's news provided ample confirmation that the view Cutting Edge has been putting forth these many years -- and recent months -- is basically correct; people who wanted to believe that this war was being fought simply to remove Saddam and his weapons of mass destruction so that we could then bring our boys back home have been given a shocking dose of reality by this week's news; and, we thank President Bush for finally setting the record straight.

Let us begin with President Bush's speech on May 1, where he announced that the major fighting phase in Iraq was now over.

Let us examine pertinent aspects of the President's speech:

* "The battle of Iraq is one victory in a war on terror that began on September the 11, 2001 -- and still goes on ... From Pakistan to the Philippines to the Horn of Africa, we are hunting down al Qaeda killers ... The liberation of Iraq is a crucial advance in the campaign against terror ... Our war against terror is proceeding according to principles that I have made clear to all: Any person involved in committing or planning terrorist attacks against the American people becomes an enemy of this country, and a target of American justice. Any person, organization, or government that supports, protects, or harbors terrorists is complicit in the murder of the innocent, and equally guilty of terrorist crimes. Any outlaw regime that has ties to terrorist groups and seeks or possesses weapons of mass destruction is a grave danger to the civilized world -- and will be confronted." (President Bush, May 1, 2003)

From these remarks, we realize the following points:

1. The battle of Iraq is just one victory in a war on terror that began on 9/11/01.
2. Any person who "supports, protects, or harbors terrorists" will be a target of American justice
3. Any person, organization, or country we have deemed as having "ties" to terror groups and/or seeks to possess weapons of mass destruction is a "danger to the civilized world -- and will be confronted."

As we stand right now, American troops are amassing on the Syrian border, apparently the "Next regime" targeted for invasion in order to remove their leader. Iran is the mass media target almost daily now, for they are truly "Next" after Syria. North Korea knows she is "Next" at some point down the line, and is making every preparation necessary to launch a full-scale conventional attack, while backing her action with her nuclear weapons, which Washington has just tacitly admitted she does possess (We will deal with North Korea separately, below).

Therefore, this Iraq war is exactly what we said it would be from the very start: a trigger war that puts us into the Middle East. From this "trigger war", we have every intention of invading country after country until we decide the list of terrorist states and/or states that are pursuing WMD, and who are "harboring and supporting" terrorists is exhausted.

In NEWS1787, posted March 21, just as we were launching the ground invasion, we examined this current Iraqi war against the prophecies of Isaiah 13. We encourage you to re-read this article, but for this newsletter, we want to repeat some of the points we made:

"... note the rippling-out effect of the next segment of this prophecy. Listen to the segment again:

"to make the land and the whole earth a desolation"

"Like the outward ripples caused by a rock thrown into a placid lake, this prophecy reflects an ever-widening ripple effect around Iraq. God is saying that, once He finishes destroying 'the land' (Iraq), He is going to continue His End of the Age prophetic destruction to eventually cover the whole earth! Can you see this progression? Once Iraq is destroyed, God's prophetic Word says that His judgment will grow and grow, eventually encompassing the entire earth! Thus, once Iraq is destroyed, God's destructive judgments will ripple outward to the rest of the nations in the Middle East, and eventually outward to the entire earth! This is the sequence we should look for as our destruction of Iraq is completed."

Isn't this exactly what President Bush is now telling us? Now that we have finished with Iraq, we are going after other regimes as diversely located as the Middle East and the Korean Peninsula. However, we have not yet reached the point this prophecy ultimate foresees: the entire world. Yet, remember the manner in which World War I was started; the process took several months from the time of the "trigger" event -- the assassination of the Austrian Archduke -- to the time the war really became a world war. This process is following a parallel path and may take just as long to accomplish.

Now, let us go back to NEWS1787, again quoting what we said on March 21: "We will seize and destroy all of Iraq. Whether we do so with little or no casualties amongst our military remains to be seen."

As it turned out, we took light casualties, especially since Saddam ordered his army to vanish rather than fight for Baghdad, a point to which we shall return later in this newsletter. However, the point we want to make is that this war has so far progressed according to the general outline we have been presenting for many months. Since Isaiah 13 foretold that Iraq would be seized and destroyed, we knew we would be victorious; our concern was the "rippling outward" of the wars after Iraq, for that is when the world war will probably begin.

Now, let us go to the next major development of the news this past week.

* When President Bush announced that the combat phase of the Iraqi incursion was over, he ended a war that lasted exactly 42 days and was bracketed at both ends by an occult holiday. On March 20, 2003, when we launched the ground assault on Iraq, occultists were beginning to celebrate Ostara, popularly called Spring Equinox [NEWS1789]. The day the president announced the end of combat operations was May 1, 2003, the occult celebration known as Beltane. In fact, Beltane is a two-day celebration every year, April 30 and May 1. Further, May 1 is the 13th and final day of a period known as the "Blood Sacrifice To The Beast".

This reality means that the "war on terror" is proceeding according to occult calculations. As you read NEWS1789, remember that the ground war was started on day #555 since the 9/11 attacks, and Bush's announcement on May 1 meant that the war ended on day #597 since 9/11. Thus, these events seem to be proceeding on an occult timetable. [Read NEWS1808 for full details]

Remember two other factors concerning the Iraqi 42-day war: The number "42" is a Biblical number of Antichrist and his kingdom, and the Illuminati could not have conquered Iraq and established the beginning of an interim government in this tight time period had Saddam fought vigorously for Baghdad. So now, you know exactly why the Iraqi army vanished instead of fighting.

* On both days of Beltane -- April 30 and May 1 -- President Bush carved out two sets of "333" in events only under he could control. Once you understand the significance of this event, you will better understand the drama being played out before us with such precision. What were these two events that established the two sets of "333"?

1). April 30 -- As we explained in NEWS1807, Bush's Ambassador met with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on Wednesday, April 30, to formally present him with a long-awaited internationally backed Mideast peace plan. A convoy of diplomatic vehicles was seen pulling up to Sharon's house in Jerusalem on Wednesday afternoon at 3:30pm, local time. Since this presentation occurred on April 30, this timing also produces a "333".
2) May 1 -- The President touched down on the Lincoln aircraft carrier at precisely 3:33, EDT. Since the president's headquarters is in Eastern Daylight Time and since he left the National Prayer Breakfast that morning in the EDT time zone, the occultist will continue to use the EDT as their basis for calculation. The president arranged his arrival to be at precisely 3:33pm! You can see the Voice of America News story which clearly captures the 3:33pm touchdown, EDT -- Note that EDT is minus 4 hours from UTC, producing a time of 15:33, which is 3:33.

Therefore, President Bush caused a "333" event to occur on each of the days of Beltane this year, April 30 - May 1. Twice in two days, the Illuminati symbolically killed and buried the Old World Order, and raised to newness of life the New World Order, a.k.a., Kingdom of Antichrist! [Explained in NEWS1808]

I was startled to realize that President Bush had created two sets of "333" by these two events clearly under his control; you see, in satanic ritual, whenever a participant wishes to declare that the ritual had been finished victoriously, he would utter: "333 - 333". Therefore, has President Bush just declared to the Adepts of the world that some ritual had just been finished victoriously? Tomorrow, we will post a major article that addresses this most potent issue; we just could not get it completed before we had to write this newsletter. You will be very much enlightened as to the events unfolding before us, in our Daily News.

* At the end of his May 1 speech, President Bush quoted Isaiah 49:9, using the N.I.V. Bible version. This passage is a parallel of Isaiah 61:1. Both verses are Messianic. Is President Bush announcing to all Adepts throughout the world that Messiah is about to appear?

In our article to be posted tomorrow, we shall explain the significance of this Bible verse and how it ties in with the two sets of "333"!

* North Korean tensions rose measurably every single day last week!

After many months of categorically denying that North Korea could have any nuclear weapons, the United States was profoundly embarrassed last week.

NEWS BRIEF: "N. Korea has '300 nukes' ", The Weekend Australian, May 4, 2003.

"NORTH Korea has up to 300 nuclear warheads, all locked onto American cities, the unofficial spokesman for North Korea has said. Kim Myong Chol, a Japanese-born Korean, said he was delivering a message on behalf of the North Korean government. "North Korea has a nuclear capability. It's quite obvious. North Korea may have minimum 100 nuclear warheads, maximum 300. They all lock onto American cities .... If the US attacks North Korea, North Korea will definitely use those nuclear weapons against the US mainland."

We had issued an article two full months ago where we reported that North Korea had at least 100 nuclear warheads with the ballistic missiles to deliver them! [NEWS1781]. We even included a full-colored depiction of the range of North Korean ballistic missiles! However, the CIA continued to deny this was at all possible, and kept focussing our attention on their one traditional nuclear power plant, which, if it were re-started, would likely provoke a U.S. pre-emptive attack on the plant! One CIA official was reported to have said that, if North Korea had more than 2 or 3 nuclear warheads, the CIA would have suffered a massive intelligence failure!

Several major Asian news outlets have been reporting for some time now that North Korea has at least 100 nuclear warheads, with ballistic missiles! This morning, I noted during Daily News Updates, that the US is quietly shifting its rhetoric; rather than publicly admitting the CIA has been 100% wrong in their nuclear warhead assessment, our government officials merely made the quiet announcement that we were shifting our policy! Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "US Aims to Deter Nuclear Sales by North Korea", Voice of America News.com, 05 May 2003, 07:42 UTC

"A published report says the United States is shifting its policy on North Korea away from an all-out effort to block the production of nuclear materials. Instead, Washington will try to prevent Pyongyang from exporting plutonium or any other weapons-grade nuclear materials."

Wow! Did you understand what we just did? Instead of publicly admitting the CIA was dead wrong in its nuclear warhead assessment, we merely state that we are now trying to prevent North Korea from "exporting plutonium or any other weapons-grade nuclear materials." This is like copping a plea in which the guilty party suddenly agrees to terms with the prosecutor without having to "admit guilt"!

Now, the rhetoric can begin to climb anew, but with a different focus: now, the focus will be on how to prevent North Korea from either launching an attack on our mainland, or from exporting its warheads to other rogue states! At least, we shall be spared the nonsense that North Korea is "close" to building warheads, and that if we can just prevent them from starting that reactor, we will be safe! Remember, it is absolutely untrue that each of the "rogue nations" on our list is independently trying to develop their own nuclear weapons, for such weaponry has been available "off the shelf" from Pakistan for over 10 years now.

North Korea has now taken every single military step required for an invasion across the DMZ! Some analysts "in the now" believe North Korea could launch at any time, at any hour. In fact, she has been "locked and loaded" now for about 3 days. When will they launch? They will launch their attack when the timing is correct according to Illuminati occult calculations. As with the long, tedious buildup toward the ground assault of Iraq on March 20, 2003, this attack will hold off until the right occult calculations have occurred, according to the unique formula the Illuminati is following. It is impossible to predict the attack ahead of time, but once it has been launched, we can look at the occult numbers, the astrological data and the occult holidays and be able to see why they launched when they did. Bible scholars complain in much the same vein with Biblical prophecies; they are impossible to specifically predict them ahead of time, but once they occur, we can look back to see God's reasoning for choosing that date.

Remember the occult plan concerning the Korean Peninsula: "A hair-raising confrontation in Korea may .... threaten man's very survival."

The United States is throwing gasoline on this fire!

NEWS BRIEF: "U.S. refuses to rule out war with N. Korea", UPI, From the International Desk, Published 5/4/2003 4:18 PM

"WASHINGTON, May 4 (UPI) -- U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld Sunday refused to rule out the possibility of war with North Korea."

Instead of initiating an all-out diplomatic effort to avoid a war that could go nuclear, our officials are throwing out incendiary remarks as this one! Such a response makes no sense whatsoever, unless you stop to realize that each side is simply reading a prepared script, a play straight out of "The Armageddon Script" by New World Order author, Peter Lemesurier, which lists all the steps necessary to stage the war that will produce Antichrist.

The Independent Media Center ran a very interesting article last week, telling the world how the North Koreans were able to produce so many warheads so quietly. In regular, standard processing of plutonium into weapons-grade material, the processing plants emit tiny traces of certain gases, but especially krypton. Therefore, our satellites are built to sense any krypton coming from anywhere in the world and trace it down to its source. However, the North Koreans did not develop their nuclear warheads using standard methods, standard equipment, and standard raw materials! Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "NORTH KOREA'S SECRET WEAPON: Cold, Hard Reality, Independent Media Center, April 28, 2003.

"It was May of 1994, nine years ago, when the US military planners had first realized that North Korea had the bomb and devised nuclear attack plans ... Any rational person would ask how the North Koreans acquired so many nuclear weapons since 1994. Publicly, the North Koreans are [saying they are ] processing plutonium at it's Yonbyong nuclear reactor and it's stated, and restated, over and over in the mass media to the point of ad nauseum that the North Koreans are capable of making only five or six nuclear weapons in a period of about 6 months. Since Yonbyong doesn't make enough plutonium for 100 nuclear weapons including hydrogen bombs, which use up to three times as much fissionable material as atomic bombs for the separate stages within the H-bombs, the North Koreans had another source for weapons grade fissionable material -- Monazite."

You might ask, what in the world is Monazite? Let us go to an authoritative source to get a definition:

"This phosphate mineral is one of our most popular standards, being in great demand because of its rare earth element content - lanthanum, cerium, praseodymium and neodymium, as well as the radioactive element thorium." [http://www.2spi.com/catalog/standards/aweb/spi--min/monazite.shtml]

Did you catch that last phrase? "... as well as the radioactive element thorium." Monazite contains the radioactive element, thorium! Now, let us go back to the Independent Media Group article to continue our discussion.

"Monazite is a natural mineral found in many locations on Earth. One of the world's largest monazite deposits is located in North Korea. During World War II, when the Koreas were still one country and occupied by Japan, the Japanese military mined monazite on the Korean Peninsula to extract one of the primary elements that make up monazite -- Thorium."

"Most of the thorium found in monazite is the naturally radioactive Thorium-232 ... By 1945, the Korean Peninsula was split at the 38th Parallel and North Korea was occupied by the Soviet Union. The Soviets took over the Japanese bomb project and moved most of it to a facility north of Moscow along with several North Korean nuclear physicists. The monazite mined in North Korea would be processed in refinement facilities before being shipped to the Soviet Union. The Soviets extracted Thorium-232 from the processed monazite and placed it within nuclear reactors. When Thorium-232 is bombarded by neutrons within a nuclear reactor, it transmittals into fissionable weapons grade material known as -- Uranium-233."

"Uranium-233 works just as well as Plutonium-239 in nuclear weapons because of it's low fission cross section and low critical mass needed to initiate a nuclear explosion. Although Uranium-233 is described as "difficult to work with" because of it's excessive radioactivity, it can be used by someone "wanting to build a nuclear device secretly" ... During the Cold War, the North Koreans continued to mine monazite for the Soviet Union, but once the Soviet Empire collapsed in 1991, the monazite processing facilities, as well as the monazite mines, became the property of the North Koreans. Under the leadership of Kim Il Sung during the Cold War, nuclear reactors were built so North Korea could build it's own nuclear arsenal. When Kim Il Sung died and his son Kim Jong Il became the leader of North Korea, the quest for a nuclear arsenal was speeded up. While Kim Jong Il was publicly agreeing to American demands to shut down the Yonbyong reactor in 1994, the North Koreans were secretly building their nuclear arsenal in underground facilities." [Ibid.]

Now you have "the rest of the story". North Korea has built dirty nuclear bombs, i.e., with a lot of radiation, and have done so very quietly. Notice this article states that the US discovered that North Korea had nuclear warheads back in 1994, and "devised nuclear attack plans", thus setting up the nuclear confrontation scenario called for in the New World Order plans. However, this North Korean unique processing operation allowed the US the fig-leaf public relations gambit we needed to shield the public from early recognition of North Korea's nuclear capabilities. Rather, we insisted before the entire world that North Korea was attempting to follow the standard method of developing atomic warheads, and that we were watching their one standard reactor at Yonbyong. If this one reactor began emitting krypton, we would know they were trying to develop a few warheads and we might pre-emptively strike.

For its part, North Korea always insisted that a pre-emptive bombing of Yonbyong Reactor would be an "act of war", when the reality is that Yonbyong is of no real military value! Thus, you can see how each part of this script is being played out by both sides. Now that we are getting close to the reality of a real nuclear confrontation in the Korean Peninsula that threatens mankind's very survival, it is time to allow people to see the truth, that North Korea has had nuclear weapons for a very long time.

If the American people had understood that North Korea possessed up to 300 nuclear warheads, do you think we would have stood by to allow President Bush to concentrate the cream of the American military crop in Iraq to face a weaker enemy, knowing full well we would not then have the resources to repel an North Korean invasion by conventional means? I think not! A lot of thinking Americans would have stood as one to protest this policy; however, now that our troops are physically on the ground in Iraq, the truth of North Korea's nuclear capability can become public knowledge.

One final note: Apparently, North Korea did barter with Pakistan late in the 1990's, whereby North Korea sent unspecified numbers of missiles to Pakistan, receiving Pakistani nuclear warheads in return. These warheads just added to the total North Korea already possessed, and they are "all locked onto American cities" [The Weekend Australian, Ibid.]

Syria Appears To Be "Next"

Even as American diplomats were busily "reassuring" Syria we were not going to attack her, American heavy armored units supported by infantry continued to build up on Syria's borders. Last week, we posted a picture of an M1A Abrams Tank being loaded aboard a US transport plane headed for "northern Iraq", a designation that can only mean Syria. Late last week, an interesting article appeared that set the whole situation into context.

NEWS BRIEF: "Rice actions on Syria disputed", UPI News, May 2, 2003.

"WASHINGTON, May 2 (UPI) -- Anna Perez, White House communications counselor, Friday sharply contested a United Press International report that national security adviser Condoleezza Rice and political adviser Karl Rove shut down a Pentagon plan to expand the Iraqi ground war to Syria in closing days of combat ... UPI's report, published Friday afternoon, quoted unidentified administration officials as saying that a combination of Pentagon hawks and senior Israeli officials had been pressing the United States to expand the ground war to Syria. The officials spoke to UPI on condition of anonymity."

"The U.S. strikes on Syria would have taken the form of brief across-the-border forays under 'hot pursuit' rules of engagement ... contingency plans for such raids were being drawn up by Doug Feith, undersecretary of defense for policy, after the approval of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld ... The hawks also saw Syria as the only remaining military threat to Israel ... Former CIA Middle East expert Bob Baer told UPI that Syria possesses 'a chemical arsenal that is much more lethal than anything Saddam has,' and explained that 'in Israeli strategic thought, the most dangerous threat is the geographically closest' -- which would mean Syria'."

National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice denied she shut down our attack plans.

This article is one large disinformation piece, designed to communicate some very important facts to Syrian leaders:

1. An attack on Syria was supported by Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, an official who has supposedly has received a huge boost in standing because of our easy military campaign in Iraq. Believe me, if Rumsfeld wanted to attack Syria, it would take a miracle for Rice to dissuade President Bush.

2. Arabs will note the sentence within this article that the US is fighting Israel's enemies for her. "The hawks also saw Syria as the only remaining military threat to Israel". This article also reveals that our leaders are following Israel's strategic thinking principles!" What did the article say?

"...in Israeli strategic thought..."

The view that our military is fighting Israel's enemies on her behalf is gaining huge acceptance in the Arab world and is the one factor so far galvanizing Muslims to cooperate to fight the "Great Satan" infidel, the United States.

3. The same rationale we used to attack Iraq is now being recirculated as grounds for attacking Syria. One of the corollary arguments in Iraq is that, even if Saddam fled or was deposed, American units would still have to invade, for only when we controlled all of Iraq could we find all the Weapons of Mass Destruction hidden there. Thus, Syrian President Assad knows his country is going to be invaded, no matter whether he succumbs to all of Washington's demands.

This UPI article also stated, falsely, that the president did not want another invasion until Bush's reelection in November, 2004, a date that is fully 17 months in the future. The economic and military reality is that we cannot keep up to 300,000 American troops and their equipment in the Middle East doing nothing for the next 17 months. The economic ripple effect of this kind of continuous deployment would seriously damage our economy, as so many of these men are reservists and/or guardsmen, whose jobs are on hold until they get back. This idea is nonsense.

Israel Receives the US "Road Map" Plan

As we stated earlier, Bush's US envoy arrived at Prime Minister Sharon's residence at 3:30pm, Wednesday, April 30, to deliver the US-sponsored "Road Map" plan which foresees a Palestinian State established within Israel's current borders no later than 2005. However, one stipulation in this plan renders it "D.O.A. -- Dead On Arrival". This plan states that no negotiations for a Palestinian State could begin, or go forward, until the Palestinians permanently cease their terror campaign. As if to underscore their determination to never cease terror attacks, several attacks did occur just hours after the Road Map had been delivered.

We deal with this "Road Map" disaster in our article, NEWS1807, posted just late last week.

Not only will Arafat never agree to stop the terror, but Israeli military and police forces continue to worry that the Palestinians may yet be able to deliver their "Mega Terror" attack, a planned bloodletting that will equal, or surpass, the death toll of the World Trade Centers. Should that happen, Israel will probably unleash the war that the Bible says is coming upon the House of Esau, the Palestinians [NEWS1620].

Should any Palestinian official unilaterally pronounce a Palestinian State, Israel will probably go to war immediately [NEWS1807].

If Israel does not get go to war, the timing is not correct for the war to produce Antichrist. Stay tuned, to our Daily News Updates!

As Israel prepares to celebrate her 55th national birthday -- May 14 -- we can only look with uneasiness at events over there.

Is The SARS Virus Mutating?

In its current form, SARS seems to be not much of a global threat. Perhaps this reality is the reason we began seeing articles a few days ago asking the rhetorical question, "Is The SARS Virus Mutating?"

NEWS BRIEF: "Is SARS Getting Deadlier? Scientists believe the virus is rapidly mutating", Time Asia Magazine, May 12, 2003 issue.

"The SARS epidemic may be waning in some of its hot zones in the world, but scientists aren't ready to put away their petri dishes and declare victory yet. They know, through long experience trying to eradicate AIDS and other persistent diseases, that pathogens like the mutated coronavirus believed to cause SARS are full of surprises—and that most are nasty ones. Just last week ... the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the disturbing disclosure that SARS may be far deadlier than previously believed. A growing body of statistical evidence now indicates that about one out of every 10 people who contract the disease is killed by it. That's twice the fatality rate doctors had initially predicted."

In the 1917-1919 influenza and pneumonia pandemic, the death rate was 5%, causing 800,000 Americans to die, and as many as 25 million worldwide. In comparison, SARS seems tame. However, every government of any consequence was reporting "grave concern" and some had begun to implement draconian measures. As Dr. Horowitz has stated, the Apocalyptic virus of which the Fourth Seal of Revelation 6 is comprised has already been developed and is awaiting in the wings; it is a cancer that kills in 3 weeks and is passed through the air like a cold.

SARS still seems like a managed crisis designed to prepare authorities for the "Big One" coming. However, if SARS is mutating, we could be facing a really big disaster, so we must wait to see how events pan out. We shall post an article on Wednesday that proposes just this scenario: that SARS may be mutating to become the "Big One" disease of which Dr. Horowitz warns.

Pakistan - India

A war between Pakistan and India was part of the original Arab counterattack plan, whereby Iran was going to "light many fires" in a campaign to fight the Americans in the Middle East. Just as Muslim militants were beginning a new terror campaign designed to kill enough Hindus in the Kashmir region to get India embroiled in a war against Pakistan, President Musharraf of Pakistan boldly calls for Pakistan and India to mutually disarm their nuclear weaponry.

This proposal would be a huge step forward in this region should it ever be actually implemented. However, the chances of a mutual nuclear arms elimination treaty between India and Pakistan are nearly zero, for the following reasons:

1. Poor, cash-starved, backward Pakistan is accepted as a power with whom the major nations must contend only because she has nuclear weapons. If the weapons go, Pakistan falls backward dramatically in the global hierarchy of powers.

2. Militant Muslims point to Pakistan with great pride because she is a nuclear power. If Musharraf gets even remotely close to disarming Pakistan's nuclear arsenal, the militant Pakistani army and intelligence service would band together to overthrow him.

3. The mutual trust needed to actually implement a nuclear disarmament campaign is lacking between Pakistan's Muslim leadership and India's Hindu leadership. Most people do not appreciate the depth of the confrontation between these two religiously different peoples. In a world of nuclear disarmament, if one side were to successfully hide just a few nuclear warheads, the other side could be devastated once they have destroyed their last nuke.

4. Pakistan has every reason to fear an Indian conventional invasion the day after she disposes of her last warhead. India maintains a massive advantage in manpower and in conventional armaments. She would likely not hesitate to completely attack Pakistan, and wrest control over the part of Kashmir that Pakistan controls today. Few people realize that the Chinese have already built their road that will take her to the Middle East in fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Even fewer people realize this road travels right through the Pakistani controlled section of Kashmir. [Read NEWS1602]

China would intervene against India should she attack Pakistan conventionally, and then India would have to contend with a nuclear-armed China without nuclear weapons of her own. India recognizes that her main enemy is China, not Pakistan. Therefore, India would be very foolish to give up her nuclear weapons under any circumstance. In fact, Pakistan's "bold" proposal may simply be a gambit on the part of China to get India to disarm her nuclear weaponry.

United Nations Imperiled By US Success In Iraq

As we noted in newsletters about one month ago, the United Nations cannot allow President Bush to succeed without consequences in his Middle East invasion plans. Bush invaded Iraq, and is threatening Syria and Iran, in complete disregard of the majority of both the UN Assembly and the Security Council. If Bush succeeds, he will render the United Nations both impotent and irrelevant. The Illuminati fought World Wars I and II in order to establish the United Nations, as we prove in the following resources:

* NEWS1056 -- Albert Pike's Demonic Vision of Three World Wars As Necessary To Produce Antichrist
* Seminar One -- "America's Leadership of the New World Order
* Seminar Two -- "America Determines The Flow of History

The Illuminati is still controlling President Bush and his entire cabinet; therefore, this current phase of unmitigated success cannot stand. Russia, Germany and France have already drawn a line in the sand on April 12, when Putin announced that these three nations would not tolerate any more U.S. invasions of countries [NEWS1802]. To back up this threat, Russia had placed its Black Sea Fleet into the open ocean, where today they are in the Arabian Sea, within striking distance of the Persian Gulf. Russia's Pacific Fleet is holding exercises in the vicinity of North Korean coastline, thus placing both of Russia's fleets in the two areas of the world where the next step in this war are likely to take place.

All during last week, I saw article after article where the author was stating some kind of dissatisfaction with the U.N. Some journalists are even going so far to declare that we need to actually get out of the United Nations; they are holding up our success so far in Iraq as proof that National Sovereignty has proven to be a far better guide to the actions we need to take to defend our national interests than the contentious world body. Now, do not get me wrong here: I hate the United Nations because I recognize it to be the global government that Antichrist will control once he arises. My point is simply that the Illuminati must ensure that, ultimately, the American action against Iraq and our threats to so many other countries in the world, will prove to be an unmitigated disaster.

I fear this turn of events are closer than we could imagine.

In this vein, Share International, the web site for the forerunner to Maitreya The Christ, issued a somber warning from the "Master" himself. We should listen to this message, because it is the message of the Illuminati. The military power behind this message is the combined military might of Russia, European Union, and China.

"The world is reeling from the impact of the recent invasion of Iraq by American and British forces. Seldom has a war of such seemingly limited scope and duration had such momentous repercussions, or caused so much heartache and heart-searching. Seldom, indeed, has such reckless folly been recognized and denounced by the majority of the peoples of the world ... Out of the chaos and misery of this contrived and unnecessary war will come such changes that its perpetrators could never have imagined."
"They have overridden the united will of the assembly of nations, mistaking its wisdom for fear, its caution for cowardice. They have used the ways of the past and will find them unavailing in the times which lie ahead. In their arrogance and lust for power they have overreached, and set the peoples of the world against them. Their wicked folly has awakened humanity to rise and defend itself against this usurpation of its rights."
"Many leaders among the nations sense that one of them -- the most powerful -- is now out of control, that old accords are broken and that they must look elsewhere to rebuild their past security and alliance. America's pre-emptive stance, its thinly-disguised imperialism, has isolated that great nation from the truth and from the community of nations whose leaders shake, sadly, their heads and ponder gravely on the future.
"The world, too, awaits the emergence of Maitreya to show men the way ... They will make accord with their brothers and sisters throughout the world, and in unison, inspired by Maitreya, they will bring justice, and therefore peace, to the waiting world."

The last statement says it all: America's unilateral act of pre-emptive foolishness will turn the entire world against us and cause them to embrace "Maitreya the Christ"! But, first, the world must experience the tangible terrible fruits of America's planned folly, so they will turn to Antichrist for "Peace and Safety". That is the World War III, of which Iraq was to be the trigger.

Do not conclude, based upon a superficial reading of a controlled mass media, and a superlative presidential tongue, that the Iraq war is over, our boys are coming home, and our future more secure. All signs are pointing in the opposite direction. Until the other parts of this plan stop making major headline news, we are going to hold our position that we "have seen nothing yet".

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* "Panopticon -- Big Brother's Eye Are Watching Us" - Audio Tape -- Panopticon—The Amazing New "Information Awareness Office (IAO)" Proves Big Brother’s Eyes Really Are Watching Us Every Minute of the Day: Panopticon—the ultimate tool to track, spy, and target every person 24 hours a day. The Bush Administration has publicly announced the existence of a Top Secret government agency called the Information Awareness Office (IAO). Its logo is the Illuminati’s all-seeing eye and pyramid watching over the globe of earth. and is what the Washington Times newspaper calls "A Supersnoop’s Dream," a monstrous "Centralized grand database," Spy-in-the-sky cameras everywhere. This scheme exceeds anything that Hitler, Stalin, and Mao ever dreamed about. All to prevent terrorism and keep us all snug, secure, and under the thumb of the government! See also: NEWS1739. http://cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=506

---------Conclusion----------- "The LORD has much more to give you than this"

Are you reeling from the devastating results of an impulsive or an unwise investment? Good king Amaziah received a word from the Lord (2 Chronicles 25) that may suit your present situation. Amaziah, without seeking the counsel of the Lord, hired 100,000 valiant mercenaries from Israel to join his army of 300,000 men. For their service, he paid, in advance, 100 talents of silver (scholars estimate the value at $50 per soldier).

Before this combined army went to battle against God's enemy, a man of God rebuked Amaziah for hiring the mercenaries, and told him it was the Lord's pleasure that they not be used in the upcoming battle. If Amaziah continued with his plans, God would bring them down in defeat before the enemy. The first question on the mind of Amaziah was, "What about the hundred talents of silver I've already paid out?" The thought of losing the money was a very large shock.

In response to Amaziah's concern, the word of the Lord was this: "The LORD has much more to give you than this." In other words, "Let it go! You made a terrible mistake when you acted without consulting the Lord. You have forfeited a great deal of money, but the Lord has much more to give you than this!"

It is God's pleasure for you to focus on Him. If there is a loss for you because of a presumptuous investment that must now be abandoned, it cannot be compared to the spiritual gain the Lord has for you if you trust Him. Amaziah was told to take his eyes off the loss and put them on God's promised gain. The Lord did not forsake him just because he made a costly decision without God's blessing. Amaziah had to regard this loss as part of the "all things" that would work together to help conform him to God. [Romans 8:28 to the Christian]

If you have made a decision that has proven costly either financially or otherwise, believe the truth of God which promises that the Lord has much more to give you than this. Even at this time, you may go forward in uninterrupted fellowship with the Lord by drawing near to Him. The Lord may have mercy on you and surprise you with some return. Be willing to let go of the rest. Focus on the Lord and the spiritual gain that will come from Him as true riches. How rich God will make you with wealth that cannot be lost! He has much more to give you than anything you could lose of this world's coinage or other riches. ["God's Dawn for Every Darkness", Edward Miller, p. 169-170]

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

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